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George and Sybbie are growing up fast!

Shaun Harrison
1 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


The gang's all here — and look who's all grown up! George and Sybbie look adorably posh in this updated cast photo, and Rose is conveniently positioned at the far right to make it easy on the photoshopping department when Lily James leaves the show. Also, how adorable is Violet's smile?
2 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Little Sybbie is a perfect cross between her mom, the late Sybil, and her dad Tom, pictured here with her. We can't wait to see what kind of trouble she and George stir up around Downton this season.
3 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Bravo on the casting of these two kiddos! Little George is a dead (no pun intended) ringer for his daddy Matthew (R.I.P.).
4 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Tom looks forlornly into the distance, probably thinking about Sybil and how his new Plain Jane teacher girlfriend isn't as hot as his deceased wife. But is it significant that Charles Blake, the government employee-slash-Mary's mud-tussling buddy isn't in the photo? Seems like Lord Gillingham may have won the battle for her affections.
5 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Why is Cora pictured with newcomer Simon Bricker, an art historian who comes to stay at Grantham, and not Lord Grantham? Is it now Cora's turn to be unfaithful? Also, would a Grantham Lady really cross her arms like that? So many questions.
6 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


This smirking Daisy is a far cry from the shrinking violet we met in Season 1. What even happened with Daisy last season? No one remembers, but Ivy is nowhere in sight, so no wonder she looks happy!
7 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Isobel's still swooning like a schoolgirl and blossoming in the doctor's romantic advances. He was all, "Let's go out," and she was all, "Woah, I like you but only as a friend." Tell him, Isobel!
8 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Anna Bates seems to be standing (er, sitting) by her man after he maybe killed her rapist, Mr. Green. How long will they be able to keep their secrets under wraps?
9 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Are Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes getting hot-and-heavy? We like to imagine that this photo was taken as they shared a cup of tea post-coitus.
10 of 10 Nick Briggs/Carnival Films/PBS


Seems like Thomas is still as arrogant as ever. Although this photo just makes us miss O'Brien and the duo's cigarette-sharing days.