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See the winners and losers and tell us if the show got it right

1 of 19 Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo


Each week designers on Bravo's Fashion Show (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET) compete to have their winning designs manufactured and sold to consumers online. But now's your chance to be the judge. Click ahead to see each week's winner (and even the losers). Then, vote as to whether or not you'd buy their designs.
2 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


Week 9 WinnerThe judges loved Anna's used her Tarot card as inspiration behind her stylish and trendy pleated skirt with a floral pattern.
3 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


Week 9 LoserMerlin tried to create an outfit that was cute but still comfortable enough for travel. Unfortunately, the bright yellow jacket and sweatshirt pants were a no-go for the judges.
4 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


Week 8 WinnerBoth the audience and the judges felt Johnny's black, leather and hardware-adorned dress really captured Versace.
5 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Week 8 Loser

Haven was going for an '80s-inspired look, but instead ended up with a brown jumper-like outfit that an audience member said "fit weird by the butt."
6 of 19 Bravo

Week 7 Winner

Haven and Anna impressed the judges with their vibrant-colored top and shorts (or "culottes" as Haven clarified). An audience member found it to be a "sophisticated outfit."
7 of 19 Bravo

Week 7 Loser

An audience member best summed up James-Paul and Lidia's outfit by referring to it as a "cheap mermaid costume." While James-Paul's jacket looked like knock-off, it was Lidia's fish-scale dress that got her cut from the competition.
8 of 19 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Week 6 Winner

Creating an adult look inspired by teen archetypes is not an easy feat, but Merlin managed to tap into his inner "mean girl" with this multihued pink outfit that wowed the judges.
9 of 19 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Week 6 Loser

Angel's vision of a grown-up "B-girl" actually insulted judge Kelly Rowland — yikes! Suffice it to say that she knew nada about hip-hop style.
10 of 19 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Week 5 Winner

Daniella took home her second win for creating a navy and black dress that flattered the "average" woman's figure.
11 of 19 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Week 5 Loser

Keith thought he had it in the bag when he first laid eyes on his tall, thin "average" woman, but the judges thought it was his cocktail dress that was average.
12 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Week 4 Winner

Reco's modern design, inspired by leather-mesh YSL boots, was not only "sleek and sexy," but 90 percent of the audience said it was fashion-forward.
13 of 19 Barbara Nitke

Week 4 Loser

The judges really wished that Andrew would have thought outside the box with his Manolo Blahnik-inspired dress. But instead, he just bored them to tears.
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Week 3 Winner

In a challenge to make a coat with a hidden function, Andrew's beautifully executed lengthening raincoat with add-on hood won the judges over (even though Daniella was convinced he took credit for her idea).
15 of 19 Bravo

Week 3 Loser

Even though the idea of a jewelry-roll scarf is clever, Markus' lopsided coat had shabby short sleeves, making it wholly impractical.
16 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Week 2 Winner

Daniella's hot pants impressed socialite Tinsley Mortimer so much she wanted to change into them on the spot.
17 of 19 Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Week 2 Loser

An audience member said Laura's model looked like a homeless person. Yes, a homeless person who wears edgy cocktail dresses made of red and black tulle.
18 of 19 Bravo

Week 1 Winner

Merlin's team may have created the best "must-have" design, but it was James-Paul's modern take on the bolero jacket that won.
19 of 19 Bravo

Week 1 Loser

Remember Jonny-with-no-H? He was the first contestant to get the boot for this "slutty" ensemble that left his model unable to walk.