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Harry Potter: Now and Then

Shaun Harrison
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The stars of the Harry Potter movies have gone from children to young adults before our eyes. But when you compare then (Sorcerer's Stone) and now (Deathly Hallows: Part 1), you may not believe your eyes. See for yourself.
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Daniel Radcliffe, 21, again shows his serious side in the latest Harry Potter film — or at least looks as serious as he can in those ridiculous glasses that his character refuses to change.
3 of 11 Warner Bros./Everett Collection


Little Harry proudly wears his Hogwarts house's colors — red and gold. He's so small that Hedwig is half his size!
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As Harry's brilliant best bud Hermione Granger, 20-year-old Emma Watson risks all to help Harry in his fight against Lord Voldemort.
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What a tiny Hermione! Even in her first year, she knew everything (except how to tone down the hair frizz).
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As Harry's other trusted pal Ron Weasley, 22-year-old Rupert Grint roams the countryside with Harry in search of the horcruxes.
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What an adorable little carrot-top Ron was during his first year at Hogwarts — he wasn't exactly the best student, though.
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Tom Felton, 23, loves to bully his peers as Draco Malfoy. Ever wonder how he finds time in all that terrorizing to bleach his hair the perfect shade of platinum blond?
9 of 11 Warner Bros./Everett Collection


It's hard to imagine this impish little boy could be such a troublemaker. But as much as he likes to run his mouth, he's really just a big ol' wuss.
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Nineteen-year-old Bonnie Wright's role as Ginny Weasley has developed quite a bit over the past few years. Perhaps it's because she has caught the eye of a well-known Hogwarts student — even though Ron seems fairly oblivious.
11 of 11 Warner Bros./Everett Collection


While Ginny hasn't changed as dramatically as the rest (at least she finally changed up that center-parted 'do), you can still see how innocent her freckled face was back in her early Hogwarts days.