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Meet the folks who helped Jack make it through the day

Shaun Harrison
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Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope)

Being Jack Bauer's wife is a dangerous job. After she was kidnapped and raped in Season 1, Teri suffered amnesia, believing she witnessed the death of their daughter, Kim. Teri was killed by CTU's first mole, Nina, shortly after revealing to Jack that she was carrying his child.
2 of 15 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert)

Jack's daughter, Kim, has been the target of several attacks. She was kidnapped in Season 1, and became estranged from her father, blaming him for Teri's death. She thought her father was dead in Season 5, which lead to a near-death experience. Thanks to a radical treatment that involved her stem cells, Kim saved Jack's life at the close of Season 7.
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Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard)

Tony started the series as Jack's rival, but turned ally after saving Teri and Kim in Season 1. In Season 3, he was blackmailed into helping a bioterrorist, leading to his incarceration. Tony was believed dead in Season 5, but he returned in Season 7 to help Jack take down terrorists. It was revealed that he was actually trying to get revenge on those who murdered his wife.
4 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke)

In the timeline before the series premiered, Nina had an affair with Jack Bauer, which was discovered by Teri during Season 1. Nina was revealed to be the first CTU mole after she murdered Teri. Though she was granted immunity in Season 2 for her assistance to CTU, Jack fatally shot her in Season 3 when she tried to escape custody.
5 of 15 Lorenzo Agius/Fox

David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert)

President Palmer called on Jack in Season 2 to help locate a bomb set to go off in the U.S. Due to his exemplary service, Palmer gave Jack a heads-up in Season 4 that higher-ups in the U.S. government were going to assassinate Jack in order to prevent him from revealing any info that may suggest the U.S. had involvement in the attack on the Chinese consulate. Palmer was later assassinated in Season 5.
6 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth)

An exemplary agent at CTU, Michelle was married to Tony Almeida. She nearly died in Season 3 after a virus was released at Chandler Plaza Hotel, and was later used as bait by villain Stephen Saunders. Michelle was killed in Season 5 because she was one of the few who knew that Jack had merely faked his own death.
7 of 15 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub)

A senior analyst at CTU, Chloe is one of Jack's long-time allies. She's played a vital role in preventing several attacks on the U.S. After CTU was disbanded, Chloe helped Bill Buchanan and Tony Almeida assist Jack in preventing an attack on the White House in Season 7. Taking Brian Hastings' place as Director of CTU in Season 8, Chloe is now at odds with Jack as he goes on a vicious rampage to expose a cover-up that led to the death of Renee Walker.
8 of 15 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Kate Warner (Sarah Wynter)

Kate provided intelligence to Jack in Season 2, leading to the arrests of several dangerous terrorists. She was twice held hostage that season, with Jack coming to her rescue both times. In the intervening time between Season 2 and Season 3, Jack and Kate were in a relationship, though it ended due to his job.
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Audrey Raines (Kim Raver)

Though married, Audrey was revealed to be Jack's lover in Season 4. She left Jack after he loosely had a hand in her estranged husband's death. After learning that Jack wasn't really dead in Season 5, she conspired with Chloe and Edgar Stiles to take back control of CTU, though was later detained on suspicion of helping with the gas attack. Audrey spent the time between Seasons 4 and 5 trying to find Jack, and was subsequently captured by the Chinese and tortured to the point of mental incapacitation.
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Stephen (Paul Wesley)

Stephen, Kim's husband. pleaded with her to stay in Washington D.C., with Jack during his time of need in Season 7. He also suggested revealing to Jack that he's the grandfather to Teri, who is named after Jack's dead wife. Stephen, Kim and Teri moved to New York while Jack was recuperating, and asked him to move back to Los Angeles with them at the beginning of Season 8.
11 of 15 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Renee Walker (Annie Wersching)

Though Renee abhorred Jack's methods in Season 7, she began to see the necessity in his actions in order to protect national security. She even went so far as to torture Alan Wilson, which led to her dismissal from the FBI. Much to Jack's chagrin — because he knew how unstable Renee was — she returned in Season 8 to assist the CTU by going undercover in the Russian syndicate again. Jack was overprotective of her, and tried to show his support by saying he wanted to be with her once the mission was over. Unfortunately, moments after they made love for the first time, Renee was killed by a sniper hired by corrupt Russian government officials, sending Jack on a bloody mission of revenge.
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Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones)

As the first female president, Allison had to sacrifice a lot to prove her morals. After her son was murdered, a plot to take over the White House led to her first encounter with Jack Bauer as he saved her life. Unfortunately, her husband was shot during this time and eventually divorced her because she sent their daughter to prison for hiring a hitman to kill Season 7's big villain. In Season 8, Allison has had a hand in a cover-up that threatens the life of Jack Bauer.
13 of 15 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Cole Ortiz (Freddie Prinze Jr.)

Seen as the new Jack Bauer, Cole is the CTU director of operations. During Season 8, he's led several field operations, assisting Jack with the arrests of those responsible for the near-attack on New York City. When his fiancée, Dana Walsh, was revealed to be a mole within CTU, Cole went rogue with Jack to expose the cover-up.
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Meredith Reed (Jennifer Westfeldt)

Initially suspected of having a hand in the assassination plot against Omar Hassan, it was revealed that Meredith, a reporter, was merely having an affair with him. She returned later in Season 8 when Jack used her as bait to out the Russian sniper who killed Renee. Jack gave her damning evidence that will expose who was really behind the near-attack on the United States. Will she be able to hang on to it?
15 of 15 Adam Taylor/Fox

Jim Ricker (Michael Madsen)

An old retired CIA friend of Jack's, Ricker has helped Jack acquire guns and classified government files that will lead to the whereabouts of anyone who had a hand in Renee Walker's death.