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What will happen next on your favorite shows?

Shaun Harrison
1 of 23 CBS

The Big Bang Theory: How long will Howard be in space?

Killing two birds with one stone, Howard and Bernadette tied the knot — in a rooftop ceremony that was seen from space via a Google satellite, natch — before he blasted off into space on his NASA mission. Executive producer Bill Prady has already said that the writers have considered leaving Howard in space when Season 6 premieres — and we're all aboard for that. There is major comedy to be mined from Howard being where Big Bang has never gone before — not to mention Bernadette having to deal with Mrs. Wolowitz by herself. He can shuttle back during, say, November sweeps?
2 of 23 Patrick McElhenney/Fox

Bones: Can Brennan clear her name?

After "hacktivist" Christopher Pelant framed Brennan for a murder he committed, she decided to disappear, taking Baby Christine and leaving Booth behind. Although executive producer Stephen Nathan tells us Booth understands why Brennan needed to go off the grid, he's still furious about being abandoned. In any case, Brennan will work with her team from afar to clear her name, and should get back to the Jeffersonian before the season premiere is over. Unfortunately, we bet Brennan's problems with Pelant have just begun.
3 of 23 ABC

Castle: Are Castle and Beckett going to be a couple?

It was a moment four seasons in the making: After a blowout fight and a near-death experience for Beckett, a rain-soaked Kate showed up at Castle's door. "What do you want, Kate?" Castle asks. "You," she replies, pushing her way into Castle's door for a steamy makeout session. We've been told the couple definitely sealed the deal after the episode faded to black, and the producers seem intent on exploring Castle and Beckett as a couple this season. But can they be both partners and lovers?
4 of 23 Randy Tepper/SHOWTIME

Dexter: How will Deb react?

Dexter has always been very careful not to let anyone learn his true identity — save for Lumen — so it came as a huge shock when Debra caught him murdering Travis in the church in the season finale. (And she was going there to confess her love for him!) Will Deb turn him over to the police? Considering there are two more seasons of Dexter left, it seems like our favorite serial-killing blood spatter analyst will survive to kill another day, but the question remains: How will this change their relationship? We hope Deb becomes the new Harry for Dex.
5 of 23 Carnival Film & Television Limited 2011 for Masterpiece

Downton Abbey: Will Bates get his life sentence overturned?

The day after consummating the marriage with his beloved, Downton Abbey head housemaid Anna, crippled valet Bates is arrested on suspicion of his first wife's murder and is eventually found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. We're praying to the Downton gods that our favorite downstairs couple won't be apart for long in Season 3. How do you counter one scandal? With an even bigger scandal! We would love to discover Bates' first wife was killed by one of those Americans... one who is perhaps even a war deserter at that. Ooh, how terribly common!
6 of 23 Adam Rose/Fox

Glee: Will Finn really join the Army?

Following the graduation of eight of New Directions' most popular members, there are about, oh, a million questions surrounding the new season of Glee. But after Finn dropped not one, but two major bombshells in the finale — that he and Rachel weren't getting married and that he was joining the Army — we're most concerned about our favorite dumb-but-lovable jock. While a tiny part of us wouldn't mind seeing Finn lead a group rendition of "I'm Proud to Be an American" at boot camp, it's hard to imagine Finn's time in fatigues lasting very long.
7 of 23 CBS

The Good Wife: Will Alicia return to Peter?

Could Alicia actually consider getting back together with Peter after she realized she couldn't be with Will? Like everything on this twisty legal drama, we're sure the answer won't be nearly as simple as yes or no. But having to pretend their marriage is back on track for Peter's campaign will offer plenty of moments of opportunity for the good wife and the bad husband.
8 of 23 Craig Sjodin/ABC


Grey's Anatomy: Will the remaining plane crash victims survive? Six doctors got on that fateful plane that ended up crashing in the mountains, but only five — RIP Lexie — were seen clinging to life as the season finale faded to black. Creator Shonda Rhimes certainly made a statement by not having them rescued in the closing moments, so it seems possible that someone else may not make it out alive. The obvious answer would be Mark, who was on the brink of death anyways. Plus: He could join Lexie in the afterlife and live (die?) happily ever after.
9 of 23 Norman Shapiro/CBS

Hawaii Five-0: Will Kono survive drowning?

