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What can a chatty canine with an internet presence teach us about family? Quite a lot, actually. Now there's something to chew on!

lisa vecchione
Dog with a Blog
1 of 12 Adam Taylor/Disney Channel

1. Pets are essential members of the family.

What would the James-Jennings family do without Stan?

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2. Being part of a family means accepting each other’s quirks.

When a loved one takes to a passion for art (or parrots), being a family means accepting them no matter what.

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3. When picking up a shelter pet, always choose the one that can talk.

Stan acts as man's best friend as well as a fountain of good(ish) advice for the James-Jennings kids.

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4. Kids always know when their parents are hiding something.

They may not know exactly what they're hiding, but they always know. They can smell it...kind of like a dog!

5 of 12 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

5. No matter how cool they might be, presents aren’t the best part of the holiday season.

Take away the stress and anxiety of gift giving and the holidays are really about spending time to celebrate with family. Though Stan might have taken it too far when he buried all of the presents in the park!

6 of 12 Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel via Getty Images

6. Siblings must develop their own tools for conflict resolution.

Straight from "renowned" child psychologist Bennett James, this advice can only be helped along by getting the kids a new dog, right?

7 of 12 Randy Holmes/Disney Channel via Getty Images

7. Social media means parents get a pass to embarrass their kids.

Avery learned firsthand about the perils of not following internet safety on social media, thanks to her parents' awkward due diligence.

8 of 12 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

8. Never underestimate the baby of the family.

Just because Chloe is the smallest of the James-Jennings clan, doesn't mean she doesn't have a voice.

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9. Both parents and kids attempt to master the art of persuasion.

From Ellen convincing Bennett that she needs a car to Chloe tricking Tyler into taking her to get her ears pierced, the James-Jennings clan knows a thing or two about being crafty.

10 of 12 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

10. If you’re going to write a blog about your family, let them know first.

Stan learns just how messy family life can get when you hide your super-descriptive blog from the source of your inspiration.

11 of 12 Adam Taylor/Disney Channel

11. Blended families will inevitably have their ups and downs.

Avery, Tyler and Chloe don't always see eye to eye, which often leads to messy though often hilarious shenanigans.

12 of 12 Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel

12. In the end, it’s all worth it.

Stan and his human clan show that if they can stick together and become a loving, wacky family, then any family can.