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From gender bait-and-switches to financial scams, the reveals are often jaw-dropping.

Shaun Harrison
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Ramon meets “Paola”

Paola seems too good to actually exist, and she is. Paola is actually Loyda, a girl Ramon already knows. She actually bought an engagement ring and told her family it's from Ramon!
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Kya and Alyx

In a rare, happy installment, this episode begins as a double catfish. Kya uses fake photos to talk to Alyx. She ultimately confesses and Alyx forgives her, but insists he isn't doing the same thing. Of course he is, but Alyx is a FTM transgender --and he and Kya actually stay together. Aw!
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Rico meets Ja'mari

Ja'mari is mostly honest. However, instead of being a real bus driver, he once stole a bus. He catfished the bus route too.
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Mhissy is Mean

Mike is Mhissy, one of the nastiest catfishers in history. She masquerades as Mike, leading Jasmine on to keep her away from a mutual ex-boyfriend.
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Keyonnah doesn't meet Bow Wow

Pro tip: If you "meet" someone famous online, that's a red flag. In this case, Bow Wow is actually D-Pimpin.
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Artis and the vigilante catfisher

Here's another tip: Don't cheat on your partner. There are guys like Justin who masquerade as Jess to reel in Artis and teach him a shocking lesson about being faithful.
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Rod and Ebony

First, Ebony says she's a woman, then says she's transgender, then reveals she's a biological woman with a child. Also, she's a lesbian. Rod is very confused, as are we.
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The first catfish

The very first episode is still one of the most shocking. Sunny's model boyfriend, Jamison, is really Chelsea, who initially has no remorse.
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Anthony learns Marq is Framel

Marq pretended he was suave, svelte, and sexy -- and that he'd been hit by a truck. When Anthony finally meets him, he discovers the truth (Marq is actually Framel). You can probably guess his reaction.
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Joe meets a beauty queen

Joe actually believes Kari Ann Peniche, a model and former beauty queen, fell in love with him over the Internet. Spoiler: She did not.
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Sociopath Skylar

Jen is a lovely girl who has trouble making friends and feels better after meeting Skylar. Skylar is a jerk named Brian, who catfishes girls to improve his "game." Max hates him.
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Kidd Cole catfish

This "music producer" is a total farce, and he's in debt to tons of people. Also, Nev throws the man's phone into the water.
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Double catfish

In another double catfish, both Caroline and Mike send each other slimmer photos of themselves. Caroline, the catfishee, dumps Mike when she finds out he's fat.
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The famous catfish

In Season 3, "Sammie" catfishes actress and singer Tracie Thoms in the worst way possible. She makes the actress feel bad for her by killing off her other persona -- with cancer!