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Check out the canceled TV series we'd like to see get a new life in theaters

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Thanks to Kickstarter, the Veronica Mars movie is finally happening! To celebrate the start of production on the long-awaited film, we rounded up some other fan-favorite series that we think deserve a movie of their own.
2 of 18 Starz

Party Down

Now that Rob Thomas has set a precedent for reviving his cult shows in film, hope for a Party Down movie remains high. Thomas confirmed in March that a script is in the works and that he hopes it will move forward without resorting to another Kickstarter. And while the finale saw many of our favorites getting close to success that doesn't include a pink bowtie, we can't imagine Party Down without the catering business — that is, unless they're all working at Ron's Soup 'R Crackers.
3 of 18 Chris Haston/NBC/Getty Images

Freaks and Geeks

Another critical darling canceled too soon, Freaks and Geeks launched the careers of some of today's biggest comedy actors and writers. Perhaps today both the freaks and the geeks would still be in touch and maybe Sam, who actually grew up to be pretty handsome, married Kim, since we're pretty sure Daniel probably didn’t make it past high school.
4 of 18 Cliff Lipson/CBS/Landov


Fans brought Jericho back from the dead once before, why not a second second coming? A limited-series comic has already fleshed out a potential story line that might even suck in new viewers: Jake Green and Robert Hawkins return to the Allied States on a mission to help the Columbus-based rival government win the war.
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Xena: Warrior Princess

Lucy Lawless may currently be playing house with Ron on Parks and Recreation, but we're pretty sure Xena can still kick butt. And if Lawless isn't up to strapping on the old leather kilt again, there are a slew of young, tough actresses who could be her protégée. Kate Beckinsale or Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps? Either way, a trip to mythical Greece would be a refreshing change of pace from the vampires, werewolves and zombies that are all the rage right now.
6 of 18 CBS/Landov

Joan of Arcadia

When CBS canceled Joan of Arcadia in 2005 after just two seasons, fans of the show rallied to give it new life, unfortunately to no avail. Among the plot devices that left viewers hanging? The end of the second season introduced The Adversary — aka a villainous "tempter" — but never identified him/her/it or made clear his/her/its intentions. We also never got a gratifying explanation of Joan's true purpose. A showdown between Joan and this force of evil would make a great popcorn flick, ay?
7 of 18 Chris Haston/NBC/Getty Images


The NBC series had diehard fans — so much so that news broke in April that MSN was considering reviving the program on Xbox. With the four-season series ending with Claire revealing her powers to the world, it would be great to see a movie where the world has rejected supers and wages war against them. Will Sylar turn bad once again to save his new friends? We want to know!
8 of 18 Eric McCandless/CBS/Landov


Who was conspiring to out all the vampires in Los Angeles?! We'll never know. That is, unless Moonlight is revived into a feature film. A movie now would be just the right amount of time for Mick and Beth to figure out how to make things work — because we all know they're MFEO — and for them to team up against the anonymous foe.
9 of 18 Sci Fi Channel/Getty Images


Even though it's been 10 years since its untimely cancellation, don't give up hope just yet! Creators Rockne S. O'Bannon and Brian Henson haven't. The world of Farscape is so vast, there's more than enough material to draw from. The film could take up directly after the miniseries The Peacekeeper Wars or even jump ahead in time and tell the adventures of Crichton and Aeryn's son. Whenever or however doesn't really matter, as long as we return to Moya and her crew.
10 of 18 UPN/Landov

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The loyal and dedicated Buffy fans followed the show from The WB to UPN, so it would make sense that they’d come back in droves to see a feature-length film. Pulling from the current Buffy comics, it would be interesting to see how Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn deal with the loss of magic in the world following the Twilight incident. (Different Twilight. Look it up.)
11 of 18 Mark Seliger/ABC/Getty Images

My So-Called Life

Canceled near the end of its freshman season, fans and critics alike were devastated that they wouldn't see any more of Angela, Rayanne, Ricki and of course Jordan. A few decades out of high school, perhaps the film could serve as a reunion, where we learn, as the cast recently joked in a real-life reunion, that Angela later joined the CIA and Brian clearly invented Facebook. But most importantly, would we finally get to meet Tino?
12 of 18 Netflix

Arrested Development

We're halfway there! Now that Season 4 of Arrested Development — which creator Mitch Hurwitz has said was intended to be a precursor to a movie — has seen the light of day, the only logical next step is a full-length feature film. We're all caught up with the Bluths now, but the fourth season left several unanswered questions: What happened in the aftermath of Cinco de Cuatro? Is Lucille 2 dead? Will Lucille and George Sr. actually get a real divorce? And most importantly, will Michael and his son George Michael really let Rebel drive a wedge between them? Bring the Bluths to the big screen!
13 of 18 Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Gilmore Girls

Since Amy Sherman-Palladino never got to write the final four words of the series that she had envisioned for years after a contract dispute, it only seems fair for her to have the chance to do so on the big screen. It will, naturally, have to take place in Stars Hollow, where Rory, a hot-shot, globe-trotting, Pulitzer-winning journalist hasn't been in a few years. Lorelai and Luke are happily married and expanding their inn/diner businesses. Think of all the coffee porn!
14 of 18 Adam Taylor/ABC

Pushing Daisies

The facts are these: While the series finale wrapped up all the major subplots, the conclusion was rushed and left much to be desired — even creator Bryan Fuller agrees. After the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, Fuller admitted he hasn't given up hope on a Pushing Daisies film, though the graphic series might prove to be too expensive to be crowd-funded. But don't expect just another regular trip to The Pie Hole. Fuller also revealed his desire to turn a potential revival into a quirky take on a zombie film, where the zombies try to kill Ned before he can kill them.
15 of 18 Greg Gayne/NBC/Getty Images


While Sarah's memories slowly returned throughout the bittersweet finale, we never got to see her mind fully restored. Thankfully, that didn't stop her from falling in love with Chuck all over again, but it would be nice to see the couple get a real "happily ever after" ending — and maybe kick some butt along the way. Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski are both in. Now all that's left is a Warner Bros green light.
16 of 18 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC/Getty Images


C'mon, the show was asking for a movie with that ending. Sydney and Vaughan will unretire after their daughter Isabelle, a new agent, gets caught up in the resurrected Alliance (because, why not?). Spy Daddy can appear in flashbacks or, even better, actually turn out to be alive (because, again, why not?). And Ben Affleck will direct, obviously.
17 of 18 HBO/Everett Collection


Although Deadwood won eight of 28 nominated Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe, the HBO series was canceled after three seasons, leaving most story lines unresolved. There were initial reports that HBO would produce two movies to provide a satisfying conclusion, but it seems that idea is dead. That doesn't mean we shouldn't still hope for a dark, gritty film coda that would finally let us know what happened after Tolliver gained control of the town from Hearst.
18 of 18 Craig Blankenhorn/Fox/Kobal Collection


Fringe fans were mostly satisfied with the end of the series — Walter sacrificed himself to save the world, ending up living out his life in the future — but then we never got to see Olivia and Peter have their happily ever after. The movie could feature the future Fringe Division, with Etta Bishop all grown up and working alongside her parents when suddenly… Walter travels back in time to warn them about an impending catastrophe! Totally Back to the Future style, right?