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See the reality shows we can't help but love watching all summer

Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 12

After 11 seasons, we still can't get enough of this Survivor-meets-The Real World show. Contestants live in a camera-rigged house where they back-stab, yell at and sleep with fellow competitors until one of them walks away with $500,000. The premise never changes, but it always delivers grade-A trashy drama.
2 of 16 MTV

Jersey Shore

How can you resist a reality show where half of the cast members live and breathe by the mantra "GTL" (gym, tan, laundry)?
3 of 16 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Keeping with the Jersey theme, these rich housewives do a whole lot more than shop and get their nails done — they also, you know, flip tables and call each other whores.
4 of 16 Jeff Samaripa/ABC


Seeing adults go up against an obstacle called "Big Balls" always makes us snicker — especially when they take a digger.
5 of 16 Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Project Runway's departure from Bravo has left a hole in our fashionable hearts, but if the network's new art-based reality competition delivers on its promise, we will be creatively whole once again.
6 of 16 Chris Haston/NBC

America's Got Talent

It's just like watching a middle school talent show — it makes us cringe, but we're still compelled to watch every painful second of the performances.
7 of 16 Sammy Vassilev/ABC

True Beauty

This one makes us common folk feel good when we see pretty people get booted because of their nasty, self-centered personalities.
8 of 16 Rick Rowell/ABC

The Bachelorette

Three words: Drunken Jacuzzi debauchery.
9 of 16 Frank Murray/Travel Channel

Man v. Food

Any man who can eat a meter-long bratwurst without batting an eye deserves our undivided attention.
10 of 16 Robert Trachtenberg/Oxygen

Dance Your Ass Off

The contestants on the show may be overweight, but they really know how to get down and have fun.
11 of 16 Brian To/VH1

You're Cut Off

The prospect of seeing spoiled little rich girls being stripped of all their cash and conveniences makes us all sorts of giddy. Does that make us bad people?
12 of 16 Jaimie Trueblood/Bravo

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

There's nothing this woman won't do for a little attention (including parade Levi Johnston around as her date), but Griffin's comedic spin on her desperation is an endless source of entertainment.
13 of 16 Matthias Clamer/Oxygen

Jersey Couture

It comes down to this: Any show revolving around the residents of the Garden State seems destined for greatness (and endless mocking). Keep it coming!
14 of 16 James Devaney/

Bethenny's Getting Married?

The fact that this Bravo star has already gotten married and given birth does make the show a bit anticlimactic, but who doesn't want to see this Real Housewives of New York firecracker plan a wedding with a baby on board?
15 of 16 TLC

Say Yes To The Dress

It's fun to vicariously live through brides-to-be who have sky-high budgets. And if all else fails, making fun of ungrateful bridezillas is always a good time.
16 of 16 Tiffany Rose/

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

We're dying to see the organized chaos that ensues when 85 women compete tournament-style for the heart of the Cincinnati Bengals star.