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1 of 40 Jack Rowand /The CW

Arrow (The CW)

Premieres: Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Oliver was unable to stop the Dark Archer from destroying The Glades, for which Moira publicly took responsibility. As a result of the Undertaking, Tommy died while trying to save Laurel. What's Next: Season 2 picks up five months after the events of the finale, as Oliver struggles with the aftermath of the Queen family name being synonymous with mass murder. Season 2 will see Oliver go from vigilante to hero with a little help from some new faces, including the Black Canary and Flash. We'll also see two major new villains in addition to the Suicide Squad, which will include Deadshot and Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White). Summer Glau and Kevin Alejandro also join the series as Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood, respectively.
2 of 40 Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Beauty and the Beast (The CW)

Premieres: Monday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Just as Cat and Vincent decided to be together and make their odd romance work, Vincent was captured in the final moments by a man who revealed himself to be Cat's biological father. What's Next: Cat will eventually learn the secret about her father's identity and will set out to find him. Meanwhile, Vincent — whose skills have been supercharged and whose beast-mode looks have been re-crafted, according to producers — will also delve into his past, giving viewers an insight into where he comes from.
3 of 40 Robert Voets/Warner Bros./CBS

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26, 8/7c Where We Left Off: With Penny's and Sheldon's blessing, Leonard left on a four-month research trip. After Lucy dumped Raj via text, Penny consoled, which led him to speak to her for the first time — without the aid of alcohol! What's Next: Leonard won't be back from the research trip when Season 7 premieres — we'll see him work on the expedition — which gives Penny and Sheldon ample time to bond, so much so that Penny doesn't go on Bernadette and Amy's girls' trip. Having overcome his selective mutism, Raj won't be able to shut up around the ladies, and we might finally meet his parents in the flesh. Though Amy and Sheldon made progress intimately via their Dungeon & Dragons avatars, their relationship will continue to move at a glacial pace. Regina King will return as the university's director of human resources.
4 of 40 Jojo Whilden/CBS

Blue Bloods (CBS)

Premieres: Friday, Sept. 27, 10/9c Where We Left Off: Jamie's partner Vinny was gunned down by a gang leader in a housing project, and the violence escalated at the subsequent town hall meeting, where Mayor Poole was shot by another gang member. After the Reagans raided the projects and arrested the gang members, they took a vacation on Long Island. What's Next: Jamie gets yet another new partner — Pretty Little Liars' Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko, who has just graduated from the academy — while Baez (new series regular Marisa Ramirez) will officially be Danny's full-time partner. Erin finds herself on the outs with the family when she has to release an accused cop killer because of Danny's lack of evidence. (That dinner conversation is going to be awkward.) Donnie Wahlberg is also slated to direct his first episode this season. Other guest stars include Marc Blucas and Ali Wentworth.
5 of 40 Macall B. Polay/HBO

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 8 at 9/c Where We Left Off: Nucky narrowly won his war with hothead Gyp Rosetti, but he lost Margaret, who moved back to Brooklyn and vowed to never take another dime from Nucky. Van Alden was caught in middle of a war between Dean O'Banion and Al Capone. Nucky gave Rothstein control of a distillery, but then alerted the authorities to Rothstein's bootlegging operation. What's Next: Nucky tries to make peace after his tumultuous war with Gyp, but soon finds himself at odds with Valentin Narciss (Jeffrey Wright), a violent force from Harlem who tries to muscle in on Chalky’s action. Nucky is also tempted by a business venture in Florida with speakeasy owner Sally Wheet (Patricia Arquette). Gillian seeks custody of her grandson while finding a new romantic entanglement (Ron Livingston), and Capone steps up his operation in Cicero with the help of his two brothers (Domenick Lombardozzi and Morgan Spector).
6 of 40 Beth Dubber/Fox

Bones (Fox)

