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See what the winners said once the cameras stopped rolling

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12) "Well, I was hoping that wouldn't be case. I think it's due to the elevation of the rhetoric in comedy. We've slowly become more sophisticated." - Jon Stewart's deadpan response to a question about comedy and politics becoming synonymous
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11) "Season 2 is better. The scripts are better. Kristin Chenoweth is adorable and we're making sure you see her firm and supple breasts." - Pushing Daisies' executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld
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10) "As soon as I opened my mouth, they were already saying, 'Wrap it up.' I find it ironic that we can spend 30 minutes devoted to reality show hosts, but the people who actually create the work don't get time to talk." - Kirk Ellis, who wrote John Adams
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9) "I want to be done playing this lady on Nov. 5, so if you guys could help me to stop playing her, that would be great." - Tina Fey, on her SNL cameo as Sarah Palin
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8) "It really is the ride of my career." - Eleven-time Emmy nominee Glenn Close, on winning Best Actress for Damages
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7) "The tension was mounting. My wife's breathing resembled when she gave birth to our child. Her water even broke; I'm not sure why. She's not pregnant." - Best Actor Bryan Cranston
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6) "I've been gunning for him for years.... No, we think of [our shows] as a single hour - they do the first half and we do the second. Like Entertainment Tonight and The Insider." - Stephen Colbert, on his "rivalry" with Jon Stewart
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5) "It was long. It was hard. I never shut up in it. I never thought it was going to end. The whole thing was difficult for me. It was an endurance test."- Paul Giamatti, on playing John Adams
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4) "It's one of the best jobs I've ever had. It was very difficult, very challenging, but that's what good work should be." - Laura Linney, on playing Abigail Adams
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3) "I still feel like I'm in 10th grade and no one will talk to me at lunch." - Mad Men's Jon Hamm, on being considered a sex symbol
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2) "I thought we were being 'punk'd.' I was confused. It was like that moment in the movie The Producers where they sing 'Springtime for Hitler' - it was like, 'What's actually happening right now'" - Jeremy Piven on the show's "nothing" opening
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1) "She's super-nice, really ugly in person." - 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer, cracking wise about working with guest star Jennifer Aniston