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An explosive twist gives the nurses' hub some "reconstructive surgery"

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On April 14, ABC's General Hospital will unveil an expansive new set for the nurse's hub. Production designer Chip Dox, who oversaw the makeover, describes the remodeled nerve center as "large, modern and comfortable." Surely Monica can tell Patrick stories about what a vast improvement it is!
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Where does the sleek new exposed staircase lead to? "In my mind, the locker room area," says GH production designer Chip Dox. Of course, head writer Bob Guza is sure to find a perlious, dramatic use for the steps at some point. (Has anyone seen A.J.?)
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A hospital set designed for the spin-off Night Shift promoted the mothership's powers-that-be to covet their own new digs. Says Dox, who works for both shows, "They liked the concept of it so much."
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The new set will look even sharper when GH begins broadcasting in HD on April 23. "The hospital had a tendency to look a little gray," says production designer Chip Dox, "but with the new cameras, the colors come out clearer and truer."
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Dox has been enjoying seeing the GH actors get used to the sprawling new set. "When they get to it, they go, 'Oh my God, it takes up the whole back end of the stage!'"
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A huge benefit of the new set is that it "gives you 12 to 13 different areas to shoot in, whereas the previous hub had, like, four," says Dox. "For storytelling, that's great." In other words, more nooks for doctor-on-doctor nookie!
7 of 7 Adam Larkey/ABC


Appreciating his handiwork, production designer Chip Dox says, "I know it's a strange thing to describe a hospital as comfortable, but I wouldn't mind getting worked on at GH!"