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Test your knowledge on new and returning shows in our quiz

1 of 19 FX; Karen Neal/ABC


How much do you know about the new and returning shows dominating your TV screens this spring? Put your knowledge to the test. Each slide will contain a statement about a spring TV show. Decide if it is true or false, and click to the next slide to see if you're right. Then brag to all your friends or hang your head in shame.
2 of 19 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

The episode titles for Castle are based on real mystery novels.

3 of 19 Eric Liebowitz/ABC


So far, the episode titles only correlate with the fake novels written by Richard Castle, the show's protagonist, who's teamed up with a detective to help solve crimes.
4 of 19 Andrew Eccles/NBC

The Gilboa Capitol is actually the New York Public Library.

5 of 19 Andrew Eccles/NBC


New York City sets the backround for parts Gilboa, but most of the kingdom's skyline is a CGI-altered representation.
6 of 19 Karen Neal/ABC


In the Motherhood's Megan Mullally has not been attached to any other scripted TV series since Will & Grace ended in 2006.
7 of 19 Karen Neal/ABC

Mullally was actually signed on for ABC's Bad Mother's Handbook, but the show never made it to air.

8 of 19 FX

Many of the extras used in Rescue Me are retired or active New York City firemen.

9 of 19 FX

Those who are active work on the set during their days off.

10 of 19 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

The new version of Cupid is a complete reimagining of the original TV series.

11 of 19 Eric Liebowitz/ABC


Much of the same ideas and themes from the 1998 series exist in the 2009 version. One major difference: The show is now set in New York City instead of Chicago.
12 of 19 Patrick Harbron/ABC

The Unusuals is excutive produced by Rescue Me cocreator Peter Tolan.

13 of 19 Patrick Harbron/ABC


The crossover doesn't stop there: Rescue Me's John Scurti, Adam Ferrara and Cornell Womack will have guest spots.
14 of 19 Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS

CBS' murder-mystery drama Harper's Island is based on a Web series called Harper's Globe.

15 of 19 Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS


Harper's Globe was actually created in reaction to the Harper's Island. The Web series debuted online March 18, three weeks before the CBS drama's premiere.
16 of 19 Eric McCandless/ABC

On Samantha Who?, Samantha's favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie's.

17 of 19 Eric McCandless/ABC

Samantha has identified Raiders of the Lost Ark as her favorite movie.

18 of 19 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Southland's Tom Everett Scott first worked with the show's creator, John Wells, during a guest spot on Third Watch.
19 of 19 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Scott actually had a nine-episode arc in Wells' ER.