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See how readers rate the remaining couples

Shaun Harrison
1 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


5) CODY LINLEY and Edyta Sliwinska The question of the week: Can Cody stay in the competition long enough for on-the-mend Julianne to return? No offense to Edyta, who has surely tried to make lemonade with the lemons they were given, but Cody's scores have plummeted since Julianne left. He's in the caboose this week.
2 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Your Take: "It's so difficult to have to work with a new partner after this long in the competition. Edyta is amazing, but Cody has to get used to how she teaches and dances. This is almost not fair to him or Edyta." — KLP0305
3 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


4) WARREN SAPP and Kym Johnson Warren said he wasn't wearing the right shoes this week, and it showed. His foxtrot was messy, and he seems to have lost the self-confidence that made him such a fan favorite at the beginning of the season.
4 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Your Take: "Warren's first dance really was a soggy affair and he clearly wasn't having any fun doing it. I was really pleased to see his sunny, happy self come back out for the group paso doble — he has such immense charisma when he turns on that smile. It appears the Latin dances work very well for him but the ballroom dances, not so much." — feellikedancin
5 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


3) LANCE BASS and Lacey Schwimmer It was a split decision among the judges on Lance and Lacey's "controversial" barefoot rumba, which explains why they end up smack-dab in the center of this week's rankings.
6 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Your Take: "OK, she stopped trying to reinvent the required steps, so now he's going to kvetch about their footwear? Seriously — there have been numerous costumes over the years that featured low-heeled cowboy boots and even sneakers, and I don't remember anything about them impeding any lift." — ctheslayer
7 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


2) BROOKE BURKE and Derek Hough The pair to beat nabbed a whopping 37 percent of the vote this week, but that's still not enough to dethrone our champ, despite a strong foxtrot and a stand-out performance on Team Paso Doble, And as the DanceCenter sages noted this week, Burke is "soooooo hot."
8 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Your Take: "Brooke and Derek deserved their 10s." — rushmore

9 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


1) MAURICE GREENE and Cheryl Burke Cheryl has whipped Maurice into shape with a fun cha cha cha that allowed the pair to cut loose a little. Again, he remains on the top of our Power Rankings leaderboard, with more than 47 percent of the vote.
10 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Your Take: "Maurice's cha cha lacked content, and again was overscored by the judges... Cheryl's choreography isn't that great, she just dances around her partner." — JForseth720