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From The Fault In Our Stars to Insurgent, Shailene Woodley is a goddess among us.

cathy suhocki
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1. She's not afraid to live like a nomad

Shailene gave - yes, GAVE- her home to her grandmother and has been living out of a carry on suitcase for much of 2015. Only the essentials for Shailene!

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2. She worked in retail

Shailene worked at American Apparel when she got the call regarding her break-out role in The Descendants. It must have been a hard switch to go from working with basic separates to working with George Clooney!

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3. She initially turned down the role of "Tris" in Divergent

Shailene passed on the part of a lifetime. People were so shocked by her decision that she decided to get a second opinion from someone who had been in a similar situation: Jennifer Lawrence. After some guidance from JLaw, Shailene changed her mind and took the part.

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4. She's serious when it comes to natural foods

Occasionally the 23-year-old will forage for food and drink water from a mountain spring. When she can't kill her meat herself, she orders straight from a farm she trusts. Suddenly bottled water with pictures of mountains doesn't quite measure up.

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5. She's BFFs with Ansel Elgort

The two actors are love interests in The Fault in Our Stars and siblings in the Divergent series. All the hang out time on set has allowed them to build a great friendship.

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6. She eats clay

Yep, you read that right. Shailene told David Letterman that she eats clay because it binds to particles of things your body doesn't need and helps them pass through. She has a spoonful of clay daily. Ew?

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7. She plays along with Hollywood's young elite

Her roster of excellent young co-stars is notable. She appeared with Miles Teller in the 2013 film The Spectacular Now, and with Ansel Elgort in The Fault In Our Stars and the Divergent series.

8 of 19 Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

8. Phones are on a needs only basis

While many of us are glued to our cells, Shailene only uses hers when her publicists make her. She told Jimmy Kimmel she was given a phone with the number taped to the back so that she "wouldn't forget."

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9. Friends call her Shai (pronounced "Shae")

Super cute nickname for a hella-cool girl. We'll just go ahead and start calling her that until she personally tells us to stop, in which case she'll actually be speaking to us directly and we'll faint.

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10. Her hairstyles are fierce

Whether she's styling for a role or for fun, Shailene can sport any length with ease. And, when it comes to color, she looks natural as a blonde or a brunette.

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11. She pushes the envelope

One of her first roles was Amy in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a show that dealt with teen pregnancy and family dynamics in a true and meaningful way. Plus, she got to act alongside a legend that brought us characters who changed the way we viewed young women: Molly Ringwald.

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12. She makes her own toothpaste

Taking home economics and arts and crafts to the next level, Shailene mixes her own paste to keep her teeth pearly white. She also makes her own lotions and medicines.

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13. She loves to travel

Her ability to fit everything she needs into a suitcase comes in handy, as Shailene loves to travel. She recently took a thrilling trip to Asia.

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14. In the Divergent series, she plays a character with PTSD

"Tris" from the Divergent series suffers from post traumatic stress disorder while also fighting to save civilization. Whoa.

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15. Microwaves are off limits for the star

When Shailene was a teen, her grandmother told her to eat more veggies and stay away from microwaves. Putting full trust in her matriarch, she did just that. If only more of us would listen to our elders!

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16. She does her own stunts

...for the most part. Woodley told Michael Strahan on Live! with Kelly and Michael that she got a bit banged up while filming Divergent, but filming Insurgent only resulted in a few "bumps and bruises."

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17. She's an Actress with a capital A

Shailene received a Golden Globe nomination - on top of a heap of other awards and noms - for her role as Alexandra "Alex" King in The Descendants.

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18. She "hasn't had a boyfriend in years"

Shailene claims she's never hooked up with anyone she's worked with on set. Allegations are flying that she has been dating musician Nahko Bear of the jam band Nahko and Medicine for the People since November 2014. She even appeared in one of the band's videos.

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19. She's her own alarm clock

When Shailene wakes up in the morning she sings and shouts "Good Morning! Exciting Day!" We could all take a lesson on how to start our day from Shailene. As long as we all warn our roommates first.