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See the best fashions from the CWs buzziest show

1 of 16 James Devaney/WireImage.com


Spotted: Blair Waldorf sporting a flirty, floral summer dress with a new man. OMG, what will Chuck Bass say
2 of 16 James Devaney/WireImage.com


These hot boys of summer need to cool things down with an ice-cold beverage. Nothing says beachwear like a matching fedora and flip-flops, Chuck!
3 of 16 James Devaney/WireImage.com


Have the lovebirds reunited With Serena in those skinny jeans and Dan workin' that vest, how could they possibly keep their hands off eachother
4 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Papa Bass is always good for doling out his fatherly words of wisdom, but maybe he should be giving his son fashion advice as well! That plaid V-neck sweater vest is a big no-no.
5 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Blair may have rolled solo to the Bass-Van der Woodsen wedding, but that adorable halter with matching pink accessories definitely caught Chuck's eye.
6 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


This long, yellow floral halter has endless tiers, but not as many tears as Serena shed at the evening's end when she and Dan called it quits.
7 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Before her dethroning, Blair wore the hell out of that yellow trench to signify her queen-bee status.
8 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Chuck's plaid scarf fetish seems to be rubbing off on his surrogate little brother Eric.
9 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Holy hipster! Vanessa may not dress like the Upper East Siders with her fuschia combat boots and funky layers, but that doesn't stop her from nabbing a date with Nate.
10 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW


Blair better do all the texting she can while she has her Sidekick handy, because once she puts it back in her ginormous red leather hobo, she won't see it again for a week.
11 of 16 Giovanni Ruffino/The CW

The "girls' school" look works for Serena, but that purse just screams tricked-out paper bag.

12 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/The CW


Serena will definitely make Dan drool with her thigh-highs and cute cardigan, while Blair's red-hot tights could stop traffic as well.
13 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/The CW

Is there a scheme behind that smirk How can someone wearing a capelet and lace be so evil

14 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/The CW


To distinguish them from their Manhattan-based peers, the Brooklynite Humphrey siblings wear an Army jacket (Dan) and a plaid beret (Jenny).
15 of 16 KC Bailey/The CW

In an eyelet dress and signature headband, Blair knows how to brunch.

16 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/The CW


A study in peer pressure: Jenny tries so hard to fit in (pink clutch, slouchy socks); Dan, not so much.