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Take a behind-the-scenes look at how one of our editors became a victim on the creepy CBS drama

Shaun Harrison
1 of 21 Dean Hendler


What's it like to play a dead body on TV? And how do they make it look so real? TVGuide.com's Robyn Ross shares what it takes to become a corpse on Criminal Minds.
2 of 21 Dean Hendler


First, photographer Dean Hendler takes what will be the only picture of me smiling – my DMV photo! "There are so many different characters that we have to take DMV shots for because these are the identifying photos that you see when you watch," Hendler says. "If they're a bad guy,they might have a booking photo or mug shot with it."
3 of 21 Dean Hendler


Some of the tools makeup artist Dayne Johnson will be using to create my look. Since Johnson does a lot of the regular makeup on set as well, you can see the kits he uses for stars Matthew Gray Gubler, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Thomas Gibson in the back.
4 of 21 Dean Hendler

Nothing like seeing a Ziploc bag labeled "death colors."

5 of 21 Dean Hendler

A close-up of the prosthetic that will be going on my neck for the stab wound incision.

6 of 21 Dean Hendler


Let the process begin! Wardrobe also outfits me with a handy robe since I'llbe covered by just a sheet later.
7 of 21 Dean Hendler


Dayne starts applying the red colors for the blood as well as the prosthetic with an adhesive called Bondo.
8 of 21 Dean Hendler


What's the most difficult cause of death to create? "Whole burned bodies because they're probably the most detailed of all the dead things," Dayne says.
9 of 21 Dean Hendler

Yes, even my ears need makeup.

10 of 21 Dean Hendler

Dayne uses a small paintbrush to get more detail in the bruising.

11 of 21 Dean Hendler


Next comes a white wash that goes over the parts you'll see on camera. "It's gives everything a milky look because all of the blood is gone and lividity has set in," Dayne says.
12 of 21 Dean Hendler

I'm starting to look pretty scary – and pale.

13 of 21 Dean Hendler

Ready to head to set!

14 of 21 Dean Hendler

My first "Look at me, I'm a corpse" selfie.

15 of 21 Dean Hendler


Once in the morgue, additional "blood" is applied to the stab wound to make it look fresh. Dayne says he used a combination of "strangling makeup" and "bleeding makeup."!
16 of 21 Dean Hendler

Final "last looks" before still photographer Dean starts snapping away.

17 of 21 Dean Hendler


My parents refuse to look at this one since it looks so real. I guess they'll have to fast-forward when the time comes!
18 of 21 Dean Hendler

From the side you can see how much detail there is.

19 of 21 Dean Hendler

A nice close-up of one of my wounds.

20 of 21 Dean Hendler

Could this look any more realistic?

21 of 21 Dean Hendler


An end to a fabulous day! And don't forget to tune into Criminal Minds on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.