Premieres: Monday, Sept. 16 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Booth and Brennan got engaged! But after fending off cyber serial killer Pelant's latest attack against Sweets, Pelant warned Booth to break off the engagement lest Pelant kill five innocent people. Booth agreed, breaking Brennan's heart. What's Next: Fret not, 'shippers — there will be a Booth-Brennan wedding this season! But before the couple makes it down the aisle, they still have to sort through the emotional baggage of Booth's lie. While Brennan worries that the couple is doomed, Booth consults two figures from his past: an ex-priest (Mather Zickel) and an old friend-turned-CIA Agent (Freddie Prinze Jr.). Regardless of the advice, Booth knows what he must do. "For Booth, it's a simple equation: I can't be happy until Pelant is dead," creator Hart Hanson says. "[It's] tough on Booth. He's not a murderer or an executioner. He's a good, just man. But we're going to push him to the brink."
7 of 40 Patrick Harbron/The CW

The Carrie Diaries (The CW)

Premieres: Friday, Oct. 25 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: After Sebastian and Carrie broke up, he found solace with Maggie, who discovered that Walt is gay. Carrie cut off her friendship with both of them, and Carrie and Walt decided to move to the city to live in Larissa's loft while she's out of the country. What's Next: It's summer in the city — which means lots of hot mornings and hangovers. We'll finally see how Carrie met Samantha Jones, who, despite being Donna LaDonna's cousin, won't necessarily be Carrie's enemy. "They have chemistry, but they're very different," executive producer Amy B. Harris says, noting that Samantha will help Carrie open up. Though Carrie has left her friends at home behind, Mouse will make it up to New York quite often, while Sebastian may lose himself after losing Carrie. Walt, meanwhile, will continue discovering his sexuality in New York.
8 of 40 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Castle (ABC)

Premieres: Monday, Sept. 23 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: After Beckett didn't tell Castle about receiving a job offer in Washington D.C., she and Castle wrestled with where their relationship is headed. But before Beckett could decide whether she wanted the job, Castle stunned Beckett — and viewers — by proposing! What's Next: The show won't waste any time revealing Beckett's answer — both to the proposal and the job offer. But that's just where the drama begins. "There are four possible outcomes, and each of them have their own particular consequences," creator Andrew W. Marlowe says. "There's no version of this that's easy and that they live happily ever after — even with the good stuff." House's Lisa Edelstein will recur as a federal agent who influences Beckett through her tough next steps. "How can she make any choice without giving something up?" Marlowe says. "She'll have to sacrifice something."
9 of 40 Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Chicago Fire (NBC)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24, 10/9c Where We Left Off: Casey struggled in the wake of Hallie's sudden death. After Shay's latest attempt to get pregnant was unsuccessful, she and Severide were shocked and devastated to find out that Renee was expecting. What's Next: Although Sarah Shahi is joining Person of Interest full-time, Renee will pop back up at the beginning of the season. However, the pregnancy will create new tension between Severide and Shay, who starts apartment hunting. Meanwhile, after taking some time off to try to deal with his loss, Casey will find solace in a group of children he takes under his wing. Plus: Look for new faces in the firehouse this season, including a cost-cutting suit who wants to shut down three firehouses and a former military man-turned-firefighter who will spy on Firehouse 51.
10 of 40 Robert Voets/CBS

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 9/8c Where We Left Off: The Replicator was revealed to be John Curtis, a disgruntled former associate of Strauss and Blake's. He killed Strauss and kidnapped Blake back to his lair, and ostensibly died in an explosion there after Rossi locked him in his booby-trapped room. What's Next: A new boss! NYPD Blue and Caprica star Esai Morales joins the cast as Matt Cruz, filling in the section chief void left by Strauss. He has a professional history with JJ that will be explored throughout the season. Rossi and Reid will still be mourning the losses of their significant others, so don't expect anything new on the romance front. And keep an eye out for unsubs at large who may make a return — and The Reaper, as the show will revisit Haley's death. New guest stars include Camryn Manheim and David Anders.
11 of 40 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: In an effort to catch a serial killer that had already abducted Brass' daughter Ellie, D.B. Russell reluctantly agreed use Morgan as bait to lure the killer out. But just when the team decided to abort the undercover operation, they realized that Morgan had also been kidnapped. What's Next: Like last season's opener, which dealt with Russell's missing granddaughter, this year's premiere is an all-out manhunt for Morgan and Ellie. But don't expect the same happy ending. "A person close to the CSI family will die," executive producer Don McGill teases. "The first image of the premiere is a memorial service. Some faces [are] missing. So the question is: Who's in the casket?" Although everyone on the team is shaken by the loss, look for Russell to take it particularly hard. "He's in crisis by the end; he feels responsible," McGill says. "We'll see as the season progresses that there may be some questioning of his purpose." Elsewhere, the team will work on a 14-year-old cold case for the show's landmark 300th episode, and look for a "dangerous" new love interest for Nick.
12 of 40 Joss Barratt/CBS

