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Our favorite photos from Glee's upcoming episodes. (And we'll say this once more with feeling: "Spoiler alert!")

1 of 129 Jennifer Clasen/Fox


Jake performs in the “Guilty Pleasures” episode. Is he doing a love song to win back Marley? Will he need to win back Marley?
2 of 129 Jennifer Clasen/Fox


Wow! We almost didn’t recognize Marley with the heavy eyeliner and all that skin. In addition to sporting some serious arm bands and a tube top, she appears to be sporting some serious ‘tude. Why haven’t we seen this side of her before?!
3 of 129 Jennifer Clasen/Fox


Noooooooooooooo! Blaine is in a Cheerios uniform! But at least it will give Coach Sue something to do besides ruin Wemma’s non-wedding?
4 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


New roommates Santana and Kurt partake in some pillow talk. They are so talking about Rachel behind her back, right? Right.
5 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Kurt blindfolds Santana and Rachel to surprise them with what looks like an impromptu pillow fight? It must be nice to live in such a spacious loft.
6 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Rachel and Santana practice their best Taylor Swift “shocked” expressions. Uh, is this the part where Rachel finds out her boy Brody is sleeping around? Cuz that needs to happen.
7 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Kurt takes a closer look at himself in the mirror. Now if only Rachel would do that and lose the feathered hair and bangs!
8 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Dear Santana, Rachel is probably just a lost cause at this point. Move on and save yourself!

9 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Rachel and Kurt look in major need of a “Kiki” when having a talk with Santana.

10 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Apparently Blaine takes school colors day very seriously. He would.

11 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Finn and Will perform with their best “mad” faces in the appropriately titled “Feud” episode. So who is a jet? And who is a shark? Wait, didn’t they do West Side Story last season?!
12 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Fingers crossed that this is a picture of Will, Blaine and Jake performing a tribute to ‘N Sync’s No Strings Attached album.
13 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Seriously? Someone needs to tell Finn that he graduated, and that Mr. Schue is back from D.C. for good. He obviously didn’t get the memo.
14 of 129 Adam Rose


Emma shows a hint of a smile as she’s serenaded by Will. By the way, who is Emma staying with while she hides out from Will? Hopefully not those crazy parents of hers…
15 of 129 Adam Rose


Will forces asks the New Directions to help him sing to Emma. But since this episode is paying tribute to great music scenes in movies, shouldn’t he be holding a jukebox over his head and playing Peter Gabriel? Say Anything forever!
16 of 129 Adam Rose


Will looks less than pleased when talking with Emma. Maybe she insulted his excessive use of hair gel? Or his rap skills?
17 of 129 Adam Rose


Cheesy alert! Marley and Jake do their best Ghost re-enactment as they make pottery together. Just watch out for Tony Goldwyn!
18 of 129 Adam Rose


The New Directions put their best feet forward for a big group number. Could this be the big “Shout” performance? If so, they need to get on their feet as soon as possible!
19 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Jake and Ryder debate whether to do the electric slide, the chicken dance or start a conga line at the reception.
20 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Cheers to Quinn and Santana's reconciliation, but why didn't Quinn bring her older Yale professor beau as her date?
21 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Kurt to Tina: "Back off, Tina. I know you know that Blaine is gay. Just because I am playing the field in New York doesn’t mean he and I aren't going to start our artists colony together."
22 of 129 Eddy Chen/Fox

Five bucks says Coach Sue is trying to think of ways to sabotage Will's big day.

23 of 129 Eddy Chen/Fox

Brittany watches someone perform during the “Diva” episode while probably looking for Sam. Aww.

24 of 129 Eddy Chen/Fox


Emma and mini-Will Finn challenge the New Directions to find their inner powerhouses for Diva Week. It's not really official until someone writes it on the white board, right?
25 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


New Directions stretches the McKinley High budget, namely the electricity bill, for a big group performance during diva week.
26 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Where is the bow hat? Unique channels Aretha Franklin with this wig and fur coat.

27 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Kitty reaches for the stars — or something — during her diva week performance.

28 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Brittany gets her groove on in big, poufy pink ensemble during diva week.

