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These dads elevate above the dad bod. Way, way above.

Mark Wahlberg
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Mark Wahlberg

The Dad Bod trend is sweeping the nation and men are embracing their post-baby bodies. That's all well and good, but a few hot celeb dads are opting for sculpted bodies all of us dream of embracing.

Years of not-so-healthy life decisions, combined with four children, would normally render a man flabby and forgotten. Not Mark Wahlberg! He stays on top of the world looking almost impossibly hot.

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Jason Momoa

Can men take on roles baring their naked bodies after having kids? Jason Momoa thinks so, and the masses agree. The adventure-seeking actor (he conquers waterfalls in his spare time, ok?) shows serious skin on HBO's Game of Thrones, even after welcoming two children to the world. Plus, he's fit and ready for his role as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So heroic!

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Will Smith

As if a rap career and an acting career weren't enough, Will Smith has now mastered family life. While most of us sit around gaining happy pounds, Will Smith puts in work to make sure his physique is as strong as his love for his wife and three kids.

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Vin Diesel

Looking at his muscle-bound body, it's hard to believe Vin Diesel has fathered three kids! But it's true. Groot has not one but three baby Groots, and he still looks so amazing.

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The New Kids on the Block

The New Kids on the Block aren't new to the block anymore. In fact, they've been around the block a few times. That hasn't kept them from maintaining abs tighter than the members of One Direction can claim.

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Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, get a good look at Ryan Gosling and tell me if you truly love the dad bod craze. Be honest with yourself.

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Matt Bomer

Award-winning actor Matt Bomer also deserves an award for how incredible he looks in a pair of swim trunks. Even after three kids, he's still able to wow us with those insane abs. How does he do it?

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Chris Hemsworth

Dads around the world are superheroes to their kids, but Chris Hemsworth is a real superhero. Well, he's as real of a superhero as you can get, and his workout regimen for playing Thor keeps him in out-of-this-world shape.

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is angry that paps captured an image of his new baby. What the world is really itching to see, though, is Ashton's post baby bod. We're guessing he has already lost the baby weight and that it's just as sexy as his pre-tot physique.

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Tom Hardy

Fighting his way through the prep for movies like Mad Max may have helped, but Tom Hardy's body of lean muscle hasn't waivered much at all throughout the years. Hardy's son, Louis, was born in 2008 and Hardy went right back to his work (and to being hot) without missing a step.

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Mario Lopez

Everyone's first high school crush, "AC Slater" is all grown up. Apparently all of that wrestling does a dad body good. Really, really good.

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David Beckham

Four beautiful children and not a sign of pudge between them. It's good to see a couple maintaining their post-baby bodies in solidarity, you know?

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Chris Pratt

Funny man and action star Chris Pratt has had some chubby days, but lately he's staying pretty svelte.

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Dwayne Johnson

He isn't called "The Rock" for nothing. We're guessing part of his workout includes lifting his daughter, Simone, one handed, 25 reps on each arm.

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Usher has two sons and a six pack. It was amazing how quickly after the birth of each song he was back on stage wowing the world with his insane dance moves

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Channing Tatum

Channing's dancer body took a licking and kept on ticking after the birth of his daughter, Everly

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Adam Brody

He's not a dad quite yet, but while Leighton Meester carries his child, we're sure a healthy prenatal diet and pregnancy workouts will help Adam Brody will keep his body together.

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Ryan Phillippe

Remember when Ryan Phillipe from Cruel Intentions was your pretend boyfriend for a year? Well, that body is still intact. With two kiddos that could be models themselves, Ryan Phillipe shows no signs of entering the realm of dad bod.

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Evan Ross

The Hunger Games star Evan Ross just welcomed a baby with wife Ashlee Simpson, but by looking at his body, you wouldn't be able to tell. Pregnancy was really good for him!

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James Van Der Beek

After three kids, The Beek's body is no worse for wear. In fact, he's hotter post-baby than he was back in his Dawson's Creek days.

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Tim McGraw

Country star and actor Tim McGraw is surrounded by beautiful ladies. Oh, of course we mean is wife Faith Hill and their three beautiful girls. But also the throngs of female fans admiring his well-kept bod.

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David Duchovny

Two kids and several years later, David Duchovny still has abs the envy of dads worldwide. We're all counting on getting a glimpse of them in his upcoming show Aquarius, or perhaps in the resurgence of The X Files.

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Lenny Kravitz

And the award for the ultimate sexy pops defying all things dad bod goes to: Lenny Kravitz. Not only did he produce an equally sexy spawn in Zoe Kravitz (with the help of the infinitely gorgeous Lisa Bonet), he's also kept his body in tip-top shape. For that, Daddy Kravitz, we thank you.