Elementary (CBS)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Through flashbacks, we learned that Sherlock's downward spiral was caused by the apparent death of his true love Irene Adler, who resurfaced in the present because she's actually Moriarty! What's Next: A summer has gone by since Holmes locked up his former lover, and the premiere finds Sherlock and Joan heading to London. After learning that Scotland Yard Inspector Lestrade (Sean Pertwee) has fallen on hard times, Holmes lends him a hand on an old case. But not everyone will be happy to see Sherlock return, especially his brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans), to whom Holmes hasn't spoken in years. Upon their return to America, Joan will have her own set of problems when the son of a patient she killed when she was a surgeon calls upon her. As for Irene Adler, she is expected to make a return appearance later this season.
13 of 40 Adam Rose/Fox

Glee (Fox)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26, 9/8c Where We Left Off: The New Directions enjoyed a hard-fought victory at Regionals, and won a future trip to Los Angeles for Nationals. The show left fans wondering if or when Blaine will propose to Kurt and whether Rachel's inspired audition won her a role in Funny Girl. What's Next: Questions continue to swirl around the Fox musical following the unexpected and tragic death of star Cory Monteith. The first two episodes of the season will be the long-planned homage to The Beatles, while the third episode will include the death of Monteith's character, Finn. Although co-creator Ryan Murphy said the original plan was to kill Finn the same way Monteith died — a drug overdose — those plans have since been scratched. Instead, Finn's cause of death will not be revealed, maybe ever, and the episode will take a close look at the grieving process. After that, the show will take an extended hiatus.
14 of 40 David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife (CBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29, 9/8c Where We Left Off: After kissing Will (again), Alicia took drastic measures to keep her marriage alive by deciding to leave Lockhart/Gardner and start a new firm with Cary. Peter was elected governor of Illinois, but only after someone in his campaign rigged the election with a stuffed ballot box. Diane mulled leaving the firm to take the judgeship Peter offered her. What's Next: Alicia and Cary will have to work hard to keep their new firm a secret as they wrap up loose ends at Lockhart/Gardner. But when their big move does go down, producers say it will be a "sh--storm." However, several of the main characters will have their hands full with their love lives. Diane is still mulling marrying the Marlboro Man (returning guest star Gary Cole), Eli will again cross paths with the beautiful and intelligent Natalie Flores (returning guest America Ferrera) and Kalinda will become involved with a wild party girl who tries to encourage her to be more open about her sexuality (good luck with that!). The biggest question of all: Will Peter again be tempted by Melissa George, who plays his new smart and sexy in-house ethics counsel.
15 of 40 Eric McCandless/ABC

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: During a super storm, Meredith gave birth to her baby, Arizona cheated on Callie with Dr. Boswell, April essentially professed her love to Jackson, and Cristina and Owen called it quits. But the episode's biggest shocker? Dr. Webber was last seen presumably dead after being electrocuted. What's Next: Season 10 will pick up right where we left off. Callie will act out in the wake of Arizona's infidelity, Meredith will have to navigate being a new mother, April and Jackson will decide whether they should be together, and Cristina and Owen will have to grapple with what their latest breakup means. Expect a big occasion for the upcoming 200th episode — which hopefully won't feature Webber's funeral. "To me, the biggest thing about the 200th is realizing and seeing that our original interns have grown up and they are these very badass surgeons at this point," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. Original cast member Sandra Oh will leave the show at the end of the season.
16 of 40 Scott Green/NBC

Grimm (NBC)

