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The sitcom has officially established itself as its own distinct show with off-kilter comedy, a great best-friend duo and thoroughly modern girl power. Plus, shout-outs to its totally awesome '90s forerunner!

lisa vecchione
Girl Meets World Best Moments
1 of 18 Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel

1. The return of the Matthews

The simple fact that Cory and Topanga are back on our screens, this time with kids of their own, makes us giddy with joy.

2 of 18 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

2. Cory and Shawn BFF reunion

Cory's untempered excitement for seeing his best friend Shawn for the holidays can only be matched by ours. Cory and Shawn 4-evah!

3 of 18 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

3. Everything in the holiday episode

Heck, the entire holiday episode is a best moment for the Disney series. Alan and Amy Matthews are back as doting grandparents. Shawn addresses his extended absence and seemingly tense relationship with Riley. Plus, Cory and Shawn officially pass the torch to the young best friends, Riley and Maya.

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4. Minkus returns and reveals he’s Farkle’s father

Not only does Farkle act as Girl Meets World's answer to oddball genius Stuart Minkus, the introduction of his father, the original Minkus, confirms he's the genuine article.

5 of 18 Ron Tom/Disney Channel

5. Lesson in bullying

Like its predecessor, Girl Meets World isn't afraid to tackle real issues teens experience. Cory's class stands up to bully Billy Ross for making fun of Farkle in a way that explores the motivations behind bullying--and without alienating anyone involved.

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6. Topanga’s talk with her “old self”

In a crisis of conscience, grown-up lawyer Topanga revisits her early Boy Meets World iteration, a strange, compassionate hippie child with the crimped hair to prove it. It's comforting to know that groovy girl still lies at the heart of an older, wiser Topanga.

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7. Mr. Feeny tells Mr. Matthews, “Well done.”

We're still not quite sure whether the Mr. Feeny Cory sees in the pilot really is his former teacher and mentor or just a figment of his imagination. Real or not, Mr. Feeny's sage advice will stay with us fans forever.

8 of 18 Lionsgate, Disney Channel

8. Griff Hawkins Totally Cool award

Cory presents the Griff Hawkins Totally Cool award to Riley's best friend Maya. Maya illustrates that you don't have to be a bully to be totally cool unlike Boy Meets World's high school big shot Griffin "Griff" Hawkins, played by Parks and Rec's Adam Scott.

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9. Riley and Auggie’s pirate night

Riley makes up with little brother Auggie, turning his bed into an epic pirate ship and giving him the brother-sister quality time he wanted. Best siblings ever.

10 of 18 Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

10. Café Hey

As part of Cory's assignment to learn from their history, Riley and her friends discover their great-grandparents crossed paths at the hip hangout Café Hey. This groovy '60s flashback episode is made all the better under the direction of Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong.

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11. Riley boops Lucas in, rather than on, the nose

We've been there: Teenage crushes are synonymous with awkward moments. Riley's attempt to "boop" Lucas on the nose just like Missy Bradford takes the "awkward turtle" cake as her finger ends up inside his nose, not on top of it. Oops.

12 of 18 Adam Taylor/Disney Channel

12. Auggie works through his woman troubles

Little Auggie may be pint-sized but you wouldn't know it given how seriously he takes his problems, especially when it comes to the ladies. Thanks to some sage advice from his big sis, he realizes his issues aren't so complicated after all. That makes sense since he's only five.

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13. Farkle’s acting

Acting may not have turned out to be Farkle's true calling, but his excitement over his potential in the craft sure made for some of his funniest moments. Move over, Romeo. The spear carrier is now the true hero of Romeo & Juliet.

14 of 18 Disney Channel

14. Riley and Lucas dance together

A big step for Riley's middle school love life, not to mention Cory slowly accepting his little girl growing up, Lucas and Riley dance to a slow song together. She even manages to share a father-daughter dance with Cory and Maya.

15 of 18 Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel

15. Farkle Time

We can't help but be taken with Farkle and his bizarre outbursts and impassioned speeches. Even Cory gives him his moment to shine in class with Farkle Time. Case in point: Mr. Matthews' name plate doubles as Farkle's.

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16. Cory gives Maya a phone and art supplies

Cory, now Mr. Matthews, shows he hasn't lost any of his good-hearted nature through the years, providing his daughter's bestie with a phone and art supplies she wouldn't have been able to afford on her own. What a dad!

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17. Lucas and Riley ride a horse in school

Totally channeling Prince Charming, Lucas swoops into the school gym on horseback and helps Riley on to join him. What middle school girl wouldn't swoon?

18 of 18 Disney Channel

18. Riley and Maya paint fight

Real friends talk through their frustrations with one another. Best friends take out their frustrations with a messy/fun paint fight. That must mean Riley and Maya really are the best of friends, given how much paint ended up all over their faces, hair and clothes.