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Super Bowl halftime? It's no big deal. Katy Perry is primed to produce perhaps the greatest Super Bowl halftime show of our generation. Get ready KatyKats.

Shaun Harrison
1 of 20 Capitol Records

The entrance is key.

Diana Ross came in surrounded by sparklers, for goodness' sake. Katy has many options. Will she arrive in a spaceship like an extra terrestrial? Will she gallop in on a dark horse? Surf in on a California cloud? We can't wait to find out.

2 of 20 Capitol Records

Football players love her.

Back in 2012, it was rumored that Katy Perry and Tim Tebow were dating. Couldn't blame him. She is a Teenage Dream, after all.

3 of 20 Vasha Hunt/AL.com/Landov

And she loves those footballers right back.

Recently Katy sent some TV flirtation to college player Trevor Knight that potentially ruined his focus for the rest of the season. There's so much love on the field.

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LBH, everyone loves Katy Perry.

Your boys, your girls, your Aunt you'll invite to your Super Bowl party because she makes a killer bean dip - everyone knows who she is and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't know at least one of her songs.

5 of 20 Capitol Records

Katy Perry has already matched Michael Jackson.

She ties his record for most No. 1 hit singles from the same album, so she's got a good shot at challenging him for top halftime show status.

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Speaking of having lots of top singles.

How on EARTH will she decide what to perform? Better choose carefully. No doubt at least one of your faves will make the cut.

7 of 20 Splash

For the Super Bowl halftime show, lip-syncing is not only allowed but encouraged.

Pre-recording leaves little room for MIA-esque finger flips or nip-slips a la Janet and JT. Katy can be the ultimate entertainer with the fear of missing those high notes.

8 of 20 Capitol Records

So, Beyonce brought out the rest of Destiny’s Child...

N'SYNC and Aerosmith let Britney Spears, Mary J Blige and Nelly tag along. Halftime shows are notorious for surprise special guests. Katy Perry has so many viable options: Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Kenny G - WHO WILL IT BE?!

9 of 20 Capitol Records

Katy's wardrobe is always over the top in the best possible way.

Pizza bathing suit with matching press-on nails, anyone? The wardrobe for this show is sure to be stellar.

10 of 20 Capitol Records

And we’ll have a shot at seeing multiple outfits.

Most likely there will be 75.3 changes within the approximately twelve minute show (fourteen minutes if you're Springsteen).

11 of 20 Capitol Records

If you prefer the Puppy Bowl over the Super Bowl...

11. If you're an animal lover who prefers the Puppy Bowl over the Super Bowl, knowing that "Roar" might be on the set list might convince you to tune in.

Tigers? Tucans? Cute baby monkeys? All possible show attendees.

12 of 20 Capitol Records

Two words: Kitty. Purry.

'Nuff said.

13 of 20 Corbis

We got lucky, friends.

Alternative performer options reportedly were Rihanna and Coldplay. One is none-too-happy with the NFL of late and the other would have lulled us into a guacamole-induced slumber.

14 of 20 Capitol Records

Sweet tooth?

Her show will be the best because what goes better with wings and nachos than a twerking ice cream cone?

15 of 20 Corbis

Glitter! Neon! Oh My

Good try, Miranda Lambert, but Katy's stage set is going to blow your bedazzled mic out of the water.

16 of 20 Capitol Records

That whole body parts mystery thing.

Bruce crashed into a camera with his crotch. Janet accidentally flashed us with a bit of help from Justin Timberlake. What Katy Perry body part will make the biggest impression on America? Stay tuned.

17 of 20 Capitol Records

Her Twitter following

Beyonce's 13.7 Twitter followers + 108 million viewers in 2013 = the most Twitter activity for a Super Bowl halftime show at the time. Now do this math: Katy Perry has 59.1 Twitter followers + an estimated 115 million viewers for 2015 = a broken Twitter. (Cue the Fail Whale).

18 of 20 Capitol Records

The Super Bowl will take place in Arizona.

Which has a desert climate similar to California, so Katy should feel right at home. She might even find sand in her stilettos.

19 of 20 Capitol Records

Madonna left us with “World Peace.”

Prince made it (purple) rain. Katy's finale? Easy. Fireworks! Ignite the night, Katy. Own the night like the... 1st of February.

20 of 20 Splash

Early Spring?

Katy Perry will set off a football frenzy so grand that the groundhog will be too tired to notice his shadow the next morning, granting us an early spring. T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Football).