Premieres: Friday, Oct. 25, 9/8c Where We Left Off: Nick fell victim to a special Wesen poison, which put him in a stupor and caused him to fall into a coffin headed to Europe, where he will presumably wake as a mindless zombie. Meanwhile, his friends tried to evade a horde of said zombies. What's Next: Watch out for zombie-fied Nick! "He's going to be a bit of a monster," executive producer David Greenwalt says. "He won't know who his friends are." Spoiler: His friends survive and will focus on their personal lives. Hank will get close to his physical therapist, while Monroe and Rosalee will test their respective Wesen families prejudices when they decide to tie the knot. And of course, what's Grimm without fun, new Wesen? Expect to see gators, mermaids and even a creature that will make Sgt. Wu "suffer greatly." Oh no!
17 of 40 Norman Shapiro/CBS

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Premieres: Friday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: After Adam shot his brother to save Kono, the duo fled Hawaii to save Adam's life. While visiting Wo Fat in prison, McGarrett learned that Wo Fat's enemies were coming to kill him. What's Next: Despite his better judgment, McGarrett will help Wo Fat. "He's definitely conflicted," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "But it's not something he can dwell on. … He has no choice but to save Wo Fat's life." But there may be a fringe benefit. Although Lenkov says we won't see Mama McGarrett early this season, Steve will get answers about Doris' connection to Wo Fat. Elsewhere, Adam and Kono remain on the run, Danny's love life will hit a Grace-shaped snag and Catherine is taken hostage, which puts McGarrett at odds with new SWAT Commander Captain Grover (guest star Chi McBride). "He and McGarrett have very different styles and will be butting heads almost from go. And from there it will only get worse!" Lenkov says.
18 of 40 Kent Smith/Showtime

Homeland (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Brody's car was used to bomb the CIA during the vice president's memorial service. Despite Saul's earlier warnings not to trust Brody, Carrie helped him escape the country before returning to stand by Saul as two of the few remaining living members of the CIA. What's Next: With the CIA literally in shambles, look for a quieter, more reflective beginning to Season 3, which features a Senate investigation into the attack at Langley. After an off-her-meds Carrie gives some damning testimony, Saul, now the acting director of the CIA, will make a difficult choice in the name of damage control. With Brody in the wind, the show will focus on the damage he's done to both his family (Dana's sexting!) and to Carrie. "She's questioning herself at every turn," executive producer Alex Gansa says. "She's going to begin to question whether or not [Brody's] actually as innocent and she may have thought."
19 of 40 Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Premieres: Monday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Realizing that he's still in love with Robin, Ted told Lily he's moving to Chicago after Barney and Robin's wedding — where he plans to give Robin the locket she had been looking for. Marshall learned that he's been granted judgeship as he makes his way back from Minnesota, putting a wrinkle in his and Lily's plan to move to Rome. Oh, and we met The Mother! What's Next: The 24-episode ninth and final season will cover all 56 hours of Barney and Robin's wedding weekend. The Mother (Cristin Milioti) will be fleshed out for us, and each of the gang will meet her before Ted does, including Marshall who wrestles with how to tell Lily about his judgeship when he arrives in New York. The Ted/Robin/Barney triangle will play out, though not without a broken (bro-ken?) code along the way. And, yes, Ted will finally meet his wife on the train platform. Oh, and since there are two slaps left, look out for one slap-happy episode. John Lithgow, Wayne Brady and Tim Gunn will return, and Sheri Shepherd and Roger Bart will recur.
20 of 40 Michael Parmelee/NBC

Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 9/8 Central Where We Left Off: Thanks to some sharp lawyering, psychopathic murderer and rapist William Lewis escaped prosecution and broke into Benson's apartment, where the episode ended with him pointing a gun at her head. What's Next: The two-hour season premiere will pick up right where the finale left off, as Benson is held hostage by Pablo Schreiber's unpredictable baddie. Although the SVU squad bands together to find Benson, some characters could deal with residual guilt. "There's nothing more disturbing than to go over things you could have done to avoid a horrible situation," executive producer Warren Leight says. "There'll be a lot of self-doubt and second guessing coming out of it." Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose and Dean Winters, the latter of whom returned to the series last year to romance Olivia, will both return for the season opener. Bill Irwin also guest-stars.
21 of 40 Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros.

