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Imagine all of your favorite Disney characters living in this day and age, fighting magic with magic while reminiscing about (or journeying to) the past.

Shaun Harrison
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So many beloved Disney characters have appeared on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

We're introduced to The Princess and the Frog's Tiana in the first episode of the seventh season, when she recruits Cinderella to fight against Lady Tremaine. We can't wait to meet her frog prince!

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Captain Hook

Captain Hook, aka Killian Jones, is a suave buccaneer despite the dangerous appendage. Hook's sidekick, Smee, is also a character living in Storybrooke.

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We first see Alice on Once Upon a Time in Season 7. We can't wait to see what sort of mischievous magic she gets into.

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The Mad Hatter

Unlike the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, this guy has a pretty awesome portal-jumping hat.

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Snow White

Mary Margaret Blanchard is the good-natured teacher in Storybrooke. In the Enchanted Forest she was known as Snow White.

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Prince Charming

Charming, Snow White's true love, is called David Nolan in Storybrooke. He has/had a twin brother, but that's irrelevant because he wasn't quite as charming (despite being very easy on the eyes).

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The Seven Dwarves

All are in attendance, yet one stands out: Grumpy. In Storybrooke he's Leroy and he plays a significant part in the show.

8 of 27 Jack Rowand/Getty Images

The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen - known in Storybrooke as (former) Mayor Regina Mills - is the embodiment of a number of Disney villain characters, including Cinderella's stepmother and the wicked witch from Snow White.

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The Mirror

How could the Evil Queen make sure she was the "fairest of them all" without her magic mirror? In Season 1 Storybrooke, Sydney Glass walks in human form as the town journalist.

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Princess Jasmine, otherwise known by her alias Shirin, works hard to save both Aladdin and Agrabah.

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The Arendelle crew recently showed up on Once Upon A Time. This time, Elsa was the one searching for her sister.

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Speaking of Elsa's sister, Anna is also part of the Once Upon A Time storyline now, running into her share of suspect characters, including the Snow Queen and Rumpelstiltskin.

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Anna's betrothed is in the mix and so is his trusty steed, Sven.

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We loved this spunky princess in Brave, and on Once Upon a Time, she becomes queen and embarks on a mission to avenge her father's death by killing Arthur, the man who slayed him.

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Somewhere between the original spell and the additional spell that brought the gang to Storybrooke lives Mulan, and she's just as badass as you'd hope.

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Princess Aurora

Trapped in the same space and time as Mulan is Princess Aurora. In Disney terms, she's better known as Sleeping Beauty.

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Another classic Disney princess with a key role on Once Upon A Time is Belle. She's in love with Mr. Gold, or Rumpelstiltskin, who takes on the persona of The Beast as well as the crocodile that took Hook's hand.

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Princess Ariel is able to switch between feet and fin on the show, which comes in handy.

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Peter Pan

Who is Captain Hook without Peter Pan? But beware: Pan is not to be trusted and is tied to Rumpelstiltskin in a very interesting way.

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Tinker Bell

When the gang gets shipwrecked in Neverland, Tinker Bell is there to guide them to Pan and his Lost Boys.

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Pinocchio hasn't been seen since the end of Season 6, and we hope he's not off frozen somewhere.

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We couldn't have Pinocchio without Geppetto! The sweet old man also lives in Storybrooke.

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Jiminy Cricket

Mr. Hopper isn't a cricket in Storybrooke, but he's still full of wise words as the town therapist.

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This classic Disney character makes her second appearance in the seventh season when she teams up with Princess Tiana to take down Lady Tremaine.

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Robin Hood

Disney reimagined Robin Hood as a fox. Fitting, but on Once Upon A Time he's a man, and a conflicted one at that. He's married to Maid Marian but in love with Regina, aka the Evil Queen.

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Maid Marian

Rescued accidentally from certain death in the Enchanted Forest, Maid Marian can't grasp why everyone now gets along with The Evil Queen.

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Maleficent hasn't graced our screens since Season 4, and we miss her evil ways.