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Doritos has had some SUPER commercials for the big game. But which one is the best?

Lance Cartelli
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Ranking the Doritos Super Bowl Commercials

Let's be honest: You're really watching the Super Bowl for the commercials.

For the non-sports fan, the commercials are clearly the best part of the big game. And for years Doritos has consistently brought some of the most entertaining ads every February. But which commercial is Doritos' very best?

We ranked all of their Super Bowl commercials since 1989. Let's start with the worst...

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39. 2002: "Bold & Daring"

This Super Bowl XXXVI Doritos ad may have given away a free Xbox, but it doesn't have a recognizable celebrity or any humor to it at all.

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38: 2009: "Power of the Crunch"

A man who is eating Doritos has the power to do whatever his mind wants -- including disrobing a random woman on the street. At least he's hit by a bus at the end of it, right? Eek.

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37. 1989: "Hey Ma"

This ad from Super Bowl XXIII, starring Jay Leno, is pretty cheesy.

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36. 1989: "Peer Pressure"

Leno riffs about Cool Ranch Doritos and peer pressure although he's in an empty room.

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35. 1996: "Masseuse"

A boring massage turns into an adventure after the masseuse eats some Doritos.

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34. 1998: "Unplug"

A father trying to read the newspaper is interrupted by two teenagers loudly eating Doritos. The solution? Cut down the power lines.

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33. 1995: "Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards"

After losing in the same election, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and former Texas governor Ann Richards poked fun at their defeats while devouring Doritos.

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32. 2008: "Kina"

In the second year of Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" crowdsourcing campaign, Kina Grannis won the opportunity to have her song, "Message from Your Heart," played in a commercial.

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31. 1996: "Beavers"

A man struggling to build his tent gets help from some friendly beavers,. Together, they erect a log cabin for the Doritos lover.

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30. 2001: "Tennis"

In her third Super Bowl Doritos commercial appearance, Ali Landry -- Miss USA 1996 -- tries to pull off the tennis-court iteration of her laundromat trick from the 1998 ad.

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29. 1996: "Mashed Potatoes"

After taking a bite of Doritos, the cafeteria lunch lady gets artistic make art with mashed potatoes.

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28. 1994: "Cancelled"

Chevy Case gets canceled mid-commercial because his ratings are too low. A little on the nose, if you ask us.

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27. "Check Out Girl"

The inaugural winner of Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign, a cashier at a supermarket gets increasingly stimulated by the Doritos flavors.

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26. 2019: Now It's Hot

To introduce Doritos' new flavor, Flamin' Hot Nacho, the Backstreet Boys tapped Chance the Rapper for a remix of the boy band's hit, "I Want It That Way."

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25. 2015: "When Pigs Fly"

After being promised a bag of Doritos when pigs can fly, a kid builds a rocket and shoots the pig off into the atmosphere.

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24. 1995: "Player Poet"

Starring several members of the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl squad, including Steve Young and Jerry Rice, this ad features Dana Stubblefield eating Doritos and waxing poetic while terrorizing the San Diego Chargers.

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23. 2011: "The Best Part"

An employee breaks a plethora of HR violations when he licks the Doritos residue off his coworkers' finger.

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22. 1999: "Smokin'"

The follow-up to the laundromat commercial the previous year, Landry returns to promote Doritos' Smokey Red BBQ chips and then sets off the fire sprinkler system.

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21. 2007: "Accident"

A man, driving and eating Doritos, locks eyes with a woman, who is also eating the chip, when he crashes his car.

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20. 2013: "Fashionista Daddy"

A little girl convinces her father -- and his macho friends -- to play dress up by offering Doritos.

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19. 2014: "Cowboy Kid"

A young boy dressed as a cowboy rides his dog and lassos a bag of Doritos away from his selfish brother.

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18. 2008: "Mousetrap"

A man uses Doritos to lure a mouse into his trap. Unfortunately, the rodent is slightly larger than he expected.

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17. 1998: "Laundromat"

Starring Will and Grace's Sean Hayes, a woman (Landry) enters a laundromat and pulls off some jaw-dropping Doritos stunts.

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16. 2018: "Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice Pt. 2"

The second of back-to-back commercials for Doritos and Moutain Dew features Morgan Freeman rapping Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On."

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15. 2018: "Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice Pt. 1"

Before Freeman dropped bars, Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage was spitting hot fire as he lipsynced Busta Rhymes' verse in Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now."

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14. 2016: "Doritos Dogs"

After being chased away, three dogs pull a Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horsemanand fake being a grownup human to buy Doritos.

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13. 2011: "Housesitting"

While housesitting, a man feeds a dead fish Doritos and it comes back to life. He uses the same trick on his friend's grandfather's ashes, and the man is then resurrected.

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12. 2012: "Sling Baby"

An annoying kid taunts his little brother and grandmother with Doritos, the elderly woman then uses her electric wheelchair to slingshot a baby to steal the bag.

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11. 2009: "Free Doritos"

A man explains to his coworker that his crystal ball -- which is really just a snowglobe -- says that there will be free Doritos that day. He then shatters the vending machine glass by throwing his crystal ball through it. Whatever works!

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10. 2015: "Middle Seat"

A man does whatever he can to keep the seat next to him empty until he sees a pretty woman. He offers her the spot only to discover she has a baby with her who's ready to steal his Doritos.

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9. 2016: "Ultrasound"

At his wife's ultrasound, a man starts eating Doritos and the unborn child responds to the chip. Annoyed by this, the woman then tosses the chip, causing the baby to follow.

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8. 2010: "Underdog"

A man tells a dog, with a bark collar on, that it must speak to get some Doritos. The canine slyly takes off the collar and puts it on the man.

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7. 2010: "Casket"

After faking his death, a man is buried in a casket full of Doritos. His plan backfires when he celebrates inside his casket and later emerges from it, shocking mourning loved ones.

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6. 2011: "Pug Attack"

A mean man taunts a pug with a Dorito, but the charging canine crashes through the door to eat the man's chips.

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5. 2010: "House Rules"

A man meets his date's son, who slaps him for stealing his Doritos.

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4. 2013: "Goat for Sale"

A lonely man buys a Doritos-loving goat, but becomes annoyed when the animal eats all his chips.

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3. 2012: "Man's Best Friend"

While gardening, a man notices that a dog is burying the neighborhood's missing cat. He's then bribed with a bag of Doritos by the alleged killer dog.

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2. 2014: "Time Machine"

A boy outsmarts a man by tricking him into trading his Doritos for a trip in a time machine.

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1. 2010: "Snack Attack Samurai"

At the gym, a man steals Doritos out of his friend's locker. In retaliation, Tim dresses up as a Doritos samurai and attacks.

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