The Mentalist (CBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Just as Patrick Jane narrowed his list of Red John suspects down to seven names — Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Raymond Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Brett Partridge — the serial killer proved to be one step ahead. Not only did he know Jane's list, he vowed to begin killing again until Jane caught him. What's Next: Creator Bruno Heller confirms that viewers will learn Red John's identity by the end of the calendar year! "We're not bumping off the suspects one by one," he says. "Some will meet an unhappy end, others will live to the denouement." Drawing the mystery to a close will have major impact on the show. Not only will both Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti leave the series at midseason, but Jane and Lisbon may be forced to re-evaluate their relationship. "All these years, Jane's always said, 'I'm going to kill that bastard,'" Heller says. "Lisbon's always said, 'I understand you want to do that, but I am the law.' Now that issue is not a theoretical one, it's a real one."
22 of 40 Beth Dubber/Fox

The Mindy Project (Fox)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9:30/8:30c Where We Left Off: Rom-com lover Mindy got to do her own big gesture, cutting off her hair and agreeing to go to Haiti with Pastor Casey (Anders Holm). But that didn't stop her from having major chemistry with Danny, who decided to slow things down with his ex-wife Christina. What's Next: Though Mindy and Casey will be preparing for their wedding in the premiere, the couple aren't destined to last. Mindy Kaling says her character will be single again soon, but Casey will pop up again, along with Mindy's other exes, Tom (Bill Hader) and Josh (Tomey Dewey). Season 2 will also feature a slew of new characters, including a cameo from Kris Humphries as himself, Happy Endings star Adam Pally as a new OB/GYN at Mindy's practice and James Franco as Mindy's replacement for at least two episodes.
23 of 40 Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

Modern Family (ABC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 9/8 Central Where We Left Off: The Dunphy-Pritchett clan gathered in Florida for Phil's mother's funeral in the Season 4 finale. Season 4 also featured the birth of Jay and Gloria's son, Joe, and Haley getting kicked out of college after being arrested for underage drinking. What's Next: Now that he's a widower, here's hoping that we'll see more of Fred Willard guest-starring as Phil's father. In addition to a new opening credits sequence that will feature baby Joe, the show is casting a new infant to play the little one. Also, in light of the Supreme Court's June ruling that DOMA is unconstitutional, the show's creators are reportedly mulling a same-sex wedding for Cam and Mitchell. Could this be the season that Lily get a sibling?
24 of 40 Katherine Bombay-Thornton/ABC

Nashville (ABC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 10/9c Where We Left Off: After learning that he's the father of Rayna's oldest daughter, Deacon went on a bender that ended with him and Rayna in a nasty car accident. Gunnar proposed to Scarlett, who seemed distracted by the possibility of rekindling things with a somewhat-reformed Avery. And Juliette was left reeling after the sudden tragic death of her mother. What's Next: Season 2 will find Deacon struggling both with his sobriety and with fatherhood. "I don't think Deacon ever thought of himself as father material and as the season goes on we'll see him grapple with why he feels that way and whether or not he's right," creator Callie Khouri says. Rayna, on the other hand, feels "liberated" now that her secret is out and her marriage to Teddy is over. And while Juliette is still coping with her mother's death, she'll still make bad decisions. "I don't know if we'll ever see a time when [Juliette's] not screwing up something for herself," Khouri hints.
25 of 40 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: As the Department of Defense's investigation into Gibbs reached a fever pitch, Tony, Ziva and McGee took responsibility for the team's questionable actions and turned in their badges. A flash-forward in the episode's final moments showed Gibbs aiming his sniper rifle at… FBI Agent Fornell! What's Next: Following Cote de Pablo's decision to leave the show, Season 11's two-part opener will say goodbye to Ziva David. When Colin Hanks' character returns to threaten Gibbs, a team reunion is in order. "Ziva is out in the ether and Tony has to go off and find her," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "He wants to bring her back, but he just can't make it happen. The second episode is really all about Tony and Ziva, and, I hope, delivers all the things the Tiva fans are going to want." Meanwhile, don't look for payoff to that flash-forward until the end of the second episode, though something tells us it's related to a new season-long adversary Glasberg says will be hinted at very early. Plus: Palmer's having a baby, and McGee has a new girlfriend! (Look out, Abby!)
26 of 40 Richard Cartwright/CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Sam and his wife Michelle went undercover in Sidorov's gang, as Callen reluctantly called on the Chameleon to help intercept Sidorov's stolen nuclear weapons. When the Chameleon revealed Sam's true identity to Sidorov, Sam and Deeks were tortured in an attempt to learn Michelle's true identity. Oh, and Kensi and Deeks kissed! What's Next: Buckle up! Executive producer Shane Brennan says the resolution to the cliff-hanger "will have the greatest consequence of any story we've told." In particular, the traumatic events of the finale will linger with Deeks for much of the season, which may prevent him from building his kiss with Kensi into something more. Callen must also rectify his mistake with the Chameleon. In truth, everyone on the team is pretty shaken, which prompts a major development. "This season, someone will leave the team," Brennan teases.
27 of 40 Ray Mickshaw/Fox

