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See the scenes that make our readers' spines tingle and skin crawl

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Warner Bros./Kobal Collection


"Those ghostly twins in The Shining. "Come play with us, Danny." And I'll never get out of my head the image of blood rushing out of those elevator doors." — GobiasInd108
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"The Strangers is one of the most creepy movies I have seen in a long time. Just the fact that it could happen to anyone in real life makes it so freaky. The masks they wore just made it even creepier!!" — Shan79 "The scariest part were the masks they wore and how they watched the couple while they didn't know it. I still freak out when I see a show with those masks in it. I was at home alone right after I saw that movie and did not move an inch for an hour!" — orangebubble92 "The Strangers is by far the scariest movie I ever saw. I will often gasp or cringe during a particular scary scene, but I screamed out loud several times with this movie." — lisa1124
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Legend has it that this scene from Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Psycho, scared plenty of people out of taking shower. We just wonder if those people also developed a phobia of psycopaths who wear their mothers' dresses.
4 of 11 Joseph E. Levine Productions/Kobal Collection


"Though I never saw the movie, the trailer from Magic with the talking dummy was freaky. It was pulled from TV because so many parents complained about it causing nightmares in kids." — wlogue
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"From The Exorcist, the possessed girl on all fours, walking backwards down the stairs! It looked painful and creepy dude!" — Samflower
6 of 11 Artisan Pictures/Kobal Collection


"The scene in Stir of Echos when the kid talks with a voice different from his own freaked me out the first time I saw it. Usually creepy kids creep me out." —stupidgroundhog
7 of 11 Warner Home Video


"How about the old lady popping out of the trap door in The Haunting? Or the bedroom scene were the two ladies in separate twin beds thought they were holding each others' hand." —jtpklm
8 of 11 Warner Home Video


"The clown in Stephen King's It. I am still freaked out by him and cannot watch the clowns at the circus without being totally creeped out." — arenner21
9 of 11 Miramax


"My absolute favorite is from The Others, when Nicole Kidman asks "Where is my daughter?" And her "daughter" sitting on the floor replies: "Are you mad? I am your daughter!" Yeah, right." —ashley8383
10 of 11 Everett Collection


"How about [Carol Kane] getting the "He's in the house! Get out of the house!" phone call [in When a Stranger Calls]? I nearly went screaming out of the movie theater. And Charles Durning appearing when she finally managed to pull open the door made me and everyone else in the theater shriek at the top of our lungs. I still get the heebie-jeebies about being in the house alone when the phone rings, and I'm in my 40s." —Annette45
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"Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear. I still get the shivers. Took a long time before I could watch Mr. Mitchum in any movie after that. And the really scary thing is, I used to babysit for a guy who could have been his brother — spittin' image. Good thing I was over my fear by then, or I would never have gotten in a car with him." —kraftykat