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See our favorite fathers who raised their kids alone

1 of 10 ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), Full House

Danny may not be as cool as Uncle Jesse or funny as Joey, but the single dad of three always kept his full house running smoothly — and sparkling clean, for the most part.
2 of 10 Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Alan (Jon Cryer), Two and a Half Men

OK, so raising your son in the presence of your womanizing bachelor brother may not be the best parenting tactic, but Jake seems to be doing just fine despite Alan's and Charlie's frequent mishaps.
3 of 10 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), Lie to Me

Cal is a cool dad — at least on TV. Because we certainly wouldn't want him rifling through our stuff or "reading" our facial ticks.
4 of 10 Karen Neal/ABC

Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), Castle

Who wouldn't want Castle as a father? The rakish, fun-loving author is at times more of a sibling than a parent, but the doting dad will drop anything and everything when it comes to Molly.
5 of 10 courtesy ABC

Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau), Lost

How do you know Michael's a good dad? He would do anything for Walt — including killing people.
6 of 10 CBS/The Kobal Collection

Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith), The Andy Griffith Show

One of TV's first single dads, Andy expertly balanced keeping Mayberry safe with raising Opie with upstanding morals and values while sneaking in a fishing trip here and there.
7 of 10 ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Tony Micelli (Tondy Danza), Who's the Boss?

Oh ay, ay Oh! You've got to hand it to Tony for trading in baseball gloves for cleaning gloves just to give his daughter, Samantha, a better environment to grow up in.
8 of 10 NBC/The Kobal Collection


Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser) and Joey Harris (Greg Evigan), My Two Dads Redefining the modern family in the '80s, Michael and Joey stuck around for Nicole when they didn't have to, making each of them more of a father than a DNA test ever could.
9 of 10 courtesy Fox

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Bones

Parker doesn't pop up a lot on the show, but the frequency with which Booth talks about him tells you the kid is always on Booth's mind. Plus, who doesn't love seeing a sarcastic and tough Booth on the job do a 180 into a Booth is sweet and totally devoted pop?
10 of 10 ABC/Getty Images

Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray), My Three Sons

Widower Steve, an aeronautical engineer, raised three well-adjusted sons and was still raising grandchildren by the time the sitcom's 12-year run ended. If that doesn't make a great dad and granddad, we don't know what does.