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See some photos we snapped from the set during our recent visi

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TVGuide.com headed to the New York set of Fox's upcoming Batman prequel, Gotham.

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We stole a moment with Erin Richards in her character Barbara Keen's lavish apartment to talk about playing the lovely (and rich!) fiancée of Ben McKenzie's Detective James Gordon.
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See, didn't we tell you Barbara's apartment was lavish!?

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Unfortunately, Barbara's great view of the Gotham skyline from her balcony is just a (very realistic) painted backdrop.
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If there's any set that could top Barbara's swanky apartment, it's stately Wayne Manor. With so much mahogany, you can almost smell the money!
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Today, Bruce Wayne has a suit of armor in his living room. In a few years, he'll have a Batsuit in the Batcave!
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Is it really any surprise that the character wall in the wardrobe department looks like a collection of most-wanted mugshots? So many villains, so little time!
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This collage of photos hangs in the wardrobe department as an "inspiration wall." Costume designer Lisa Padovani says she wanted the costumes to evoke the rock 'n' roll and punk scene in New York during the 1970s and '80s.
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Just one of many racks of costumes at the Gotham costumers' disposal. Those polka dots on the right would look great on the Joker, no?