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1 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Amanda Peet returns to tango once again with the lawyers at Lockhart Gardner, this time to send Colin Sweeney away for a very long time.
2 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Alicia does her best to defend Colin Sweeney even when she is forced to go to trial unprepared. Alicia? Unprepared? This is going to be interesting.
3 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Why does Diane look so happy? Besides the fact that the firm is in the red again? Oh, and the fact that she’s Diane Lockhart and, therefore, awesome? It’s because her old flame Kurt McVeigh, aka the Marlboro Man, aka Gary Cole, returns in this week’s episode.
4 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


It may be two against one in the courtroom, but as we’ve seen already this season, Laura can more than handle herself in court. Plus: It doesn’t hurt that Will and Alicia have been, like, totes awkward around each other since they kissed. P.S. Way to avoid each other, guys!
5 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Will offers a quizzical expression in court. Maybe he’s trying to brainstorm what TV theme song to sing outloud next? May we suggest Three’s Company?
6 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


No shocker here! Will looks ready to argue against whatever Laura is selling to the judge and the jury against Colin Sweeney. Time to show everyone how he earned the “bad boy of law” nickname!
7 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Laura and Will appear to be continuing their opposites attract, argumentative method of flirting. Seriously, Will, just ask her out and spare us all the cutesy back-and-forth. We all know you’re a player, time to show off those skillz.
8 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS


Last time Alicia had wine at an event, she told a reporter that she is an atheist. No wonder Mike Kresteva is chatting her up right in front of the bar! How manipulative!
9 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS


Mike tries to win over Cardinal James at an event. We’re pretty sure it doesn’t hurt his case that Alicia called herself an atheist.
10 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS

Mike puts his best smug face forward when speaking with Alicia.

11 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS


Alicia is forced to leave an event when one of her clients is murdered. We would say that Lockhart Gardner is not paying her enough for these shenanigans, but they totally are.
12 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS


It’s Joe DiMaggio! No, we mean Michael Swift! No, we mean Smash alum Will Chase, who plays a character named Douglas who apparently doesn’t like to smile.
13 of 70 Jeffery Neira/CBS


Alicia has the look of a powerful equity partner down pat in this strapless red dress matched with long black gloves.
14 of 70 Daivd Giesbrecht/CBS


Jessalyn Gilsig does her best to keep Alicia and Will separated. Hey, she did it well on Glee with Will and Emma.
15 of 70 David Giesbrecht/CBS

John Shea returns as Cary's dad, and Cary looks happier about it than he probably should be.

16 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


With Lemond Bishop behind bars, Alicia must work with his other lawyer, Charles Lester (Wallace Shawn). Too bad Alicia thinks Charles might have ulterior motives. Uh, what would Mr. Hall say?
17 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Alicia’s old classmate Liz (Audra McDonald) does not look too pleased to see her. We can totally see Alicia being the girl in the front row raising her hand all the time.
18 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS

Is Liz actually happy in this photo? Or is she faking it? Hard to tell.

19 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Robyn (Jess Weixler) is hired as a second investigator at Lockhart Gardner. Does this mean she is going to get a Kalinda-style makeover? With boots and leather and the whole nine yards? (Please say yes).
20 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Kalinda looks a little wary meeting her new mini-me who she must train. First things first? She’s gonna need a baseball bat.
21 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Lt. Van Buren is back! Longtime Law & Order vet S. Epatha Merkerson guest-stars as the judge presiding over the Justice Department’s prosecution of Eli. Elsbeth better bring her A-game!
22 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


AUSA Josh Perrotti puts on his best brave face after Elsbeth duped him on the wire tap, and worst of all, rejected his biscotti. We feel your pain, Joshie!
23 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Elsbeth looks, hopefully, on the verge of her own brilliant schemes as she argues Eli’s case in court.
24 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


She’s baaaack. Jackie returns to take the stand in Eli’s defense (we hope) during his trial. So, Jackie, done any interesting Google searches lately?
25 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS

Elsbeth + Jackie? This is going to be, pun fully intended, gold!

26 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS

Awz! Alicia shows her support for Eli during his trial for bribery charges.

27 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS

Has the student become the master? Cary takes a stand as Will and Diane watch from the sidelines.

28 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


As tensions flare behind the scenes with Will and Diane after her promotion, Alicia looks ready to make a slam dunk in court.
29 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


He should be a proud mentor, but Will looks less than pleased with his junior opposition Alicia and Cary.
30 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS

Saint Alicia looks a little nervous as she tries to appeal to the mock jury.

31 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


At the end of the day, they’re still playing for the same team right? The “bad boy of law” Will looks ready for war.
32 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


With Peter in a close race with Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) and Maddie Hayward (Maura Tierney), the Florrick campaign needs whatever help it can get, including from Democratic strategist Frank.
33 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


Eli tries to put his best foot forward while meeting with campaign manager Jordan Karahalios (T.R. Knight).
34 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS

Eli and Jordan face off in front of Democratic strategist Frank.

35 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


Fans know Eli doesn’t exactly play nice with others so it’s no surprise he keeps his back to Jordan during their meeting.
36 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS

A campaign poster? A fundraising list? Jordan examines something very, very closely.

37 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS

Who is Eli talking to? He looks none too pleased on a tense phone call.