New Girl (Fox)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 17 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: After Cece and Shivrang called off their wedding, Schmidt was forced to decide between Cece and Elizabeth — and instead ran away. Nick and Jess decided to actually make a go of their relationship. What's Next: Nick and Jess will be navigating their new relationship, which won't be easy since Schmidt is actively working to break them up. Elsewhere, Schmidt will finally choose between Cece and Elizabeth, and regardless, Cece will return to her hard-partying roots. When Coach returns this season, the boys fight over his friendship — except for Winston, who feels insecure around Coach. Jess will struggle with the politics of working in a public school, and later in the season, we'll meet her sister, who is bad news for everybody.
28 of 40 Jack Rowand/The CW

Once Upon a Time (ABC)Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8/7c

Where We Left Off: The Charmings and their enemies — Mr. Gold, Hook and the Evil Queen — set sail for Neverland after Tamara and Greg kidnapped Henry, leaving Belle to protect Storybrooke. Meanwhile, after sustaining a gunshot wound and falling through a portal, Neal ended up in the care of Mulan, Aurora and Phillip in the Enchanted Forest. What's Next: The third season will venture to Neverland, which the producers call a "fantastical island" where anything can happen. Unfortunately, this Neverland's Peter Pan is much darker than the character we know from the fairy tales. On the plus side, we'll also meet Tinker Bell. The Charmings will be forced to work with their enemies, who might use unethical means to get Henry back, making it difficult for Snow White to find the light to fix her darkened heart. With Neal presumed dead, Emma may seek solace in Hook. Plus: Ariel is coming!
29 of 40 Justin Lubin/NBC

Parenthood (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26, 10/9c Where We Left Off: Last season ended on a happy note for pretty much the entire Braverman clan. Kristina beat breast cancer, Julia and Joel officially adopted Victor, Crosby and Jasmine learned they were expecting, and Amber and Ryan got back together. The one bummer was for Sarah, who broke things off with Mark for good, only to see Hank move to Minnesota. What's Next: Although Ray Romano will return, Sarah will actually turn her focus away from her love life and onto moving out on her own when she gets a new job as a building super. Kristina will also be focused on her career when she throws her hat into local politics, this time as the candidate instead of the campaign manager. Julia's attempts to go back to work won't be so successful, which will cause friction between her and Joel, who is on top of the world professionally. This season will also see the birth of Crosby and Jasmine's daughter and a (possible) wedding for the reunited Amber and Ryan.
30 of 40 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: After Leslie ventured to find out if Pawnee is better off after her first year in office, a group worked to remove her from her post. Meanwhile, Diane revealed she's pregnant with Ron's baby, and Chris and Ann decided to continue trying to have a baby. What's Next: The season will kick off with Leslie & Co. heading to London so she can accept an award. In Pawnee, Ron deals with Diane's pregnancy, Tom fights against someone trying to put him out of business, April decides whether to go to veterinary school, and Donna finally gets a chance in the spotlight. Leslie's recall won't upset her nearly as much as her best friend Ann and Chris deciding to leave Pawnee — news that will cause her to take out her frustrations on everyone in her vicinity. The sixth season will also feature the show's 100th episode, as well as a wedding. But who's getting married?
31 of 40 Giovanni Rufino/Warner Bros/CBS