29 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Ryder and Jake immediately start brain-storming diva costumes. Gaga or Nicki Minaj? Whitney or Mariah?
30 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Tina goes retro with this revealing hot-pink unitard just like the one Madonna wore in her "Hung Up" video.
31 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


It’s not awkward at all! Quinn performs in the auditorium with former loves Finn and Puck. Might we suggest an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?” Just kidding. Kind of.
32 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Quinn gathers with fellow McKinley High grads Santana, Mike, Puck and Mercedes to school the New Directions. Rule 1. Don’t text and drive, kids!
33 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Cheerios unite! Quinn takes the lead during a nicely choreographed musical performance with Brittany and Santana.
34 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Quinn walks the halls of McKinley with baby daddy Puck and his half-brother, Jake. We’re not sure why but she looks angry enough to slushy someone. Run for cover!
35 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Quinn gives a very pouty Kitty a pep talk in the choir room. Can she put this bad egg on the right track? If anyone can, it’s Quinn.
36 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Kurt invites boss Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) over for Thanksgiving. Because that’s what every Vogue editor wants to do, go all the way to Brooklyn to eat carbs.
37 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Will the claws come out when Kitty and Marley perform together? We wouldn’t bet against it.

38 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Blaine puts his new cape to good use as he runs through the halls of McKinley in his superhero get-up. If this is how he’s dealing with his split from Kurt, might we suggest the therapist Emma used to help her with her OCD?
39 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


We’re not sure what the urgency is, but Artie appears to be the brains, literally, behind the New Directions’ latest operation. Also, Becky is back! Does that mean Helen Mirren is too? (Please say yes.)
40 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


OK, we know we complained a lot about Mr. Schue’s endless supply of bland sweater vests, but we’re not sure if Finn wearing a musical note on his chest is that much of an improvement.
41 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


It’s just a guess, but Sugar sure looks like she’s doing the “Gangnam Style” dance in this new photo from sectionals.
42 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


After their disastrous trip back to Lima for Grease, who can blame Kurt and Rachel for staying in New York for Thanksgiving?
43 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX


According to the official caption, Kurt “begs” for another chance to audition for NYADA. Hello?! What could be better than working at Vogue?!
44 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX

Whoopi Goldberg returns as the intimidating Carmen in the Dec. 6 episode.

45 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX


Rachel is a vision in white as she performs at NYADA’s prestigious winter showcase. Let’s hope the evil Cassandra July is nowhere in sight.
46 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX


Brittany bonds with newbie Ryder in this year’s Christmas episode. Fingers crossed it’s not socks!
47 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX


Marley’s mom, Mrs. Rose, and Coach Sue watch a performance together. If only Mrs. Rose knew what Coach Sue called her daughter …. oh, wait! Sue was never able to craft a witty insult for Marley. Oh, snap!
48 of 129 Eddy Chen/FOX


Make your best guess: Puck is giving his half-bro Jake tips on a) how to score with a Cheerio b) how to score with a substitute teacher who also adopted your baby c) how to clean pools or d) all of the above.
49 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Coach Sue takes a short break from destroying the glee club to get into the Christmas spirit.

50 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Blaine may have been too depressed to play Danny, but he makes one dreamy teen angel. And are we the only ones that think Sugar is totally rocking the pink hair?
51 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Wow, Marley makes one hot Sandy with her big hair and skin-tight black leather pants. Take that, Kitty!
52 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Newbie Ryder also manages to perfect the super-slicked (but bouncy!) hair of Danny Zuko.

53 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


The Grease cast gathers on stage to soak in the applause. Can Sam Evans always wear a leather jacket from now on? Please and thank you.
54 of 129 Beth Dubber/FOX


Kitty hosts a sleepover for the girls of New Directions. We’re not sure what scheme she's up to, but why on earth did anyone actually go?
55 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


They may both be after Marley’s affections, but Jake and Ryder come together for what looks to be a "super" duet.
56 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX

Marley busts out her best Taylor Swift-esque surprise face in the choir room.

57 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Those New Directions members sure clean up nice! Ryder and Jake sport matching suits, glasses and fedoras for a performance.
58 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX

Ryder and Jake put their heads together to learn a song.

59 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Cover your eyes — literally! Bad boy Sebastian returns to compete at sectionals with The Warblers in the Nov. 29 episode.
60 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


New Directions breaks it down with some impressive dance moves at sectionals. But will it be enough to get them to the next round?
61 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


More cool dance moves from New Directions. Could this be part of the group’s recently teased performance of Psy's "Gangnam Style"?
62 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


We have no idea why Kurt is smiling, but in our wildest imaginations, it's because Blaine went back in time and didn’t cheat on him. Now they can get back together and start that artists' commune! Klaine 4eva!
63 of 129 Jordin Althaus/Fox


Cassandra July perfects her disapproving face during a dance rehearsal at NYADA. Uh oh, did Rachel accuse her of having alcohol on her breath again?
64 of 129 Jordin Althaus/Fox


Brody stands shirtless in a dance rehearsal room. Dear Rachel, you are single now. Time to move on — and preferably with him!
65 of 129 Jordin Althaus/Fox


Rachel looks worried as she gets ready for dance class. Was someone too busy ogling Brody’s six-pack instead of studying her dance moves? If so, we don’t blame her!
66 of 129 Mike Yarish/Fox


Mr. Schue laughs it up from the audience as he watches the New Directions perform a musical. But why is Emma nowhere to be seen? Hmm…
67 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


The New Direction guys do a great job of recreating a classic scene from Grease. But who gets to drive home the hot red car after the musical is done?
68 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

The boys perform another iconic scene from Grease. So who do you think is playing whom?

