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See other shows that owe a debt to HBOs sexy quartet

1 of 11 Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema


As Sex and the City hits the big screen, we wonder: What lessons have its spiritual TV children gleaned from HBO's quirky quartet over their six seasons of true love, hot sex, fabulous fashion and cold Cosmos
2 of 11 Juston Lubin/The CW


America's Next Top ModelSex-ual DNA Carrie taught the world that anyone can be fashion roadkill - on or off the catwalk.Carrie might wonder Is it harder to walk a mile in stilettos made of psychological baggage, bad hair and sassy backtalk
3 of 11 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


Project RunwaySex-ual DNA Even before SJP herself appeared as a guest judge, every asymmetrical hem and flower brooch reeked of Sex and the City's boho-fab ridiculousness.Carrie might wonder When it comes to love, how does one "make it work"
4 of 11 MTV


Laguna Beach/The HillsSex-ual DNA The Laguna ladies who lunch learned from the best.Carrie might wonder In this day and age, are there any (non-fictional) characters who have the free time to eat out five times a week with your closest friends
5 of 11 Craig Sjodin/ABC


Ugly BettySex-ual DNA Betty lives in Carrie's metaphorical neighborhoods, at the intersection of fashion, publishing and romance. If Betty had a sex column, she'd be Carrie. Carrie might wonder Why do ugly Betty and I have the same wardrobe
6 of 11 Andrew Eccles/NBC


Lipstick JungleSex-ual DNA Brooke Shields stars in this Candace Bushnell-penned "chick-com."Carrie might wonder Can successful women really have it all (According to NBC, for at least one more season. Evil twin Cashmere Mafia Already dunzo.)
7 of 11 Claudette Barius/HBO


EntourageSex-ual DNA The Left Coast antics of this horny quartet is like Carrie Co. on testosterone.Carrie might wonder If we had penises, would one of us be a movie star And who would our Turtle be
8 of 11 Prashant Gupta/FX


Nip/TuckSex-ual DNA Samantha enjoyed the dual pleasures of plastic surgery and kinky sex long before the good/bad doctors Sean and Christian.Carrie might wonder What if my personality is what I don't like about myself Is there surgery for that
9 of 11 Scott Garfield/ABC


Brothers and SistersSex-ual DNA Where did you think the Walkers learned that functional alcoholism begins with funCarrie might wonder Is there enough Sancerre in the world to get one through cake and ice cream with your dead husband's mistress
10 of 11 Giovanni Rufino/The CW


Gossip GirlSex-ual DNA They're all having sex in the same cityCarrie might wonder If I knew how to text-message, would Charlotte understand that "ssb" stands for "secret single behavior"
11 of 11 Ron Tom/ABC


Desperate HousewivesSex-ual DNA Even from beyond the grave, Mary Alice knows a good voiceover can bring it all home. Carrie might wonder Would I totally lose my mind if Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and I lived on the same suburban cul-de-sac