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Judith "Judi" Shekoni started in soaps, took a bite out of the vampire craze, and now stars in the hotly anticipated hero show, Heroes Reborn.

Doriean Stevenson
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A proper reintroduction of Judi Shekoni

British-born beauty Judi Shekoni is set to star as a vigilante in the highly anticipated miniseries Heroes Reborn. But this isn't her first appearance in a fantastic on-screen franchise. There's a lot to know about one of fall's hottest stars.

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Is she to be a hero or a villain reborn?

In Heroes Reborn,Shekoni plays Joanne. Along with Zachary Levi's Luke, Joanne is on a mission to seek vengeance following a mysterious tragedy.

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She's part of a powerful new cast

Heroes Reborn brings back the magic of Heroes in an explosive way. Judi Shekoni joins sci-fi and fantasy hard-hitters Zachary Levi, Jack Coleman, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane.

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Before acting, she took the fashion world by storm

With long legs and her Tyra-esque ability to smize, Shekoni started her career modeling on the international fashion scene. She can still be spotted at fashion shows in all the major style capitals of the world.

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She's a show-stopper

It's easy to see Judi's model training whenever she appears in public. She owns every red carpet she walks on, and, truthfully, she just can't help it. Her stature and beauty are breathtaking.

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In the UK, she's best known as a gangster's wife

Her big break into acting came from the long-running BBC soap, EastEnders, in which she played Marjorie "Precious" Hudson, hubby to gold-toothed gangster Angel Hudson. Precious gets into plenty of drama when she hooks up with another bad boy, Paul Trueman.

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She's a vampire that definitely does not suck

Featured in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Shekoni portrays the Amazonian vampire Zafrina who can project illusions in the minds of those surrounding her. Along with her coven sister Senna, she joins the Cullens against the evil Volturi in their efforts to protect Edward and Bella's hybrid child, Renesmee.

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She's forever part of fandom culture

Following her small yet memorable role in The Twilight Saga, she will be remembered amongst Twihards as her Amazonian vampire character.

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She's a TV guest star pro

Having appeared on a range of series from NCIS and Damages to Backstrom and Mike & Molly, Shekoni has proven herself to be a go-to guest actor, especially whenever a series requires a statuesque bombshell.

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She's a bonafide business mogul

So far, she's co-founded several companies including Extensions Evolution, a hair extensions brand, as well as Make It America and Actors Evolution, which provide assistance services for actors and entertainers relocating to the United States.

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Shekoni has helped women rule the world

Who else could host a reality series entitled When Women Rule the World? She hosted the competition series in which independent women rule over a group of macho male contestants, who must act as servants until all but one has been voted off. While the Fox series never made it to air in the US, the island-set show aired in Europe and eventually spawned a British version.

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She's committed to celebrating young talent and a great cause

Alongside The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Camille Winbush, Shekoni presented the 2013 Best Acting award at the NO BULL Teen Video Awards, honoring young filmmakers who speak out against cyberbullying and use their work to promote social action.

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International stardom is part of daily life

In 2014, Shekoni starred in the sultry Bollywood movie, Club Dancer. In a true Bollywood fashion, Shekoni performed a full choreographed number on the shores of the exotic Arabian Sea.

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At Comic-Con she's always right at home

With a series like Twilight already under her belt, appearing on the Heroes Reborn Comic-Con panel was a snap for Judi.

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She lives up to expectations

In fact, she exceeds them. Judi is a larger in life in NBC's Heroes Reborn.

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With a major role on NBC, she's about to make it big in Hollywood

Gorgeous, glamorous, and always game for a unique opportunity on screen and in business, Shekoni is sure to be a fixture in the US pop culture scene for fanboys and fangirls alike.