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See the four-legged friends who make watching TV a little more cute

1 of 19 Chris Haston/NBC


As NBC looks to rebuild its comedy lineup, the network is putting its faith — and considerable marketing dollars — in ... a monkey!? Meet Animal Practice's Dr. Rizzo (played by Community's Crystal the Monkey), who steals the show from her less hairy co-stars. But this isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Take a look back at some of the most memorable furry friends to grace the small screen.
2 of 19 CBS/Landov

Lassie, Lassie

The standard by which all TV pets are measured, Lassie was always helping Jeff out of some sort of danger. Sure the formula became predictable, but there was always something appealing about seeing that beautiful collie save the day just in the nick of time.
3 of 19 Everett Collection

Flipper, Flipper

Thought of by many as Lassie in the water, Flipper proved an animal didn't have to walk on land to be a heroic companion. Supremely intelligent, this bottlenose dolphin saved the day repeatedly at Coral Key, helping Porter Ricks with at-sea rescues as well as looking after Porter's two sons. We'd say he really made a splash.
4 of 19 TriStar Television/Everett Collection

Murray, Mad About You

Poor Murray. For so long, the border collier mix was portrayed as a cute but dumb pup, chasing an invisible mouse and banging his head into things. But Murray got the last laugh: Jamie, whom Paul met while walking Murray, later finds out that the mouse Murray had been chasing was real all along. Vindication!
5 of 19 Paramount Television/Everett Collection

Eddie, Frasier

Whether he was antagonizing Frasier with a blank look or bringing out the softer side of grumpy ex-cop Martin Crane, the four-legged furball often stole the show on this NBC comedy. Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce may have been the real stars of the show, but how many Jack Russell Terriers can say they've had their own Entertainment Weekly cover?
6 of 19 Everett Collection

Marcel, Friends

Before Crystal the Monkey, there was Marcel. The feisty Capuchin was Ross' temporary roommate (because having human roommates is "pathic") and turned into quite the handful, pooing in Monica's shoe and accidentally causing Phoebe to get tranquilized in the butt. Unfortunately, Marcel's fervid libido forced him to be sent to the San Diego Zoo, where he was "discovered" and launched an acting career. (How many times have we heard that one before, huh?)
7 of 19 ABC

Vincent, Lost

Man's best friend, indeed. Vincent wasn't always integral to every story Lost told, but he was always there for the significant moments in the island lives of the Oceanic 815 crash survivors, including the series' last scene. We dare you not to tear up when Vincent, loyal and true, makes sure that Jack (SPOILER ALERT!) doesn't "die alone."
8 of 19 NBC

Li'l Sebastian, Parks and Recreation

Who could not love a miniature horse? Especially one with an honorary degree from Notre Dame. Li'l Sebastian was pretty much the town mascot of Pawnee after first appearing at their Harvest Festival in 1987, which made it all the more special that he came back for the Harvest Fest in Season 3. We could feel the town's devastation when he died, but at least the funeral was beautiful. RIP, Li'l Sebastian.
9 of 19 Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Purrfect, The Voice

Although initially introduced as a gimmicky sidekick for Cee Lo, this furry feline clawed her way into viewers' good graces with her hilarious Twitter feed. Naturally, fans hissed when Cee Lo announced Purrfect would replaced by a cockatoo for Season 3. Was it the shedding?
10 of 19 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC/Getty Images

Stella, Modern Family

Stella came onto the scene in the second season, but it feels like she's been part of the family all along. Unfortunately, she's quite fond of destroying things, including Gloria's shoes and Jay's birthday cake. But when she went missing, the French bulldog allowed Cam a chance to perform the role he "was born to play" when walked around the neighborhood yelling "Stella!" in A Streetcar Named Desire fashion.
11 of 19 Everett Collection

Mister Ed, Mister Ed

Sometimes owners just like having an animal friend they can talk to. But this palomino horse talked back! Or at least Mister Ed's klutzy owner Wilbur thought he did. Ed seemed to enjoy confounding his owner by only talking to him, putting him in one uncomfortably situation after the next. A talking horse that also has a sense of humor? Sold!
12 of 19 CBS/Landov

Arnold the Pig, Green Acres

The charming porker is no mere pet; he's the adopted "son" of childless elderly couple Fred and Doris Ziffel. Like many of Hooterville's boys, he goes to school, watches TV (Westerns are his favorite), has a paper route and falls in love (with Cynthia the basset hound). But he's also had unusual adventures, such as having his painting "Nude at a Filling Station" banned, landing a starring role playing a horse in a Hollywood movie, witnessing a bank robbery and even becoming the town's first millionaire pig. Move over, Wilbur!
13 of 19 George Lange/ABC/Getty Images


Salem, Sabrina, the Teenage WitchA megalomaniac, Salem Saberhagen liked to think the world revolved around him — and it kind of did! Salem's schemes and deadpan one-liners provided some of the sitcom's best comic relief. Plus: This warlock-turned-shorthair wasn't all barbed wit and greedy ambition. He had a true soft spot for Sabrina, even starting a civil war on Pluto to get her to move back home.
14 of 19 Justin Stephens/ABC

Digby, Pushing Daisies

If not for his dearly departed Golden Retriever, Ned may never have discovered his ability to bring people back from the dead. Ned's canine companion was the first living thing he resurrected, touching the dog after he was hit and killed by a truck when Ned was 9.That's a lot of dog years' worth of loyalty.
15 of 19 Paul McCallum/Spelling Productions/Everett Collection

Happy, 7th Heaven

This sweet pup made his debut in the pilot of the WB series and although his role diminished throughout the years, he always brought a smile to Simon's face. Guess he certainly lived up to his name!
16 of 19 The CW

Paul Anka, Gilmore Girls

This Polish Lowland Sheepdog became a surrogate child for Lorelai in Season 6 when she was estranged from her daughter Rory. Named after the famous singer, the dog had a number of idiosyncrasies, including his distaste for popcorn and walking down steps. Yeah, he was kind of nuts, but who wouldn't be after hanging around that family?
17 of 19 Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Comet, Full House

Is this the cutest dog-little girl pairing ever? You got it, dude! The relationship between this adorable Golden Retriever and Michelle Tanner could melt the coldest of hearts. Must we remind you of when Comet went missing? Michelle's despair was palpable!
18 of 19 ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

Fred, Baretta

Proving dogs and cats shouldn't get all the spotlight, Baretta gave its titular cop a cockatoo for a roommate. Fun fact: The bird that played Fred had to learn English, as it originally spoke Chinese. They could have had fun with those subtitles!
19 of 19 Ray Fairall/Everett Collection

Elvis, Miami Vice

Who says a pet has to be furry? Elvis the alligator makes our list not only for being a cool pet, but also for exhibiting more charisma than the show's leads.