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TVGuidecom readers share their most-loved shows

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10. Life Goes On - Fans fell in love with the Thatcher family, including Corky's challenges with Down Syndrome and Becca's awkward social situations.
2 of 10 Everett Collection


9. Family Ties - It was hard to resist the humorous blend of Michael J. Fox's conservative Alex P. Keaton and his liberal family members.
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8. The Cosby Show - Cliff and Clair Huxtable had one of the best marriages in television history, and their interactions with their kids were wonderful. - kerryblue
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7. My Three Sons - "My Three Sons ran for 12 seasons. Somebody, somewhere must have been doing something right." - Debbie
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6. The Andy Griffith Show - The moments between Andy and Opie were always good. Everyone should have an Aunt Bea. - kudagirl
6 of 10 Paul McCallum/The CW


5. 7th Heaven - "I voted [for] 7th Heaven because I think it was so amazing before Jessica Biel left." - lilacouture
7 of 10 Van Redin/NBC

Friday Night Lights - Hands down, Friday Night Lights. Go Panthers!" - doolforever

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3. The Waltons - As the Walton family struggled to make a decent living, fans latched on to their heartwarming tales.
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2. Little House on the Prairie - One of the most successful TV dramas ever, the Ingalls family was welcomed into homes everywhere with open arms.
10 of 10 Greg Gayne/The CW


1. Gilmore Girls - Fans grew to love the witty banter between Rory and Lorelai. Share your take here!