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Look back at the most memorable celebrity visits

1 of 22 Nicole Rivelli/NBC/Getty Images

Edie Falco as Celeste "C.C." Cunningham

Jack's liberal congresswoman girlfriend missed a crucial vote on whale torture to frolic in a central Pennsylvania mining town.
2 of 22 Dave Williams/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Jim Carrey as Leap Day Williams

Did you know that Leap Day is named after a person? Yup, Leap Day Williams, a mustachioed man who resurfaces every four years to trade tears for candy. Carrey brought Leap to life in a hilarious parody of redemption family comedies. Now that 30 Rock is over, can we green-light a real Leap Day Williams film?
3 of 22 Jessica Miglio/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Salma Hayek as Elisa Pedrera

Even though she's a black widow, part of us still hopes Jack ends up with Elisa. Their fiery back-and-forths and cultural misunderstandings were pure comedy gold! Plus, how could we not root for the woman who made wearing Battlestar Galactica shirts cool?
4 of 22 NBC

James Carville as himself

After his guest appearance, it was hard not to want Carville as your personal life coach. Whether he was giving relationship advice, diffusing a feud or stealing candy from a vending machine, Carville seemed to have all the answers on how to live the best life — Cajun-style.
5 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-Il

In taking on Kim Jong-Il, Cho had some very big, little shoes to fill — and boy, did she! Whether holding Avery hostage or impersonating "the greatest waiter of all time," Cho's impression of the "Dear Leader" had everyone in stitches. Heck, even Tina Fey called it one of her favorite 30 Rock moments.
6 of 22 NBC

Will Ferrell as Shane Hunter aka the Bitch Hunter

Few brief-second cameos have been more hilarious than Shane Hunter, the gun-toting misogynist of NBC's failed action-drama Bitch Hunter who kicks down women's bathroom doors and bellows, "Happy birthday, bitches!" The best part though? The Bitch Hunter pilot was "co-written" by Matthew Weiner.
7 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Chloe Grace Moretz as Kaylie Hooper

While Devon Banks will always be Jack's one true nemesis, we love the way Kaylie constantly takes the NBC exec down a few pegs. (Though we do disagree over her stance on the ocean. It's so not just for tools!)
8 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

James Franco as himself

It's no secret that James Franco is a little... different, but his 30 Rock appearance took it to a whole other level. In a rare moment of sexuality, Liz not only has sex with the actor, but actually has a threesome! The catch? The third party was Franco's common-law wife, Kimiko, a body pillow.
9 of 22 Anne Joyce/NBC/Getty Images

Carrie Fisher as Rosemary

Liz's comic idol — and metaphor for Future Liz — turned out to be a little nuts. As the erstwhile Princess Leia put it: "Help me, Liz Lemon. You're my only hope!" If that's not enough, Fisher's episode also produced one the show's greatest lines: "Never go with a hippie to a second location."
10 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Will Arnett as Devon Banks

The father of three "gaybies" and Jack's sexually confused adversary for the top job at NBC/Kabletown — and in "talking-like-this" contests — once wore a short-short robe when he seduced Kenneth. That's all you need to know.
11 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Elizabeth Banks as Avery Jessup

Jack Donaghy finally met his match in the conservative talk show host who wins Jack's Republican heart — and has his baby. But even though her character's arc included marrying and later divorcing Jack, Avery's best story line was getting kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il in North Korea and being forced to marry his son, Kim Jong-Un. At least it led to one of the greatest TV movie titles ever: Kidnapped By Danger: The Avery Jessup Story, Brought To You With Limited Commercial Interruptions by Pride Bladder Control Pants. Pride: Make Every Room a Bathroom.
12 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Will Forte as Paul L'astnamé

Have you ever laid eyes on a hotter "shman"? Jenna sure hasn't. The cross-dresser and former Jenna impersonator is the perfect match for her. Why? Because by being with Paul, Jenna could date herself. Plus, they gave us two black swans.
13 of 22 Jessica Miglio/NBC/Getty Images

Jon Hamm as Dr. Drew Baird and "Abner"

Hamm's numerous appearances on 30 Rock were not only hilarious, but also earned him an Emmy nomination. In addition to a recurring role as Liz's gorgeous yet dimwitted, bubble-living and eventually hand-less love interest, the Mad Men star also memorably donned blackface to appear as "Abner" in the show's Season 6 live episode.
14 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC/Getty Images

Kelsey Grammer as himself

Proving that no story line was ever too bizarre, Grammer dropped by to help Jenna and Tracy pull off a scam that involved ordering and returning more than 20 Carvel ice cream cakes and collecting hundreds of dollars' worth of refund money.
15 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC/Getty Images

Matt Damon as Carol Burnett

Could there be a better partner for Liz Lemon than a guy named Carol Burnett? Apparently... yes. Still, Damon was hilarious as the pilot who wooed Liz in Season 4. Sadly, it is possible for two people to have too many things in common, as Carol and Liz quickly learned before their Season 5 breakup (in front of a plane full of witnesses). He did not, however, "waste" her.
16 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

John McEnroe as himself

Game, set, match? More like "game show match." The tennis star made a handful of appearances, always to lampoon his famous combustible personality, and usually as part of an NBC competition show: as host of Gold Case, a judge on America's Kidz Got Singing and a contestant on Celebrity Homonym, which he unfortunately lost on "racket/racquet." You cannot be serious!
17 of 22 Nicole Rivelli/NBC

Oprah Winfrey as Herself/Pam

After self-medicating with Comanaprosil, Liz hallucinated that the "spunky tween" sitting next to her was actually the talk-show queen.
18 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Chris Parnell as Dr. Leo Spaceman

The SNL vet recurred as a quack who recommends that Jenna try crystal meth to lose weight and that Tracy try to enjoy the various drug interactions of his prescriptions. In his final appearance, he becomes Surgeon General and breaks the fourth wall by proclaiming, "That's a series wrap on Leo Spaceman, suckers!"
19 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Sherri Shepherd as Angie Jordan

As Tracy Jordan's long-suffering wife, Shepherd was responsible for some of 30 Rock's funniest moments, including her own Real Housewives-esque reality show Queen of Jordan. Despite all of the Jordans' ups and downs (not to mention weird sexual relationship), Angie managed to do the impossible: bring out the softer side of Tracy. Ham!
20 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Dean Winters as Dennis Duffy

Everyone's favorite beeper salesman reunites briefly with Liz — that is, until he appears on To Catch a Predator ("She said she was 16, but I knew she was 22."). Shockingly, he settles down before Liz does, marrying Megan and adopting an African-American baby, Black Dennis. For all his moronic exploits, though, Dennis came through in the end to help put on Liz's wedding. Nice one, dummy!
21 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Elaine Stritch as Colleen Donaghy

Jack's Mommie Dearest made emotional terrorism an art form. She died of a heart attack in the final season, refusing to give her son her approval up to her final breath.
22 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Brian Williams as himself

The NBC newsman was basically an honorary member of the cast. Visiting more often than Jenna hooked up with Mickey Rourke, Williams has done everything from mocking Liz's love life to taunting CNBC and auditioning for TGS — with an Italian accent to boot. This just in: BriWi remains awesome.