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As Alicia and Cary get ready to leave Lockhart/Gardner and start their own firm, we look back at the 10 other moments that irrevocably changed the series.

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Cary and Kalinda Kiss, Season 2 's "Great Firewall"

Ever since Kalinda was heard talking to someone named "Donna" in one of the show's very first episodes, viewers quickly became invested in the mystery surrounding the private investigator — and her equally mysterious sexuality. But despite her dalliances with men, women and even a few married individuals (cough, Peter, cough), it was Kalinda's first kiss Cary that really turned viewers' heads. Sure, Cary always had an adorable crush on her, but he always seemed too… innocent for the dark and cynical Kalinda. However, Cary's loyalty to Kalinda despite working for the enemy, proved once again that opposites definitely attract.
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12. Peter Nominates Diane for the Supreme Court, Season 4's "Death of a Client" There are so many things that make this episode memorable. But even better than the punch Peter threw at Mike Kresteva was the curveball he tossed when he said he intended to nominate Diane for the Illinois Supreme Court. Although this wasn't Diane's first brush with the bench (she came thisclose to being nominated for a judgeship back in Season 1), after Cary's firing and Will's suspension in earlier seasons, fans had to brace for the possibility that Diane could trade in her designer dresses for a judge's robe for good.
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11. Kalinda's Estranged Husband Resurfaces, Season 4's "I Fought the Law" Fellow private investigator Blake (Scott Porter) revealed that Kalinda used to go by the name Leela and originally hailed from Canada. But the news that the sexually promiscuous investigator once had a husband was a real head-scratcher. When Mr. Kalinda, aka Nick, finally showed up two seasons later, he made quite an entrance: He and Kalinda immediately started beating the crap out of each other in the Lockhart/Gardner elevators. Although Nick and his abusive antics got a chilly reception from fans, seeing Kalinda let her guard down was a rare, revealing moment.
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10. Alicia and Will Begin Their Affair, Season 2's "Closing Arguments" Sadly, the surprise of Alicia and Will's elevator make-out session was ruined by a very spoiler-y CBS promo that ran the week of the season finale. But viewers had no idea their passionate lip-lock would lead to a night in a $7,800-a-night hotel suite and a full-blown (albeit short-lived) relationship during Season 3. Technically, Alicia was still married to Peter the entire time, but her affair with Will revealed a whole new daring side to the good wife — how can we forget that Season 3 poster? — not to mention some very steamy scenes we're still shocked made it to air.
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9. Peter Wins the Governorship, Season 4's "What's in the Box" Peter's run for Governor could only end one of two ways. So, it wasn't entirely surprising to see him triumph, despite his humble beginnings on the series. However, it was how he won that surprised fans more: but stuffing ballot boxes. Peter didn't actually need those 30,000 extra votes to win, but it remains to be seen if that move will come back to haunt him. After all, on The Good Wife, dirty secrets always seem to resurface when you least expect.
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8. Alicia Becomes a Partner, Season 4's "Red Team/Blue Team" Fans were surprised the first time Alicia (as well as Cary and select others) were offered partnership in just their fourth year at Lockhart/Gardner. But when the firm suddenly found itself out of the debt and got cold feet about sharing the wealth with the young'uns, Alicia's second offer to become the only new partner was an even bigger twist. If Will and Diane had offered this opportunity to the very bitter Cary instead of Alicia, would the rest of the fourth years still have decided to start a new firm? Guess we'll never know.
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Cary Gets Fired, Season 1's "Unplugged"

The bake-off between Alicia and Cary had to end at some point, but most viewers assumed the show would take the safe approach — or what creators Robert and Michelle King have dubbed "schmuck bait" — and figure out a way for both to stay. Not so fast! Instead, Alicia used Eli to get ahead, and Cary got the boot despite his higher billable hours. The best part? Cary didn't stay unemployed for long. In the following episode, he took a job with Peter's rival Glenn Childs at the State's Attorney's office, who hired Cary precisely because of his old ties to Lockhart/Gardner and Alicia.
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6. Will Gets Suspended for Six Months, Season 3's "Live From Damascus" Poor Will. He may have avoided jail time over the $45,000 he stole from (and later returned to) a client's account to pay off a gambling debt 15 years earlier, but Wendy Scott-Carr was not so easily deterred. Once the Illinois State Bar Association got an "anonymous tip" about the incident, Will faced losing his law license forever. Instead, the notoriously competitive workaholic avoided the bigger risk by agreeing to a six-month suspension, during which time viewers got to meet his two sisters and listen to Will play guitar! Although Will was back in court by the start of Season 4, his suspension put him on bad terms with several important judges and turned the successful lawyer into, surprisingly enough, an underdog of sorts.
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Alicia and Will Kiss, Season 1's "Heart"

