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Sneak a peek a this seasons digs

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The living room boasts a two-story-high, stone wall, behind a freestanding fireplace.

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The upper hallway evokes a giant library.

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The upstairs lounge is a cozy place to gather with friends on the soft suede sofa. A full-size, authentic handmade canoe hangs from the ceiling.
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Will there be other residents besides the humans in the house

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The dining room and kitchen furniture are in bright reds and yellows, but it's the massive, exposed logs on the wall above that give the place its rustic feel.
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Little touches like this emphasize the outdoor feel of the house.

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A short walk from the living room, down a woodsy hallway, is the new diary room. With real tree trunks in the background, this room feels like a hidden place in the forest.
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The largest of the bedrooms is the Boat Room, with shelves and chests designed to resemble small rowboats, nautical blue walls and rowboat shaped beds!
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This red room is connected directly to the living room by a short hallway, but with no door for privacy. Whoever sleeps here will have to make do with the pair of pullout couches rather than actual beds.
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Two large beds made of actual unfinished tree branches fill this room. But it's the pink bedspreads and frilly touches that really give this room its feminine charm.
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The Head of Household room is an exotic island oasis. The headboard made from a surfboard, Hula girl table lamps, rattan carpet and Polynesian knickknacks really make this room stand apart.
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The main bathroom has a blanket of autumn leaves covering the floor. These custom-made tiles were actually printed using real photos of fallen leaves, and the murals make you feel as if you're showering outside.
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The shower makes the houseguests feel like they're at camp or a private outdoor cabin.

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A brand new feature to the house this year, the spa comes complete with a massage table, two-person sauna and lounge for heating up sore muscles after a big competition or plotting your next strategic move.
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Here's a close-up look at the hot tub and lounge area of the backyard.

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Heated lamps will keep the outdoor lounge area cozy.

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This pool table will help pass the time and serve as a gathering area for conversations... or possible alliances
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All the drama for this year's competition is right on this board!