69 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


"Put your hands in the air, shake your body down...." Oh, wait the glee kids are probably not performing an Akon song for their Grease production but either way, everybody wins when Sam lets even the tiniest amount of skin show. Viva White Chocolate!
70 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


If Kitty hates New Directions so much, why on earth is she on stage during a rehearsal? Is she that desperate to get Jake back? Our money is on her playing a very biting Rizzo, while Marley will play the equally doe-eyed and innocent Sandy, natch.
71 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Now that Finn has no job and no girl, it looks like he is going to replace Kurt as the sad ex-glee clubber that pathetically lingers the halls of McKinley (probably to the tune of a Journey song). Luckily, he at least finds some fresh blood in newbie Ryder (Glee Project winner Blake Jenner).
72 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Coach Beiste, where have you been all of our lives and when you are going to take Mr. Schue back to that cowboy bar? Sadly, it sounds like things are serious this time when she must give Emma some advice after Emma and Will’s fight in the break-up episode.
73 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Judging by the shocked look on Emma’s face, Coach Beiste said what we’ve all been thinking: “Will acted like a self-absorbed jerk, and you should make him go to D.C. alone to wallow in his own pity!” Coach Beiste knows what’s up.
74 of 129 Beth Dubber/FOX


Isn’t it a tad too soon for the McKinley High Class of 2012 to be reuniting? It’s never too soon when it involves some of our favorite grads like Mike and Mercedes. But can someone please help Finn out? He looks like he’s taking this production too seriously already.
75 of 129 Beth Dubber/FOX


When will we find out which celebrity is Coach Sue’s baby daddy?! And more importantly, when will we find out what awesome babysitting service Coach Sue uses so that she never has to worry about her newborn?!
76 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


In Season 3, Blaine helped contribute to the whole red jeans craze with his memorable performance of “It’s Not Unusual.” Now, apparently, red is out and mustard yellow is in. Good to know? Also, who do you think Blaine should play in the Grease musical?
77 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Mike, Mercedes, Finn and Artie judge the auditions for Grease. Seriously, someone make a knock, knock joke and make Finn smile. This is depressing!
78 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Marley and Unique perform together on stage. We don’t know what’s going on with Marley’s baggy pants but this would be the time for a fashion intervention from the stylish Unique pronto. If Rachel can get a makeover in the Vogue couture closet, then Marley at least deserves some flattering jeans.
79 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Another shot of Marley and Unique performing, with a better view of said pants. Don’t ignore this cry for help! It’s not too late!
80 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

Rachel takes center stage — and shows some skin — during a performance.

81 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

Rachel puts her best foot forward, literally, during a performance.

82 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Rachel sports a sexier look thanks to some very red lipstick, which she sports while trying her best to pretend she doesn’t notice Brody’s impressive arm muscles.
83 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Rachel collaborates with Brody on a highly choreographed (and highly suggestive) number. We’re sure she’s performing a Britney song, but this image looks more like the music video from another X Factor judge… Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake.”
84 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

Jake, another new face at McKinley, knows how to make an entrance.

85 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


New girl Marley seems to be fitting right in with the rest of the gang, namely Unique and Tina, during a big group number in the gym. Won’t Coach Sue be mad they’re encroaching on her turf?
86 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

Marley stays in line with Tina and Unique on McKinley High grounds during a performance.

87 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


The New Directions, including returning Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen as Joe, get their latest glee club assignments. But hello?! Where is Joe’s guitar?
88 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Lindsay Lohan appears as herself as a judge at Nationals

89 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Rex Lee joins Lohan at the judges' table, and it doesn't look like they're going to agree on who should take home the trophy
90 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Will Emma and Will finally get married in the finale?

91 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

And will Sue Sylvester marry them?

92 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX

Before New Directions heads to Nationals...

