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The emcees you think deserve Emmys newest award

Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 Justin Lubin/The CW


16) Mike Richards, Beauty and the Geek: Richards landed at the bottom of our poll, perhaps because he was the show's second host. But don't feel too bad for him - he still gets to work around beauties.
2 of 16 Tommy Baynard/NBC


15) Donald Trump, The Apprentice: The Donald might be worth millions, but our readers don't feel his hosting duties are worth their weight in Emmy gold. If they ever create an award for best catchphrase, however, he could have a shot.
3 of 16 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


14) Drew Lachey, Dance War: His resume - former boy band member and winner of Dancing with the Stars - makes him the perfect host of a dance competition, right No! Drew must've used all his vote-getting power to win the DWTS crown.
4 of 16 Bob D'Amico/ABC


13) Chris Harrison, The Bachelor: Since he's always played second fiddle to the companion-seeking star of the show, he didn't get as much love in our Emmy-predicting poll. Oh, Chris, don't cry! Someone get this guy a rose, would ya
5 of 16 Bill Inoshita/CBS


12) Julie Chen, Big Brother: As a legitimate morning newscaster, Julie brings a bit of class to this sometimes classless show. But who are we kidding Reality TV doesn't really thrive on class. Sorry, Julie.
6 of 16 Evans Ward/VH1


11) Dr. Drew Pinsky, Celebrity Rehab: The Loveline host was able to get nine celebrities to willingly have their drug and alcohol addictions exploited on national television, but according to our poll, he still doesn't have viewers "hooked."
7 of 16 The CW


10) Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model: The diva split our voting audience. While some feel "she is a great role model and a motivator" (Btooley), others fear honoring Tyra "will cause her megalomania to explode to greater heights" (BrandonGK).
8 of 16 Trae Patton/NBC


9) Alison Sweeney, The Biggest Loser: Allison won over readers because she "is really down-to-earth and likable. She made me like the show again" (Shannonm93). Looks like she just needed a few extra votes to "tip the scale" in her favor.
9 of 16 F. Scott Schafer/Bravo


8) Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef: On a show filled with extraordinary food, this Indian beauty is still the spiciest dish in the kitchen. But when it comes to the stiff competition for an Emmy, in our readers' minds, she can't quite take the heat.
10 of 16 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


7) Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance: Cat scored for "caring about the contestants" and her "bubbly spin on the show" (Btooley). She also "looks absolutely gorgeous" (BarbyAZ), which might've made her the Cat's meow for some voters.
11 of 16 Barbara Nitke/Bravo


6) Heidi Klum, Project Runway: Heidi might also be a pretty face, but she wins votes because her show is "a critical darling that has been time and time again passed over for an Emmy" (pixiedarling).
12 of 16 Eric Liebowitz/ABC


5) Ty Pennington, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: This charismatic carpenter kicks off our top five, winning over voters because his work "is far more important than just giving someone a million dollars" (kevin0612).
13 of 16 Ray Mickshaw/


4) Ryan Seacrest, American Idol: If there were an award for the hardest-working man in Hollywood, Seacrest would definitely be a nominee. But maybe all his odd jobs kept him from earning enough votes to take the No. 1 spot for his Idol work.
14 of 16 Carol Kaelson/ABC


3) Tom Bergeron, Dancing with the Stars: Like Seacrest, Tom earned props because "he does it live. And he's funny!" (Jtoo). "His handling of Marie Osmond's collapse alone was Emmy-worthy" (ctheslayer).
15 of 16 Tony Esparza/CBS


2) Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race: With 22.5 percent of the vote, many felt Phil could go the distance. Between his "hilarious one-liners" and "Amazing Race [winning] the Emmy every year" (Lester), could he cross the finish line first
16 of 16 Monty Brinton/CBS


1) Jeff Probst, Survivor: Edging out Phil by 2.1 percent, the "first reality host takes the cake" (megan1691). His ability to "bring the tribal councils alive" (PrisonBreaker) earned a win in our poll, but will he survive on Emmy night