38 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


Will loves me. Will loves me not. Just kidding, Alicia has much more important things to think about when she faces off against Louis Canning (returning guest Michael J. Fox).
39 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


John Shea makes his debut as Cary's dad, Nestor Argos, when Cary travels to Washington, D.C., for work.
40 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Cary’s reunion with his dad is described as "uneasy." Maybe now is the not the best time for Cary to mention that he has to share an office.
41 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Shea also plays Blair's dad on Gossip Girl. But Nestor Argos appears to have more in common with another of Shea's former roles: Lex Luthor on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
42 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


In the Nov. 4 episode, we met Laura (Amanda Peet), one of Alicia's clients. When she returns, it looks like it'll be as Alicia's opposing counsel.
43 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Alicia and Laura argue whether Judge Creary (Judd Hirsch) should be removed from hearing a case because of bias.
44 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


For such a skilled lawyer, Will finds himself on the other side of the law quite a bit, no? He is questioned by Laura about whether a judge should be removed from hearing his case because of bias. We're guessing this is not exactly to score brownie points with Will's basketball league.
45 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Kurt Fuller returns as Judge Dunaway, who hears the arguments about Judge Creary's removal. Hopefully he doesn't hold that whole blue-ribbon panel debacle against Alicia.
46 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Giada is back! Karen Olivo returns as the feisty now-former law school student who asked out Will back in Season 1. Let's hope she brings him another $8,000 bottle of wine.
47 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Kalinda's estranged husband, Nick, works on his best menacing look.

48 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Nick gets a grip on Kalinda in her finest Boots of Justice. Stay strong, girl!

49 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Nick and Kalinda keep their distance when Nick's actions begin to make Kalinda suspicious. She is just getting suspicious now?
50 of 70 Craig Blankenhorn/CBS


Amanda Peet joins the legal drama as Laura Hellinger, an Army captain who accuses a civilian contractor of attempting to rape her in Afghanistan in the Nov. 4 episode. Unfortunately, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) will have her work cut out of her since the opposing counsel is played by….
51 of 70 Craig Blankenhorn/CBS

Two-time Tony winner Brian Dennehy. Don’t worry, Alicia, we’d be intimidated too.

52 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Christina Ricci will enlist Lockhart Gardner’s services when she plays a comedienne, Therese Dodd, who is being sued by a television network for indecency. Judging by that smile on her face, either Cary just told a really good knock-knock joke or maybe Therese is having some indecent thoughts about him. Time to stake your claim, Kalinda!
53 of 70 David M. Russell/CBS


Oscar winner (and Louis C.K.’s fictional uncle!) F. Murray Abraham returns as Hollywood lawyer Burl Preston, but this time he’s representing a TV network instead of a film studio. So when do Lockhart Gardner get to fly out west and do deliberations from sunny Los Angeles? Most of the firm could use a tan, we’re just sayin’.
54 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Lemond Bishop is back! Mike Colter will reprise his role as the drug dealer and Lockhart Gardner client in an upcoming episode. Why the long face? Because he just found out one of his accountants has been arrested, but doesn’t know if it has to do with his legitimate or illegal businesses. And after her hot pursuit of Bishop at the end of last season, you can bet FBI Agent Lana Delaney won’t be far behind.
55 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Awkward! Margulies will come face-to-face with one of Tony Soprano’s many other mistresses when Annabella Sciorra guest-stars as another lawyer, Leslie Rand, helping Lemond Bishop.
56 of 70 John Paul Filo/CBS


Spoiler alert! Alicia’s controversial bangs seem to be growing out quite nicely. Or maybe it’s just a slightly more wavy-haired wig?
57 of 70 John Paul Filo/CBS

Will, Alicia and Diane all look worried about something, but what’s with Cary’s half-smile?

58 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Kalinda comes to the rescue for Alicia’s kids again when she grabs some intel from a woman named Melinda.
59 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Sure, Lockhart Gardner needs all the new business it can get, but are they really going to take on Kalinda’s ex-husband as a client?
60 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Kalinda’s ex-husband, Nick, gets comfy in Alicia’s office.

61 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Has divorce lawyer David Lee finally found his match in cost-cutter Clarke (Nathan Lane)? We sure hope so.
62 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


Zach is pulled over by a state trooper while driving his mom and sister. Hello, don’t you know who his dad is?
63 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Alicia and Grace look on with varying degrees of worry.

64 of 70 Jeff Neira/CBS


Zach gets a firm talking-to by the state trooper as Alicia looks on. Where is overbearing grandma Jackie when you need her?
65 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Alicia goes into full-on mama-bear mode and tries her best to reason with the state trooper.

66 of 70 John Paul Filo/CBS


Take notes! Kristin Chenoweth joins as a top political journalist who wants the inside scoop on Peter's campaign for governor as well as his and Alicia's marriage.
67 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Nathan Lane will make shake things up at Lockhart Gardner as a new cost-cutter hired to help with the firm’s finances.
68 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Margulies’ former ER co-star Maura Tierney takes the podium as a self-made billionaire who is also prominent in Chicago Democratic politics.
69 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


Surprise, surprise. Kalinda’s hubby as an affinity for leather too! U.K. actor Marc Warren will debut as her mysterious and menacing estranged spouse.
70 of 70 Jeffrey Neira/CBS


The Sopranos’ Dominic Chianese, best known as Junior Soprano, finds himself on the other side of the law when he joins the show’s impressive rooster of judges in the season premiere