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TVGuide.com readers give suggestions for the struggling show

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 courtesy NBC


With all the turmoil over at Heroes, we asked: How would you fix it? And boy, did you answer! From more than 100 very detailed comments, we selected these brilliant ideas. Thanks for playing along!
2 of 14 Adam Taylor/NBC

Stop keeping so many secrets.

"They need to let Claire know that Sylar is her uncle. There are a lot of family issues that could serve as the B story, but right now things are so disjointed and there are too many dangling threads." — Gentlebreeze
3 of 14 Trae Patton/NBC

Kill people. Fo' real.

"Make it possible for them to die — and really die. Whenever a character gets hurt nowadays (Peter falls from the building, Ando is stabbed, Matt is shot), I never think, 'OMG!' I always wait until the show comes back from commercial to see that the character is fine." — stefunny77
4 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC

How about a little romance?

"I actually liked the West storyline. It was interesting to see someone who embraced his powers, perhaps a bit too much. Now, they've kind of switched places. When last we saw West, he was hoping to stay hidden, and Claire's gone all Batgirl." — Informant
5 of 14 Justin Lubin/NBC

Bring Micah back.

"I forgot about Micah. He should be a part of the team too, in an 'Oracle' sort of way. Instead of having a base of operations (like the Hall of Justice), the characters could have a central form of communication, like a website. Micah can monitor the news and government agencies, and pass the information along to Peter or HRG, who can assemble the proper team of Heroes to go out and take on that particular threat." — Informant
6 of 14 Justin Lubin/NBC

Give Hiro and Ando decent storylines.

"Let Hiro occasionally say, 'Let me think a second before I do something that might have serious consequences,' or its equivalent in Japanese. Or at least let him actually listen to Ando." — charliy
7 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC

Give Peter his powers back.

"Peter losing his powers?! Are you kidding? Having him become like Sylar? Come on! Peter and Claire have been the two strongest Heroes so far on this show, emotionally, and to see one lose his powers and the other as a villian in an alternate future is ludicrous. — bacoby13
8 of 14 Trae Patton/NBC

Get rid of "the Speedster"… quickly.

"Get rid of Daphne. She is annoying, and there is no depth to her character. I felt the same way about Eden, and I was relieved when she finally died. Can't the writers do the same to Daphne? — Althea08
9 of 14 Dean Hendler/NBC

Bring back Claude.

If I had superpowers, I would have fun with them and not walk around moping about the responsibility of it all. In Season 1, Christopher Eccleston (the ninth Dr. Who) was great as Claude, the Invisible Man. He had such an interesting backstory and showed so many layers in his performance that it is a sin to have had him on so briefly. — stonyg
10 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC

Bring more diversity to the cast.

"What happened to the people of color on this show? Micah's cousin from New Orleans was an exciting hero with an awesome power and she started out small stopping the robbery of the fast food store she worked at, helping others out, realizing her power and how it worked and she was easily trainable by ipod, some of the very critiques that were lacking in Claire character. Bring her back and have Nichelle Nichols come and kick Angela Petrellis butt! What a match up!" — mysweets
11 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC

Either make Mohinder smarter… or deader.

"Give Mohinder a brain." — charliy "The first thing I would do would be to kill off Mohinder. He is super annoying. And then I would try to make it clear what the actual goal is for the storyline this season... there is so much going on that I really can't keep up. I would limit the main characters to about 5 so I can keep up with all their names, abilities, and goals." — pinkyestelle
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No need for fixing!

"It can't be fixed. Put it out of its misery and cancel it." — Charla1956 "The show was great the first season. Now it's crap. The solution, you ask? Cancel it! I can't believe it's still on the air." — Anduril
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Stop trying to make the bad guys so cool.

"Hmm, how about making Heroes about heroes again? — deeannek
14 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC

Focus on more interesting characters.

"Personally, I would love to shift toward more interesting characters like Elle, The Haitian, HRG, Micah, Monica, Angela and Sylar. They could have Elle, Claire, and Monica work together as a team. Have Monica teach Claire self-defense. Micah could work with Tracy to find the other sister. Use The Haitian with HRG and Sylar in the takedown of Arthur and his cronies. Along the way there would be casualties like Peter, Parkman, Nathan, Hiro, and Mohinder. Use their deaths to drive the show in a different direction and create character-driven storytelling. How will Claire and Angela react to the deaths of Peter and Nathan? Will Angela go super-bad? There are so many intriguing possibilities to follow." — nova