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Catch up on where the doctors have been and what’s ahead for Season 4

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Private Practice

After Dell's death in the Season 3 finale, the docs of Private Practice are facing new relationships, weddings, estrangements and sexual propositions. Catch up on where the docs left off and what's in store for Season 4.
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Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh)

Where she left off: Addison conceded to let Pete and Violet be a family, and was last seen hooking up with Sam in the closing moments of Season 3. Where she is now: Expect a lot of furtive glances between Sam and Addison, who dance around what's really going on between them in the season premiere.
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Pete Wilder (Tim Daly)

Where he left off: Pete and Addison broke up, enabling him to reunite with Violet. Where he is now: Pete and Violet tie the knot in the season premiere. "These characters have been through so much stuff that has been so dramatic," Daly says. "So once they finally broke through and set down all their weapons, they realize they actually love each other."
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Naomi Bennett (Audra McDonald)

Where she left off: Naomi left for Switzerland to be by William's side during his radical treatment for ALS. Where she is now: Following William's passing, Naomi returns and decides to merge Oceanside Wellness Center and Pacific Wellcare.
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Cooper Freeman (Paul Adelstein)

Where he left off: Cooper finally came to his senses and proposed to Charlotte. Where he is now: Cooper spends his time helping plan Violet's wedding, which will put a damper on his relationship with fiancé Charlotte.
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Charlotte King (KaDee Strickland)

Where she left off: Despite sparks flying between her and Sheldon, Charlotte accepted Cooper's proposal to marry her. Where she is now: Charlotte will wind up bonding with Pete when their significant appear to be very good friends.
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Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone)

Where she left off: Amelia fought to save Dell's life, but he succumbed to his injuries from the car accident. Where she is now: She'll venture to Grey's Anatomy in the third episode to reunite with her brother Derek (Patrick Dempsey), whom she hasn't been on speaking terms with since her drug problem.
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Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs)

Where he left off: After operating on the man who nearly killed his daughter and took the life of his friend Dell, Sam indulged in a hot make-out session with Addison. Where he is now: The result of Sam and Addison's season finale hookup won't be revealed until the very last scene of the premiere. It is quite sensual.
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Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman)

Where she left off: After trying to sue Pete for custody, Violet and Pete came to an understanding. They reunited after he and Addison parted ways. Where she is now: On her wedding day, Violet will have a Runaway Bride moment. "Violet has never wanted to get married, just like she never wanted to be a mother," says Brenneman.
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Sheldon Wallace (Brian Benben)

Where he left off: Sheldon had fallen for Charlotte, who, much to his disappointment, got engaged to Cooper in the finale. Where he is now: When Amelia learns that Sheldon is great in bed, she will flat-out ask him for sex.