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Character introduction and what to look for in season one

Shaun Harrison
1 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Larry David (Larry David)

The creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm plays a curmudgeonly version of himself on the show. Though wildly successful from co-creating Seinfeld, Curb's David refuses to conform to social norms. His attempts to simplify his life only make it impossibly complex. Curb Your Enthusiasm makes its basic cable debut Wednesday on TV Guide Network at 10/9c, followed by Curb: The Discussion.
2 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines)

Larry's wife is his reluctant navigator through polite society. She wants him to enjoy his success, but not so much that he spends his days languishing around the house. When Larry creates problems, Cheryl's the one who orders him to fix them.
3 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin)

Larry's manager seeks out mischief like he seeks out affairs, despite the watchful eye of his high-strung wife, Susie.
4 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Julia Louis Dreyfus (Julia Louis Dreyfus)

One of Larry's links to his Seinfeld life, the former Elaine is interested in collaborating with Larry again. Which means he's almost certain to mess it up.
5 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Jason Alexander (Jason Alexander)

Larry and the former George might someday work together again. If only they could agree on where to meet to talk it over.
6 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Richard Lewis (Richard Lewis)

Has anyone written a sentence about Richard Lewis without using the word "neurotic"? On Curb, Larry makes him look as blissful as a Buddhist monk.
7 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen (Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen)

Larry's impossibly perfect friends seem to have everything he doesn't: A tension-free marriage, a genuine love of philanthropy, and, in Ted's case, even a tasty sandwich named after him at a thriving deli.
8 of 10 Doug Hyun/HBO

Cheryl's parents (Paul Dooley, Julie Payne)

Cheryl's parents, and their earnest Christianity, are routine victims of Larry's unintentional sacrilege.
9 of 10 Everett Collection/Doug Hyun/HBO

Nat David (Shelley Berman)

Larry's lovable father, played by the long-beloved comedian, brings out Larry's nurturing instinct when he isn't bringing out his ire.
10 of 10 Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Susie Greene (Susie Essman

Only one person catches Larry's every failure: his agent's wife. Though Susie is Larry's foul-mouthed nemesis on the show, the actress who plays her often comes to his defense as the host of Curb: The Discussion. Watch Curb Wednesday on TV Guide Network at 10/9c, followed by Curb: The Discussion.