When Chin Ho learned that both Malia and Kono were separately kidnapped, he made the tough decision to save his wife. Sorry, cousin! That left poor Kono trussed up and dumped into the ocean. That's just wrong on so many levels, but primarily because that is this surfer's element. You can't kill her that way! In fact, that's how we think she'll make it out alive. She'll save herself. The sexy crimefighter has already proved to be more than self-sufficient this season when she went undercover, so we imagine that she will free herself using her island know-how, such as cutting her bonds on some coral.
10 of 23 Showtime

Homeland: Will Carrie remember Brody's secret?

After being fired from the CIA and being rejected by terrorist/Marine Sgt. Brody, bi-polar Carrie decides to undergo electroshock therapy in order to combat her violent mental swings and also possibly erase her feelings for Brody. But just before they turn on the juice, Carrie makes the connection between Brody and Al Qaeda member Abu Nazir, who went silent after his son Issa was killed. (The incident turned Brody against the U.S.) But Carrie probably won't remember any of that, at least not until the middle of the season, when she can once again go full-tilt in her quest to stop Brody.
11 of 23 Eric McCandless/Fox, Ron P. Jaffe/CBS, Ron P. Jaffe/FOX


How I Met Your Mother: How does Barney go from being engaged to Quinn to marrying Robin? After years of legendary bachelorhood, Barney decided it was time to settle down and proposed to Quinn with an elaborate magic trick while being detained by airport security. But flash-forward to his future wedding where Ted meets his missus and it turns out that Barney marries Robin! So what happens to Quinn? Unfortunately, we think she may just be a (very serious) rebound. Lest we forget, Barney jumped into this relationship right after Robin broke his heart. And Robin? Given her and Barney's history of bad timing, we're putting our money on them finally getting on the same page after Robin gets serious with her new love interest and realizes that it's The Barnacle who is The One.
12 of 23 NBC


Law & Order: SVU: How did that dead prostitute end up in Capt. Cragen's bed? Our favorite captain got a very rude awakening when he found a witness — yes, a prostitute — in an SVU case murdered in his bed. How did she get there? Who killed her? And how did Captain Cragen get involved? We don't think the show will turn Cragen into a bad guy overnight, but we're sure producers have cooked up a much more complicated explanation than meets the eye.
13 of 23 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC


Modern Family: How will the family react to Gloria's pregnancy? The ABC comedy threw audiences for a loop in the season finale, teasing that Cam and Mitchell would finally get their new baby when it turned out to be Gloria who discovered she was with child. Gloria is a pretty demanding and high-maintenance woman in the first place, so pregnancy probably won't be an easy time for Jay. Plus: We can't wait to see Claire's and Mitchell's faces when they realize they're going to have a new baby brother or sister who's at least 30 years their junior.
14 of 23 CBS

NCIS: Who will survive?

Harper Dearing sent a message loud and clear when he set off a bomb at NCIS headquarters, leaving every member of the team in possible peril. (That even includes Ducky, who, although he was miles away in Florida, suffered a heart attack after learning of the explosion.) So, will anybody not make it? Doubtful, considering all of the cast members have renewed their contracts for next season. Two things we know for sure: Gibbs is going to come after Dearing with everything he's got. And we can't wait to see what happens to Tony and Ziva while trapped in that elevator.
15 of 23 Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles: How will Callen get away with murder?

After engaging in a deadly mental chess game with the Chameleon, Callen and his team were forced to hand over the mastermind in exchange for a missing NSA agent. But Callen couldn't just let the Chamelon walk away. Despite the civilians and news cameras nearby, Callen puts several rounds into The Chameleon's chest. We're not sure how he'll talk his way out of this one, especially now that Hetty has resigned (again). But something tells us that resignation letter may actually hold some sort of answer to how Callen will be able to rejoin the team.
16 of 23 ABC


Once Upon a Time: How will Storybrooke change now that there's magic in the real world? The curse may have been broken, but that didn't mean our favorite characters were transported back to fairy-tale land. Instead, Mr. Gold unleashed a new curse of sorts, setting magic free into the real world. The smile on Regina's face said it all: Magic in the real world is not a good thing. But how will magic change Storybrooke? Will Red transform into the Big Bad Wolf once a month? Will Pinocchio change back from wood? Will Regina enslave the whole town again? Will the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin fight for the most magic? And, most importantly, will Emma finally get to have her family?
17 of 23 NBC

Parenthood: Will Sarah accept Mark's proposal?

