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Jack Bauer is reset and ready for another long day

Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Jack Bauer returned with a bang in the November "prequel" TV-movie 24: Redemption.

2 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


While helping a friend (played by Robert Carlyle) run an orphanage in Africa, Jack swung into action when a guerilla army tried to abduct the children — and turn them into soldiers.
3 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

Young Willie was one of the orphans Jack fought hard to save from General Juma's clutches.

4 of 12 Greg Gayne/Fox


Back in the States, Senator Allison Taylor (played by Cherry Jones) was sworn in as the country's new president.
5 of 12 courtesy Fox


The cast for Season 7 includes newcomers Janeane Garofalo and Annie Wersching (as FBI agents), Carlos Bernard (back as Tony Almeida), and James Morrison (Bill) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe).
6 of 12 Joseph Viles/Fox


Annie Wersching's FBI special agent Renee Walker is said to rub Jack the wrong way. When has that ever stopped romantic tension?
7 of 12 Joseph Viles/Fox

Jeffrey Nordling (Dirt) plays FBI agent Larry Moss.

8 of 12 Joseph Viles/Fox


Though CTU was disbanded after the events of Day 6, James Morrison's Bill Buchanan still may offer a lifeline to Jack.
9 of 12 Joseph Viles/Fox


Janeane Garofalo plays Janis Gold, an FBI systems analyst assigned to the latest crisis befalling Bauer.
10 of 12 Joseph Viles/Fox


Jack's latest bad day takes a surprising turn when Tony Almeida (original cast member Carlos Bernard) returns after being presumed dead.
11 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

The big baddie that Jack is gunning for this time around is played by Oscar winner Jon Voight.

12 of 12 Kelsey McNeal/Fox

The ever-reliable Chloe is a new mom. But has she fully reconciled with hubby Morris (Carlo Rota)?