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New Directions takes on Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

1 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

First look at the Glee Super Bowl episode

Glee's post-Super Bowl episode promises to be one of the most expensive, elaborate and exciting hours on television. From New Directions performing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to the Cheerios taking on Katy Perry's "California Gurls," get a sneak peek at the Glee-stravaganza.
2 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

Artie's on the wrong side of a Slushie attack

When the jocks decide to attack, Artie will get more than just a face full of Slushie during the Super Bowl episode. Following his soak-down, Will and Coach Bieste will devise a plan to make peace between the rivaling glee club and football team.
3 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

Artie channels Michael Jackson

Artie will lead New Directions and the football team in a fantastical halftime show featuring the King of Pop's hit song, "Thriller."
4 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

Halftime explosions

The "Thriller" number was so complicated and slightly dangerous that two ambulances were on standby during the filming. "I'm so surprised there were no fatalities out of that episode because it is insane," Chris Colfer says.
5 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

The "Thriller" spirit moves Rachel

The New Directions diva follows Artie's lead, tapping into her ghoulish side to join in the Michael Jackson tribute. She also duets with Puck in the special post-Super Bowl episode.
6 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

The McKinley High football team takes to the field

See? Glee club and football can coexist. Creator Ryan Murphy says that the Super Bowl episode isn't just about creating a huge spectacle. "It feels similar to the pilot: a lot of heart," he says, adding that it will pick up the gay bullying story from earlier in the season.
7 of 8 Adam Rose/Fox

Quinn trades in her Cheerios uniform for zombie chic

It's all about huge hair, makeup and costumes for Quinn out on the football field as she sings and dances in the elaborate Michael Jackson number.
8 of 8 Michael Yarish/Fox

The Cheerios take on Katy Perry

Meanwhile, the Cheerios will be preparing for Nationals, where they're planning to perform Katy Perry's "California Gurls." However, when Sue gives the girls an ultimatum, they exit stage left for New Directions' halftime number.