Just when it looked like Sarah and her notably younger Prince Charming were broken up for good over the baby issue, Mr. Cyr made every girl swoon when he proposed to Sarah at her brother’s wedding. But will she accept? All signs point to yes since Ritter’s pilot, the medical drama County was not picked up by NBC, but their long-term happy ending is still very much in the air, especially now that Ray Ramano has signed on for a multi-episode arc to play a possible love interest for Sarah.
18 of 23 Tyler Golden/NBC


Parks and Recreation: Can Ben and Leslie Survive a long-distance relationship? Thankfully fans weren't left to wonder all summer whether Leslie Knope had won a seat on the Pawnee City Council (spoiler alert! — she won). However, viewers were left with a much harder question to answer: Would Ben and Leslie's relationship survive after Ben accepted a job in Washington D.C.? Executive producer Mike Schur has said he has no intentions of breaking these two love birds up, but we're excited to see how this truly odd couple handles being apart.
19 of 23 Karen Neal/ABC

Private Practice: Who will Addison choose?

Addison Montgomery might actually have it all — the baby she's always dreamed of, the job she loves, the perfect house on the beach — but she has to make one last big choice: Should she choose Sam, the loving former boyfriend who once refused to have more children, but asked Addison to marry him in the closing moments of the finale? Or Jake, the fun fling who's been making her happy, as well as challenging her, since his arrival last season? Considering there's a strong possibility the upcoming 13-episode season will be the show's last, we vote for Sam, whom fans have been rooting for since the beginning.
20 of 23 USA Network

Psych: Will Henry Survive?

Things seemed to be looking for up Shawn's dad in the Season 6 finale. He helped solve one of his old cases, and he had decided to retire from the force. But even on the happy go-lucky USA series, such bliss was not meant to last long. Henry was shot in the chest after his friend revealed he was involved in some less-than-honorable dealings. But we don't think he's a goner. In fact, Shawn's relationship with his dad is an important one. Here's hoping the high jinks ensue once Shawn is forced to act responsible and help take care of his injured father.
21 of 23 Eric McCandless/ABC

Revenge: Is Victoria Grayson alive?

Last season's most suspenseful new drama ended with a bang — and the possible death of its most beloved character — when the plane Victoria Grayson was taking to Washington to testify against her now-ex-husband blew up. Considering that there is 0.0 percent chance that she was actually killed off, our only real burning question is how the writers will explain how Southampton's Queen Bee escaped being blown to smithereens.
22 of 23 The CW


Supernatural: How will Dean and Castiel survive Purgatory and escape? In the Season 7 finale, Castiel reluctantly helped monster hunter Dean Winchester take down the Leviathan who had taken over Dick Roman's body. Their reward? Being whisked away to Purgatory, where the souls of monsters prey upon each other for eternity. And although it'd be nice to see the twice-departed Bobby swoop in and save their bacon, our money is on Sam, the Winchester brother left behind in the mortal realm, to somehow save Meg, who will in turn help him retrieve their respective loved ones.
23 of 23 The CW


The Vampire Diaries: Will turning into a vampire change Elena's choice to be with Stefan? We knew that love triangle couldn't be over yet! In the Season 3 finale, Elena, under the impression that the Salvatores could be dying, had to choose which brother to say goodbye to. While she chose Stefan, her life was forever changed shortly after when she was turned into a vampire. And there's a very important reason why viewers then saw a flashback to Elena and Damon's first meeting, which he later compelled her to forget. (She always thought she met Stefan first.) When vampires transition, they gain back memories, so we're guessing that will be one of many that might cause Elena to waver in her decision.