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Look back at a few of Earls most touching scenes

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Earl's first good deed. Earl and Randy accompany Kenny, the first item on their newly formed list, to a gay bar. It's here that Kenny confesses how much Earl has helped his self-confidence and self-esteem. He's been a loyal friend ever since.
2 of 18 Peter Hopper Stone/NBC


Earl and Randy bury the hatchet. In this tender, yet hilariously weird  moment shared by the brothers Hickey, Earl ends one of the duo's squabbles by letting Randy eat the Fun Dip off of his finger. A "sweet" moment indeed.
3 of 18 Justin Lubin/NBC


Joy reunites with her kids. Being a strong, opinionated woman and a full-time, loving mother go hand-in-hand for Joy. She couldn't stand a week away from her children and she couldn't be happier to see them again on Mother's Day.
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Earl gets pranked. Randy and the rest of the gang play a joke at Earl's birthday party by acting unappreciative of his new do-gooder lifestyle. They finally own up to the ruse and give Earl the credit he deserves in this heart-warmer.
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Earl sticks his neck out for Joy. Joy faced the prospect of serving jail time away from her children. In one of his many selfless acts, Earl takes her place by confessing to the crime. He had to have earned a few extra karma points for this one.
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Joy has her sister's baby. She's tough as nails even while giving birth ("All I need is gravity, a bucket, and a wet nap"), but there's no hiding Joy's soft side after bringing Liberty's child into the world.
7 of 18 Chris Haston/NBC


Earl reunites a family. Earl put on a prom in order to reunite "John the Artist" with his parents. He did so with Joy's help, as she convinced the parents to go along - and blew through the rest of Earl's winnings. We hoped they at least spiked the punch.
8 of 18 Justin Lubin/NBC


Carl Hickey gets emotional. Even though Earl was trapped in his "sitcoma," he still manages a smile as his dad admits he never gave up on him and plants a smooch on his forehead. Who knew Carl was such a softy
9 of 18 Chris Haston/NBC and Dirk Franke/NBC


Catalina walks on the wild side. Billie had just gotten out of the shower, and unwittingly became the first target in Catalina's lesbian trial-run. Tender moment Nah. But show this to any frat boy you know and see if they don't say, "Sweeeet."
10 of 18 Chris Haston/NBC


Randy's latest romance. In the Season 3 finale, Randy did his best to woo Greta, a local Camdenite woman. Finally, it seems a nice girl is falling for the old teddy bear - but we'll have to stay tuned to find out.
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Randy is concerned for Earl. Despite the sibling bickering, Randy constantly worries and even gets choked up a few times while Earl is in his coma. It just serves as a nice reminder how easily the show transitions from comedy to touching moments.
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Darnell and Mr. Turtle. We all know how much Darnell loves Joy, but his sweet side really comes out of its shell when Mr. Turtle is around.
13 of 18 Paul Drinkwater/NBC


Earl plays love doctor. While in jail, Earl finds himself in the middle of a secret love affair between two Romeos and does his best to make sure they stay together. What a guy, eh
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Randy confesses his feelings to Catalina. Always looking for love, Randy finally admits how he feels about Catalina. Unfortunately the "love" that she returns is only a ploy to stay in the country. Sweetness given is not always returned.
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Randy gets another crush. When Randy gets that loving feeling after meeting cat-loving Amy Sedaris (another entry on Earl's list), he pretends to share her adoration of furry friends to get close to her. Can't say the guy doesn't try!
16 of 18 Trae Patton/NBC


Crabman shares his talent. While all the characters act out their own stories in this episode, Crabman goes above and beyond, singing/rapping his stories in his surprisingly soulful voice. Sweeet, brother. Sweeet.
17 of 18 Hopper Stone/NBC


Catalina goes to work as a stripper. In another nod to the frat boys out there, Catalina began a long stint as a stripper in Season 2. If we could catch a peak at the club's thermostat, it would probably be set to muy caliente.
18 of 18 Peter Hopper Stone/NBC


Earl and Billie together at last. Earl finally confesses his love for Billie and they share their first intimate moment - as if anyone ever doubted the mustached one's skills in the romance department. - William Drust