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Check out the small-screen spaces we wish we could live in

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Which TV homes do you wish you could live in? We asked and you answered. From the Ponderosa Ranch on Bonanza to Monica's apartment on Friends, click ahead to see some of TVGuide.com users' favorite TV homes.
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Monica's Apartment, Friends

Never had the color purple looked more appealing than it did on Friends. Sure, Monica's monstrous New York City apartment was unrealistic. But what's not to love? It has a balcony, an open kitchen, an extra closet to store all your junk, and is eclectically decorated. We still covet the gold frame over the peephole.
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Southfork Ranch, Dallas

Believe it or not, Dallas was filmed at a real Dallas area ranch called … Southfork Ranch. After the series’ run, the owners converted the sprawling, Colonial-style property into a tourist attraction. A subsequent owner still operates the facility as a conference center. The house plays a symbolic role in TNT’s planned remake of the series: Bobby is attempting to donate the place to charity; guess how J.R. feels about that?
4 of 17 CBS/Landov

Ray and Debra's House, Everybody Loves Raymond

From the cozy kitchen to the sometimes cluttered family room, this all-American home just looks and feels warm and welcoming, right? Maybe that's why Ray's parents are always popping over from across the street. Yeah, Frank is loud and cranky, but at least Marie sometimes brings lasagna. Free food always wins.
5 of 17 Warner Bros.

Lorelai's House, Gilmore Girls

Richard and Emily's ornate mansion is great, but we prefer Lorelai's cozy blue house with the wrap-around porch. It's quaint, cute and welcoming, though we never really understood why Rory's room was off the kitchen. And if we can't crash at La Casa Gilmore, we'd like to reserve a room at the equally darling Dragonfly Inn.
6 of 17 ABC Archive/Getty Images

Wayne Manor, Batman

Living in a stately manor filled with classic literature and sculptures is great. Having a personal butler is even better. But when you have all of that on top of a massive cave filled with the latest crime-fighting gadgetry and one of the coolest cars ever? Forget about it. If we lived there, we'd never stop sliding down the Batpole.
7 of 17 CBS/Landov

The Walton House, The Waltons

Home is where the heart is, indeed. Like the show's story about Depression Era struggles, there weren't many frills to these four walls. But the show aalways ended every episode focused on the exterior of the house as the family members told each other good night.
8 of 17 CBS/Landov

Carrington Mansion, Dynasty

The exterior of Blake and Krystle’s massive estate is actually a San Francisco area property called Filoli, which is now open to the public. (Fun fact: The interior of the same structure appeared in the Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait.) The TV interior, however, was all Hollywood magic, as evidenced by the house’s oversized staircase, perfect for the show’s signature grand entrance.
9 of 17 Mitchell Haddad/Viacom/Everett Collection

Halliwell Manor, Charmed

Moving back into your childhood home probably wouldn't be your first choice of residence — unless it's Halliwell Manor. Beyond its spacious rooms, gorgeous Victorian architecture and stellar location in San Francisco, it has the magical Book of Shadows in the attic. Plus, it was built on a spiritual nexus — you can't get much cooler than that.
10 of 17 Craig Blankenhorn/CBS

Frank’s House, Blue Bloods

Frank's modest Staten Island home may be a ferry ride away, but we'd make the trek to hang out in the spacious dining room just to witness the Reagans go at it over a nice meal. What could feel more like home than that?
11 of 17 ABC

The Swan Hatch, Lost

Talk about complete privacy. This underground abode, hidden away on a mysterious island in the Pacific, comes complete with a full kitchen, a great library of books and music, a workout area and a nifty computer lab. Of course, there is that annoying doomsday alarm clock that beeps every 108 minutes. But, hey, it adds character!
12 of 17 ABC Archive/Getty Images

Castle's Apartment, Castle

Judging by this ginormous loft, Richard Castle's bestselling novels have paid for the finer things in life. This swanky modern New York apartment, which features an open kitchen and a floating staircase, is funky enough to inspire Castle's mystery novels but homey enough for his teenage daughter and live-in mother.
13 of 17 CBS/Landov

The Clampetts' Mansion, The Beverly Hillbillies

What happens when a backwoods clan strikes oil? They move to a mansion in Beverly Hills, of course. This giant home, conveniently next door to greedy banker Milburn Drysdale, had all the amenities, including a cement pond (aka a swimming pool). But no matter how fancy their housing, the Clampetts never shed their mountain wear or their misunderstanding of "city folk."
14 of 17 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

The Jupiter 2, Lost in Space

How cool is it to call a spaceship your home? Your address is always different. Except, unfortunately, it was a fixer-upper. But that was because of the dastardly Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris), who damaged the ship, got them (yes!) lost and caused it to crash. Even once the ship was repaired, it got lost and crashed again. It flew yet again during the three seasons the show ran on CBS (1965-68). And the kids never asked, “Are we there yet?” After all, they were home.
15 of 17 Everett Collection

The Stephens House, Bewitched

The charming Cape Cod at 1164 Morning Glory Circle was the epitome of upper-middle-class living for the eight seasons (1964-72) the show ran on ABC. It was the setting for most scenes between Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) and Madison Avenue ad mad Darrin (Dick York, then Dick Sargent). Besides being a home for nose-wiggling witchcraft, it served as a classy venue for dinner/cocktail parties.
16 of 17 CBS

Gibbs' House,NCIS

A simple abode for a simple man. Yes, you can certainly tell that the rarely seen upstairs part of Casa Gibbs has become a bachelor pad since his wife and daughter were murdered. But this old house gets the job done every time it has to double as a safe house. And who wouldn't want a basement big enough to build a boat in?
17 of 17 Jack Rowand/The CW

The Impala, Supernatural

Sure, it's not really a home, but doesn't it feel that way given all the time Sam and Dean spend in the car?