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Corey Haim Movies

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Silver Bullet, 1985

Haim's first major film was an adaptation of the Stephen King novella Cycle of the Werewolf, and starred Gary Busey and Terry O'Quinn.
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Murphy's Romance, 1985

Haim played the 12-year-old son to Sally Field's character, Emma, in this romantic comedy.
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Lucas, 1986

Haim was widely praised for his first starring role as a sensitive, lovable nerd with a crush on a popular new girl in town Maggie (Kerri Green). Lucas also starred Charlie Sheen, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Winona Ryder. Haim, who later struggled with drugs, said he first started drinking beer while filming this role.
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The Lost Boys, 1987

The first of many films starring Haim and Corey Feldman became an instant cult hit. Haim said he smoked marijuana for the first time during filming.
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License to Drive, 1988

This teen comedy stars Haim as a teen embarking on a wild joyride of a night with his buddy, played by Feldman, his grandfather's Cadillac, and no license to drive it. Heather Graham played the girl of his dreams, Mercedes.
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Dream a Little Dream, 1989

One in a slew of '80s body-switch movies, the film features the young Corey Feldman and the older Jason Robards swapping bodies. Haim provides the comic relief as everyone tries to get things back to normal.
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Prayer of the Rollerboys, 1990

This independent science-fiction film about a futuristic Los Angeles full of crime, drugs and rollerblading gangs starred Haim and Patricia Arquette.
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Blown Away, 1992

In this romantic thriller, Haim starred alongside Baywatch alum Nicole Eggert, who played his seductive love interest. Feldman played Haim's suspicious best friend.
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National Lampoon's Last Resort, 1994

In one of many Haim films released straight-to-video in the '90s, the two Coreys take off to the Caribbean islands where hijinks and beautiful women abound.
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Demolition High, 1996

Haim stars as the leader of a group of students revolting against terrorists who take over his high school in this action thriller.
11 of 13 Paramount

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, 2003

Both Haim and Feldman appeared as themselves in this comedy starring David Spade as a washed-up child actor trying to regain the spotlight.
12 of 13 AMC

The Two Coreys, 2007

This A&E reality series followed Haim and Feldman as both tried to get their slumping careers back on track after years of struggling with drugs.
13 of 13 Justin Lubin/Lionsgate

Crank: High Voltage, 2009

This sequel to the 2006 action flick Crank was part of Haim's recent attempts at a comeback.