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The comedy duo knows how to bust a gut and make a point at the same time

Shaun Harrison
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That's Funny…and Meaningful!

Key & Peele are masters of sketches that make you bust out laughing and then go "hmm." Here are a few of their most hilarious yet thought-provoking sketches that have made us all better human beings. Seriously.
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Text Message Confusion )

How many times have you misread someone's text and taken it way too far? Yeah. Get that in check.
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Quarterback Concussion

We now know that concussions plague football players long after they've played the game. A big, serious topic, right? Key & Peele manage to make a laughing matter out of the situation, but it still reminds us it's an actual problem.
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Gay Wedding Advice

Classic Key & Peele! As "friend" Gary lays out the details of a gay wedding-which is just like a straight wedding!-the family pellets him with ridiculous questions. Questions that perhaps some of your family members might actually ask. Too much truth? That's the point!
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Alien Imposters

So much wrong, yet so much right. Key & Peele decide who to trust based on how much they-as two black men with guns-are trusted. Racial profiling, and hilarity, ensue!
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Office Homophobe

Oversharing plus stereotyping equals a conversation you've probably heard or had in your very own office. But you probably shouldn't have. The last line says it all.
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Sex With Black Guys

Funny enough, this sketch has little to do with sex with black guys, and much more to do with outlandish stereotypes about black men and the black community as a whole.
8 of 12 Comedy Central

Black Ice

A weather report warning about the dangers of black ice vs. white snow turns into an argument about something else entirely.
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With an overwhelmingly convincing Mr. T impersonation, this sketch stars two "kids" who are led to disregard all the real transgressions and dangers and are taught to respect each others' names, hair and clothing choice. You know, the important things.
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Bone Thugs and Homeless

Use a classic hip-hop group as a platform to relay the problems the homeless face? Only Key & Peele could make that work.
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Female Empowerment Pop Singer

A female pop singer, adored by all, is empowering women worldwide. But what is she really instilling in her fans? A bunch of ridiculousness disguised as girl power, that's what.
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Nightclub Scene

At the club, you throw your hands in the air like you just don't care. But don't you care? At least a tiny bit? In this sketch, a DJ not only asks club-goers to realize they are full of it by detailing that, without the selling sex for money thing, they aren't really pimps. And without millions of dollars, they're not quite ballin'. The truth hurts.