93 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Tina will bump her head and imagine that each of the New Directions members have switched places. She imagines herself as Rachel
94 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

Tina imagines Sugar as Quinn and Joe as Mike Chang

95 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

She also imagines that Puck's Mohawk is now Blaine's shiny coiff

96 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX

And, well, Blaine is now a skinhead

97 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


Tina also sees Mike as Joe and Rory as Sam. Hilariously, Rachel totally pulls off Tina's gothic chic
98 of 129 Mike Yarish/FOX


The best of all? Tina imagines Mr. Schue as Sue Sylvester. Lesson: Anyone looks good in a track suit!
99 of 129 Brad Falchuk


Plus: Gloria Estefan will make her debut as Santana's mother. Thanks for the first look, Brad Falchuk!
100 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Mercedes shares a dance with the star of The Justin Bieber Experience, aka Trouty Mouth, aka Sam. We sure hope these lovebirds can stay this close after Mercedes graduates.
101 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Is someone going to die at prom?! We have no idea, but Tina and Mike, both dressed in black, sport looks of utter confusion – and maybe sadness?
102 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Quinn takes the stage and performs during prom. But the question still remains: who will she take as her date?
103 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Principal Figgins busts a move during the McKinley prom. Now we understand why Sue wasn’t able to resist him way back when.
104 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


And the world’s cutest chaperones award goes to… Mr. Schue and Emma, who share a sweet moment on the dance floor. It’s not a Will solo rap session, but we’ll take it.
105 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


In a shocking (not) twist, Blaine’s obsession with bowties continues. However, we have no idea how to explain Kurt’s surprisingly casual ensemble.
106 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox

Rachel is pretty in pink with Finn on her side. The New Directions sure clean up good!

107 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Mercedes sparkles in a purple princess gown. Is Kurt hiding a hair gel mishap under that top hat? Has he learned nothing from Blaine?!
108 of 129 Michael Yarish/Fox


Tina, Santana and Brittany perform together on stage in their prom finest! Place your bets now on whether they decide to pick from ABBA’s catalogue again, or if they take a page from the guys’ playbook last year and perform “Friday.” Please, please let it be the latter.
109 of 129 Jordin Althaus/FOX


Sugar, Santana, Brittany, Mike and Puck celebrate senior ditch day at a local amusement park. Puck looks pretty excited, but doesn't he celebrate senior ditch day like every two weeks?
110 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Judging from the upset look on her face, Rachel is so not buying whatever Artie is selling when he performs for the glee club.
111 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Apparently the Anderson brothers do not share the same taste in fashion. While we all know how much Blaine loves a good bowtie, his older brother Cooper (special guest White Collar's Matt Bomer) rocks a brown leather jacket while teaching a master acting class to New Directions.
112 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Is Cooper teaching Blaine how to look angry? Try all you want, but we don't think it's going to stick.
113 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Oh look, it's Blaine and the amazing Technicolor televisions! The ex-Warbler and Cooper take their brotherly love into the digital age for a performance.
114 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

New Directions takes on the Warblers at Regionals. Who will win the ultimate showdown?

115 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Our favorite bromance: Finn and Rory sing together at Regionals.

116 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

The Troubletones are back in this all-girl number at Regionals.

117 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Rachel takes center stage at Regionals (of course!)

118 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox


Could this be the last competition for some of the New Directions’ seniors? Probably not, there are still more episodes this spring!
119 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Artie is always surrounded by the ladies.

120 of 129 Adam Rose/Fox

Evil Sebastian is back! Here’s hoping the Warblers lose so he can eat some humble pie.

121 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Special guest star Ricky Martin hangs on the edge of his seat during a dance number with Brittany and Mike. Who's teaching whom to shake their bon bon?
122 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


He may not have Mr. Schue's rapping skills, but the New Directions sure look like they're having fun with the new Spanish teacher. Now if he can also write on a whiteboard, Mr. Schue might be in some serious trouble.
123 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Mr. Schue dusts off his conquistador costume from last Halloween (kidding … kind of) for a performance, possibly in his quest to regain his calle (that's "street" in Spanish) cred when the new Spanish teacher comes to town?
124 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Mr. Schue, Emma and Coach Beiste chat in the teacher's lounge. Do we smell a Sue-like scheme to get rid of Martin's character brewing or did someone just burn the popcorn?
125 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


We might have figured Puckerman for a Jersey Shore fan, but this time he gets Kurt, Mike and Artie in on the fist-pumping action during a group performance. Are they performing Enrique, or Pitbull perhaps?
126 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Unlike Santana and the majority of New Directions, Rachel's two dads (guest stars Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) clearly find her constant need for attention completely endearing during a dinner party. Could it be a dinner party celebrating their daughter's engagement?
127 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Rachel and dad Hiram (both actors are Broadway vets in real life) give the term 'dinner theater' a whole new meaning.
128 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


It's raining men, er… tiny pieces of red and pink heart-shaped confetti for Sugar! Looks like Artie and Rory will compete for her affections on Valentine's Day.
129 of 129 Adam Rose/FOX


Mercedes sings a love song, but the real question isn't what song she is performing, but rather who she's singing to -- Sam or Shane? White chocolate or cocoa babies? The suspense is killing us!