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See the best guts and gore of TV before Halloween

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead's Zombie Autopsy

The Walking Dead has never been shy about grossing audiences out, but the Season 2 premiere takes squirmy gore to another level. First, young Sophia goes missing. Then, Rick and Darryl kill a walker that has recently fed. Fearing that Sophia has become breakfast, the pair slices the zombie open and begins searching his guts for proof. Fortunately, they locate some woodchuck bones that confirm the walker's breakfast was not human. Unfortunately, the vivid scene also caused us to lose our breakfast.
2 of 13 HBO

True Blood

Vampires' immortality can often make them seem invincible, but it's not impossible to get under their skin. We mean that literally in the case of True Blood's Pam, who in Season 4 found herself cursed by witch Marnie. The result of the curse? Pam's face began to melt off. It was never pretty to look out, but thankfully, it provided us with yet another great Pam one-liner: "I put up with a lot," she says. "But you f-- with my face, it’s time to die."
3 of 13 Ray Mickshaw / FOX

The X Factor

We're all in favor of singing contestants who really put themselves out there emotionally, but X Factor contestant Geo Godley takes that adage far too literally. During the performance of his original (read: horrible) song, "I'm a Stud," Geo drops trou and dances around on the stage, shaking his equipment to the point where Paula Abdul runs back stage and starts dry-heaving. For once, we couldn’t agree with her more.
4 of 13 FX

American Horror Story

FX's American Horror Story threw everything but the kitchen sink into its pilot episode, and that included shots of baby body parts in jars. Effective for setting the creepy mood? Sure. Do we understand anything that's happening on the show? Not really. Perhaps that's the scariest thing of all.
5 of 13 Monty Brinton/CBS

Survivor: South Pacific

When you're stranded on a desert island, eating is generally a highlight of your day. So, Survivor turned that notion on its head with a challenge that forced players to pull meat off a pig carcass using only their mouths. (And they couldn't swallow!) Ultimately, the team that transported the most meat back to their bowl got to actually eat the scraps. But all they really had to talk about at dinner was oral herpes and dislocated jaws.
6 of 13 CBS

The Good Wife

This one's pretty simple. The CEO of a cheese manufacturer is accused of selling cheese that is poisoning children with bacteria. This gives the show the chance to depict kindergartners spewing little piles of orange goo. The only thing more disturbing this season are Alicia's bangs.
7 of 13 courtesy HBO

John Adams

We already called called out this sloppy, Colonial-style gruntfest in our
8 of 13 courtesy Fox


House is never above going to extreme and disturbing measures to solve his cases. In this epsiode, House uses a cadaver to test one of his theories by giving a dead guy a colonoscopy. Harmless, right? Not when the water pressure builds up so high that the corpse and all of his icky innards explode all over Foreman.
9 of 13 Ben Mark Holzberg/Fox


As if passengers on a plane being infected by a deadly flesh-melting virus wasn't gross enough, the infector himself vomits into the mouth of a flight attendant right before the pilot's face and jaw melt completely off his skull. Oh yeah, and then there's the dying, translucent body of Agent John Scott to complete to nightmare factor. (We've spared you and only shown the latter. You're welcome.)
10 of 13 courtesy ABC

Grey's Anatomy

What's that old saying in medicine? "It's not Halloween until a patient cuts his own foot off with a chainsaw"? OK, so there's no old saying, but after this episode, maybe there should be.
11 of 13 courtesy Fox

The X-Files

Ever stare at someone with a big white zit on their face and hope it doesnt explode? (Just us?) Anyway, this episode takes that idea to the thousandth degree. Victims bitten by bugs that infect them with pustules — undulating and deadly ones. The grossest scene is when one explodes and the pus flies into a woman's mouth. We're scarred for life.
12 of 13 courtesy Fox


What is it with this show and poo? While treating a Hurricane Katrina victim who's having horrible hallucinations, House and Wilson notice a black ooze coming from the patient's mouth. The cause is is reverse peristalsis. That's right, she's pooping out her mouth.
13 of 13 courtesy NBC


After injecting himself with a formula to gain special abilities, Dr. Mohinder Suresh quickly discovers a major side effect: a rash that causes the skin on his back to peel off. What's scarier? How liberally the writers borrowed from The Fly.