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Check out who we'd like to see on the parquet this season

1 of 16 Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Male Hottie: Kevin Richardson

For Him: Boy-band pedigree. Dancing has shown quite the fondness for pop balladeers, and it's time for someone from the best-selling boy band of all time to hit the parquet. On top of that, he already knows how to dance with chairs and hats. Against Him: No success on Dancing will ever replicate the Backstreet Boys' millennial worldwide dominance.
2 of 16 Chelsea Lauren/WireImage.com

Comeback Kid: Jodie Sweetin

For Her: The redemption arc works on Dancing (see: Steve-O, Lil' Kim), and Sweetin could be a good candidate: former child star, history of drug addiction, single mom. Besides, she's got a book to promote. Against Her: She once hosted a show called Pants-Off Dance-Off.
3 of 16 Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

Older Gentleman: Tony Danza

For Him: You know the former boxer's got fancy footwork. And according to Friends' Phoebe, Elton John wrote a song about him: "Hold me close, young Tony Danza." Against Him: He wants to be the boss, er, teacher, not the student. Danza's pitching his own reality show to A&E, in which he will teach at a Philadelphia high school.
4 of 16 Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com

Blast from the Past: Melissa Joan Hart

For Her: She recently modeled her post-baby bikini body in a magazine, so why not flaunt it on the dance floor? Against Her: She may still be bitter about getting passed over for Heather Mills way back in Season 4.
5 of 16 Getty Images for Laureus

Male Athlete: Mark Spitz

For Him: If you've ever seen a dolphin kick, you know swimmers are very flexible. And Olympic champs (see: Apolo Anton Ohno, Kristi Yamaguchi, Shawn Johnson) have a flair for Dancing. Against Him: We liked him more with the porn 'stache.
6 of 16 A. Nevader/WireImage.com; Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images

Female Athlete: Marion Jones

For Her: The former track-and-field star, who served a six-month prison term last year for lying to prosecutors about steroid use, can embark on a fresh — not false — start here. Against Her: Jones, who surrendered her five Olympic medals from the Sydney Games, recently announced a pregnancy.
7 of 16 Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Wild Card: Carlos Leon

For Him: A triple threat: personal trainer, actor (Oz) and father of Madonna's child. Leon will be fit, able to get into character and full of tidbits about the Material Girl. Against Him: Guy Ritchie or Sean Penn would be cooler.
8 of 16 Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com

Woman of a Certain Age: Susan Dey

For Her: Surely she's still got some rhythm left over from her Partridge Family days. Against Her: Dey's been AWOL as of late and has a better chance of popping up on David Cassidy's Ruby and the Rockits.
9 of 16 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Corruptible Youth: Kelly Blatz

For Him: He's the star of Disney Channel's action series Aaron Stone, which is chock-full of choreography. Against Him: He went to the prom with Gossip Girl's Blake Lively, which means men everywhere already hate him.
10 of 16 Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic.com

Soap Star: Rebecca Budig

For Her: As a former star of ABC's All My Children, she's got a built-in audience of millions. She's also married to former Bachelor Bob Guiney, who can surely help her navigate the treacherous waters of TV fame. Against Her: AMC alums Cameron Mathison and Susan Lucci didn't fare too well on the show.
11 of 16 Michael Tran/FilmMagic.com

Recording Artist: David Lee Roth

For Him: Re-watch the "Just a Gigolo" video and you'll remember the genius of terpsichorean entertainment that is Diamond Dave. Against Him: He might be a little too volatile for live TV. Plus, he may want to devote himself to a reunion with Eddie Van Halen.
12 of 16 Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.com

Talking Head: Melissa Rivers

For Her: She was raised by Joan, so we know she's a tough cookie, as she proved recently on Celebrity Apprentice. Against Her: Working the red carpet may require stamina, but it isn't exactly exercise.
13 of 16 Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Big, Lumbering Athlete: Deion Sanders

For Him: The retired professional football (and baseball!) player was once famous for his "high-steppin'" end-zone dances. He's used to appearing on TV, with a day job on the NFL Network and an Oxygen reality show about his family life. Against Him: His ill-fated music career.
14 of 16 John Sciulli/WireImage.com

Country-Fried Chick: Wynonna

For Her: She has recently emerged as a weight-loss role model in conjunction with her endorsement of Alli. Plus: A suspiciously timed press release that announces: "August Is Wynonna Month on ABC." You don't say! Against Her: Her official Facebook page says she's on tour this fall.
15 of 16 Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

The Fame Whore: Levi Johnston

For Him: He's got that bad boy thing going on. Ask any of your so-called respectable female friends. Eventually they'll cop to a strange attraction to Bristol Palin's ex. Against Him: He doesn't seem like the sharpest shotgun in the shack.
16 of 16 Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com

Female Hottie: Elizabeth Berkley

For Her: The Saved by the Bell alum and indie-film actress has a background in dance (no, not Showgirls, before that), and her official website makes it clear that she would very much like to be a positive role model to young girls. Against Her: Is Disney really ready to let the woman who did this appear on their wholesome family program?