Person of Interest (CBS)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: As various parties searched for the Machine, Finch's creation showed surprising powers of self-preservation by moving itself to an unknown location. Reese and Shaw rescued Finch from Root, who despite being placed in an asylum, was still in contact with the Machine. While facing an internal affairs investigation, Carter helped criminal mastermind Elias escape custody after learning of another cop's plans to assassinate him. What's Next: Carter remains on a collision course with HR after being demoted, but she may not be able to rely on Reese and Finch, whose operation is threatened by the Machine's newfound self-governance. "We've had a lot of people who had plans for the Machine the past two seasons," executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. "This season, the question is: What are the machine's plans for us?" But don't worry, the Machine will still give Reese and Finch (and new partner Shaw) numbers each week, even if Finch is no longer calling the shots. "As its creator, Finch has an understanding of what the Machine may be capable of, but he's not entirely in control of this thing," executive producer Greg Plageman teases. "It's clearly a growing organism that is evolving, perhaps beyond the scale of his understanding."
32 of 40 Greg Gayne/FOX

Raising Hope (Fox)

Premieres: Friday, Nov. 8, 9/8 Central Where We Left Off: After tying the knot, Jimmy and Sabrina moved in to Sabrina's grandmother's house with Hope. What's Next: Jimmy's and Hope's absence gives Burt and Virginia plenty of time to worry about getting older and come up with some crazy new schemes. Meanwhile, Hope will go through some firsts of her own as she starts preschool and begins talking more and more. Also look for guest stars, including Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor as a mysterious Natesville resident that the Chances can't seem to escape. Saturday Night Live vet Molly Shannon will strike fear in the heart of Barney when she recurs as Maxine, the new owner of Howdy's.
33 of 40 Vivian Zink/ABC

Revenge (ABC)

Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: After a city-wide blackout, Declan died and Jack was prepared to shoot Conrad until Emily revealed herself as Amanda. Plus: The son Victoria once gave up for adoption came knocking at her door. What's Next: It's five months later and Victoria's long-lost son Patrick (Justin Hartley) has made himself part of the Graysons' lives. Although Ashley will exit the show after the premiere, new characters, including a priest with ties to the Graysons and a woman from Daniel's past, will make their debuts.
34 of 40 Brownie Harris/NBC

Revolution (NBC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: After Aaron turned the power back on, Randall used the newfound electricity to send missiles to Atlanta and Philadelphia before killing himself. To make matters worse, Neville usurped the Republic from Monroe and Nora was killed in The Tower melee. We also got a glimpse at a sinister new power, the President of the United States, who's taken up residence in Cuba. What's Next: Aaron will try furiously to turn the power back off before the missiles hit their target. We assume he succeeds because creator Eric Kripke says Season 2 takes a step back from the pendants and the power issues to focus more on the characters. That includes feuding frenemies Miles and Monroe, who will at least be temporarily united against a new villainous group known as The Patriots. Neville will be busy rebuilding his family, especially since his wife Julia went missing after the electric holocaust. The show will also add a few new characters, including 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins as Rachel's father and SVU's Adam Beach, who plays Mason Gray, a likable sheriff of a small town in Texas (where the series now films).
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Scandal (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: OPA finally put Defiance to rest with the help of David Rosen, who turned over the Cytron card in exchange for a promotion to the USDA position. Meanwhile, Quinn totally turned into a killer, Billy Chambers was finally arrested, and Olivia and Fitz called it quits once again after learning each other's misdeeds. Oh, and B613 boss Rowan, who had Jake thrown in the hole, is actually Olivia's father! What's Next: The third season will pick up moments after Olivia was bombarded by reporters, and we'll quickly find out who outed her as the First Mistress. But Olivia may not turn to OPA in her time of need. "Olivia has never wanted to involve them in any of her personal affairs unless she's had to and I think this is going to hold true," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. "At the end of last season, Olivia firmly put that white hat back on her head and she's going to try to be a better person. So, perhaps she's not going to want their help." Look for the beginning of the season to showcase Olivia's challenging dynamic with her father, as well as how Fitz deals with the fallout from Mistress-gate. Plus: We'll get at least one flashback that may shake up everything we thought we knew to be true.
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Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: With the help of Gemma and Juice, Jax framed Clay for the murder of Damon Pope and had Pope's lieutenant put a bounty on Clay's head. Disagreeing with Jax's leadership style, Bobby resigned as vice president of the club. Just as she prepared to leave Charming for good, Tara was arrested for her involvement in Otto's murder of a prison nurse. What's Next: Lee Toric (guest star Donal Logue), the ex-U.S. Marshal brother of the nurse Otto killed, will try to use Tara and Clay's respective time in prison to persuade them to rat out Jax and the club. (One of the two will take Toric up on his offer.) Meanwhile, Bobby looks into starting a new nomad charter, and Jax and Nero expand their business by partnering with madam Colette Jane (guest star Kim Dickens). Plus: Jax will continue to wrestle with turning Tig over to Pope's crew.
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Supernatural (The CW)

