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TVGuidecom readers rate the remaining couples

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Just 3.1 percent of you voted for Mario and Karina Smirnoff this week, landing them in fifth place. Yet, some think Mario's finesse has yet to be revealed: Says geordigirl, "His innate talent and pure entertainment value are worth keeping him around."
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While there hasn't been much talk specifically about Karina this week, there was one prediction, courtesy Dixibelle31, that Mario will attempt to lift her in the next routine. Will strength and risk-taking emerge with his refinement
3 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


While some DWTS fans think Marissa's been getting better and better each week with Tony, the fourth-place pair isn't getting any love from some of you. "My call is for Marissa to go next week," writes tamomo, "unless she gives an amazing performance!"
4 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Despite the fact that Winokur has been in the show's bottom two, she's got nothing if not Broadway flair. Karen08 praised her for it, saying, "like her or not, you have to admit she is totally comfortable with herself and appreciate her for that."
5 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Jason and Edyta are third in your power rankings, and comments reflect it. For many, it was the duo's encore dance that sealed the deal Monday, not to mention Jason's hotness. "On another note," confides jillybee, "I lust Jason ... Yummy!"
6 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Yes, the skimpy football costumes rocked. Yet despite love for Jason's quickstep, not everyone's thrilled with Edyta's choreography. General consensus She should be pushing him a little harder to let him show us just how quick he can really be.
7 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


The injured Cristian and his decision have of course been big buzz, but left some of you skeptical. Nebulaol expressed concern about his decision, "[I] don't know how he can do justice 2 dances ... with a ruptured tendon. But I sure wish him well."
8 of 10 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Bkzsmom was among those 14.5 percent of you who probably "cheered out loud" when Cristian decided to stay, adding, "Ya gotta love a guy ... who wants to push through." She, like most of you, however, fears what may become of him if he pushes too hard.
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With 65.4 percent reader approval, Kristi and Mark out-rank the other four Dancing pairs by leaps and pirouettes. Do you see these two quickstepping their way into a final win
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A hot topic has been Kristi's umbrella of skating experience. But not everyone's just looking at her background: "No matter what you think about Kristi's advantage or lack thereof," says Karen08, "you have to admit she is totally gracious."