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Can you tell which rumors are legit and which are bogus?

Shaun Harrison
1 of 23 Adam Taylor/NBC; Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Think you can tell which rumors about your favorite shows and actors are legit and which are bogus? Put your knowledge to the test. Each slide will offer a statement. Decide if it is true or false before clicking to the next slide for the answer. Then revel in your glory or hang your head in shame.
2 of 23 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW

Blake Lively has known her Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgley since she was 11 years old.

3 of 23 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW

Though the couple's on-screen romance fizzled, the real-life dating duo are still going strong.

4 of 23 Eric McCandless/ABC


Kevin McKidd's Dr. Owen Hunt was originally intended to become a love interest for Izzie on Grey's Anatomy.
5 of 23 Eric McCandless/ABC


Come on, they had to give Cristina some love! In fact, McKidd's Yang-loving character replaced a different beau that was to be played by Joshua Jackson before he landed the Fringe pilot.
6 of 23 Michael Desmond/The CW


Original West Bev alum Jennie Garth's nostalgia-driven role on the new 90210 was originally planned for a six-episode arc.
7 of 23 Michael Desmond/The CW


Apparently, the producers just couldn't get enough of Kelly Taylor and have added five additional episodes featuring Garth.
8 of 23 Adam Taylor/NBC

Chuck's Zachary Levi, will make his big-screen debut next year in the upcoming comedy Wieners.

9 of 23 Adam Taylor/NBC


Levi starred opposite Martin Lawrence in the hit comedy Big Momma's House 2, in which he coincidentally played an awkward FBI agent. He will star opposite Keenan Thompson in Wieners.
10 of 23 Fred Norris/The CW


One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray turned down a role as The O.C.'s badboy Luke Ward to take the role of Lucas Scott.
11 of 23 Fred Norris/The CW

Murray was actually up for the lead role of Ryan Atwood on The O.C.

12 of 23 Scott Humbert/The CW

Privileged is based on the book How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls.

13 of 23 Scott Humbert/The CW

Creator Rina Mimoun was inspired by the book, which she says she read in one sitting.

14 of 23 Patrick Harbron/ABC


"Mode", the magazine that employs America Ferrera's Betty on Ugly Betty, is an actual magazine still in print.
15 of 23 Patrick Harbron/ABC

Mode, a magazine for plus-sized women, ceased publication in 2001.

16 of 23 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Simon Baker, the hunky psychic-turned-detective in CBS' The Mentalist, participated in competitive surfing and water polo as a teen.
17 of 23 Cliff Lipson/CBS


A native of Tasmania, Australia, Baker began surfing as a young boy and later became a state champion.
18 of 23 Danny Feld/ABC

Pushing Daisies was originally planned as a spin-off to Dead Like Me.

19 of 23 Danny Feld/ABC

Bryan Fuller is the creator of both Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me.

20 of 23 Greg Gayne/Fox

Bones' David Boreanaz met his current manager on the set of his hit Fox show.

21 of 23 Greg Gayne/Fox

Boreanaz was actually walking one of his dogs in Hollywood when met his manager.

22 of 23 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Backers for Gossip Girl originally wanted to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan playing Blair Waldorf, the character now played by Leighton Meester.
23 of 23 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


When the movie deal didn't work out, the backers approached Josh Schwartz about making it into a TV series.