Premieres: Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Sam and Dean chose each other over closing the gates of Hell, leaving Crowley's exorcism unfinished and Sam's health in limbo. Metatron manipulated Castiel into helping him expel all other angels from Heaven, sending them crashing to Earth and leaving poor Cas as a human. What's Next: Executive producer Jeremy Carver describes the angel-filled world as "a free-for-all," but warns that all the angels will come to Earth with different agendas. Sam and Dean will also need each other more than ever, but a secret Dean keeps from Sam in the premiere will create yet another riff in the bromance. Meanwhile, Crowley will struggle with the consequences of the abandoned trials, while Castiel adjusts to humanity. (Misha Collins says that while Castiel might not find his first love, he will experience lust — and an outfit change! ) A few special episodes planned include a Dr. Doolittle episode, which finds Dean with the ability to talk to animals, and a twist on The Wizard of Oz, which will feature the return of Felicia Day's Charlie.
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Two and a Half Men (CBS)

Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 26, 9:30/8:30c Where We Left Off: Jake and Alan, who was dumped by Lyndsey, went on a father-son bonding trip to the Grand Canyon after Jake revealed that he will be stationed in Japan for a year. They had a heart-to-heart, during which Jake told his dad how much he's meant to him and Alan in return gave him money. Meanwhile, Walden hooked up with the grandmother of a girl he dated. What's Next: Jake is gone and may never return (Angus T. Jones does not yet have a deal in place to appear in any capacity). Replacing the titular half man is a lady: House's Amber Tamblyn plays the long-lost lesbian daughter of Charlie who shows up at the beach house looking for her pops and proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Premieres: Thursday, Oct. 3 at 8/7c. Where We Left Off: The gang finally graduated, but that was just the beginning of the action. Bonnie died, Klaus set off for New Orleans, Katherine was force-fed the cure and Stefan was staked by Silas, who was revealed as Stefan's doppelganger. What's Next: The show will pick up three months later, when just about everyone other than Stefan has had a ball of a summer. "Elena and Damon are a super sexy fun couple… [but] poor Stefan has been drowning and dying and coming back to life," new showrunner Caroline Dries says. As for Silas 2.0, he'll be scary yet charismatic and it'll take a few episodes for the group to realize he's masquerading as Stefan.
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The Walking Dead (AMC)

Premieres: Sunday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: The long-awaited war finally happened! After The Governor and his fighters from Woodbury raided what appeared to be a deserted prison, Rick & Co. were able to drive them out with booby traps and gunfire. Thwarted, The Governor gunned down all of his own people, save for two loyal lackeys. But the group couldn't make it to Woodbury in time to save Andrea, who was bitten by Milton and ultimately took her own life. What's Next: Months have passed since Rick welcomed those from Woodbury into the prison, and walkers have begun to overrun their safe haven. As such, the group — which has added new members, including comic book character Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) — scouts potential new homes. But there are also threats from within, as evidenced by a grisly murder within the walls of the prison seen in the Season 4 trailer. And lest we forget, The Governor is still lurking out there somewhere.