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You're gonna want to get acquainted with this guy

Charlie Cox
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1. Charlie Cox is a catch

If you've never heard of Charlie Cox, get ready to learn a whole lot about him! He's an actor who's been in the game for more than a decade. He's wowed on screen and on the stage and he's coming to a streaming screen near you.

2 of 15 Barry Wetcher/Netflix

2. He’s a daredevil

He's THE Daredevil, in fact. Charlie is the latest face of Marvel as Matt Murdock in Daredevil, the series premiering on Netflix April 10th. Murdock is a blind lawyer who spends his nights masquerading as Daredevil in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.

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3. He’s from across the pond

Charlie was born in London. That means he comes complete with a swoon-worthy London accent that aides in his ability to make you fall head over heels for him.

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4. Crime looks good on him

Charlie swapped his English accent for an Irish one when he played Owen Slater in Boardwalk Empire. As Owen, Charlie was soft spoken, sweet, strong and oh-so sexy.

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5. Our theory: Charlie Cox is tops

The Theory of Everything received a lot of accolades, but one gem that can't be forgotten is Charlie Cox as Jonathan Hellyer Jones.

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6. Charlie was an immediate star

Charlie's first big role was in 2007. He played Tristan Thorn in Stardust and stole our hearts like magic.

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7. He cleans up nice

Charlie Cox looks damn good in a suit and tie, ladies and gentlemen.

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8. But we like him dirty, too

It doesn't take much for Charlie to look incredible.

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9. He has big things ahead

With his role in Daredevil, Charlie's career is set to take off. On top of Daredevil, Charlie will reprise his role as Matt Murdock when Marvel releases The Defenders (a Marvel superhero crossover series akin to The Avengers) on Netflix.

10 of 15 Jim Ruymen/UPI/Landov

10. Scruff is never an issue

When Charlie sports a bit of sexy stubble, it just makes us want to snuggle up even closer.

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11. He’s an ‘80s baby

Charlie is the youngest of five children. He was born in 1982, which means he got a hefty dose of the amazingness that was the world in the 1980s. Lucky for him, fashion was a touch better in the UK in the '80s than in the US.

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12. He has fantastic hair

Short. Long. Wavy. Straight. Side-swept. We love Charlie's hair every which way.

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13. He gets in early on good things

Charlie played the Duke of Crowborough in the pilot episode of Downton Abbey. It's common knowledge that the show took off in a huge way after the pilot. We're not saying Charlie Cox was responsible for Downton Abbey's success, but we're also not saying he wasn't.

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14. He's a casanova

In the 2005 film Casanova starring Heath Ledger, Charlie plays Giovanni Bruni, a sort of Casanova in training. By the looks of Charlie, it wouldn't have taken take much charm school for Giovanni to follow in Casanova's footsteps.

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15. Just a smile

Last but certainly not least, Charlie Cox has a grin like no other. How can you not fall in love with a smile like that? Keep smiling, Charlie.