Although fans knew that Will and Alicia were old friends from their Georgetown days, the extent of their romantic feelings for each other was more slowly revealed. But instead of making viewers wait four or five seasons for a passionate kiss, it happened in Season 1's 17th episode after a long day in court. (Just as shocking, the kiss was immediately followed by Alicia going home and jumping on Peter in his separate bedroom.) Suddenly, the burning question went from being, "Will Alicia ever truly take Peter back?" to "Which man will Alicia choose?" And just like that, The Good Wife became required watercooler viewing.
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Cary Is Arrested, Season 6's "The Line"

Initially, it seemed like Cary was getting mugged in the opening moments of the Season 6 premiere. But it was so much worse than that. Cary was arrested and thrown in jail for allegedly helping Florrick/Agos client and drug kingpin Lemond Bishop's men transport $1.3 million worth of heroin. Because of the severity of the charge — and the man he may or may not have helped — Cary was left to rot in prison (aka get his hand sliced by one of Bishop's allies) as the firm tried to pull together $1.3 million for his bail. The only good thing about Cary's arrest was how quickly his sometimes love interest Kalinda rushed to his aide. It remains to be seen just when Cary will get out and how the charges will affect his professional future, but it's safe to say he won't be known as "the kid" ever again.
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3. Alicia and Cary Are Fired From Lockhart/Gardner, Season 5 's "Hitting the Fan" "You were poison!" Those were Will Gardner's parting words to Alicia when he found out that she and Cary were planning to leave Lockhart/Gardner to start their own firm. He promptly gave Alicia's new office an intense makeover/cleaning before having her escorted from the building and making the normally stoic lawyer and mother break into rare, and heartfelt, tears. The daring shake-up not only made for a gripping and masterfully orchestrated hour of television, but showed once again that the series' showrunners weren't afraid to change things up to keep the story moving forward. The episode also added a whole new layer of animosity, intensity, and most importantly passion, to Alicia and Will's on-and-off relationship.
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2. Blake Reveals That Kalinda Slept with Peter, Season 2's "Ham Sandwich" Whether you're Team Will or Team Peter, it's hard to deny that the most important relationship on the show is the unlikely friendship between Alicia and Kalinda. That is, until Blake discovered that Kalinda had slept with Peter after he helped change her identity. The revelation left viewers' jaws on the floor, but it was just a precursor to the real storm: Three episodes later, Alicia learned the truth and suddenly severed her ties with both Peter and Kalinda. She eventually reconciled with her husband, but her friendship with Kalinda has never been the same. And it likely won't ever go back to the way it was before — a fact fans still wrestle with more than two years later.
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1. Will Is Murdered in the Courtroom, Season 5's "Dramatics, Your Honor" Following Alicia's abrupt exit from the firm, it seemed that her relationship with Will would be stuck in a dark place of hatred and betrayal for the rest of the series' run. However, just when the former lovers seemed to be headed towards a truce, and only 10 episodes after the acclaimed drama's last big game-changer, The Good Wife made viewers' jaws drop and their hearts break simultaneously when Will was gunned down in the courtroom by an emotionally unstable client. Even more stunning than the must-watch moment itself was the fact that the death of the show's male lead character and former love interest of the title character was kept under wraps for months after star Josh Charles announced his intention to leave the series last spring when his contract expired. In an age where shows like Scandal and The Walking Dead regularly play up OMG moments and character deaths to get big ratings and high Twitter traffic, the out-of-nowhere murder shook fans to their core just like it did to the show's other main characters.