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Rain or shine, these women bring it.

1 of 31 MTYtv

Yanet Garcia

This Mexican weather forecaster is so popular online that she's practically a one-person Internet hurricane. On Instagram alone, she's got nearly 2 million admirers. Oh yeah: She also has her own subreddit.

2 of 31 Univision

Ximena Córdoba

She was once a Colombian star. Now you can see Córdoba hosting on Univision. She has so much fun, she's been known to do a little dance before reporting the weather forecast.

3 of 31 MTYtv

Nailé López

Mexican TV star Nailé López shares her weather forecasts with the people of Monterrey.

4 of 31 MTYtv

Nailé López

... and when the temperature rises López doesn't hesitate to dress the part in a tank top and shorts.

5 of 31 FOROtv

Mayte Carranco

The Mexican weatherwoman has quite a fanbase on YouTube and social media who love her captivating updates ... and her flawless outfits.

6 of 31 Getty Images, Canal 4

Sugey Abrego

Mexico's Canal 4 weatherwoman Sugey Abrego is known for two things: her bubbly personality, and occasional wardrobe malfunction headlines.

7 of 31 Getty Images, CBS 2 News

Jill Nicolini

The former model, actress and reality star has served as a fill-in anchor, weatherwoman and reporter. Nicolini primarily works now as a traffic and entertainment reporter for CBS 2 News This Morning on New York City's WCBS-TV.

8 of 31 Getty Images, M6

Ariane Brodier

French TV personality Ariane Brodier has worn many hats. But it's her weather work for M6 that is most memorable.

9 of 31 Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Indra Petersons

Formerly of CNN's New Day, you can now catch Petersons sharing the weather forecast, and her megawatt smile, on NBC News.

10 of 31 Getty Images, Despierta America

Cristina Blackwell

You may have watched this Emmy Award winner report the weather on Univision's Despierta America.

11 of 31 Weather Channel

Alex Wilson

This Weather Channel personality got her meteorology degree from Penn State University and has been broadcasting sunshine ever since. Even when the weather isn't so sunny.

12 of 31 ABC 13

Chrissy Teigen

Fine, fine: She's not really a meteorologist. But this supermodel did log a one-day gig as a weather forecaster for Channel 13 in Houston, so we're throwing her in.

13 of 31 Channel 5

Sian Welby

This British broadcaster doubles as a columnist for OK! Magazine.

14 of 31 Channel 5

Sian Welby: Geek queen, too!

On top of starring as a TV reporter and columnist, Welby sure seems to love pop culture. She's likes to drop Star Wars, Batman v. Superman and Back to the Future references during her on-air reports.

15 of 31 4 Televisa Guadalajara

Susana Almeida

Susana Almeida, the weather forecaster on 4 Televisa Guadalajara, is known for more than just her news reports. The beautiful meteorologist recently went viral for a certain, ahem, wardrobe malfunction.

16 of 31 Canal 44 Juarez

Diana Alvarado

Personal info on her is tough to find, but here's what can easily found: tons of bikini shots.

17 of 31 NBCLA

Elita Loresca

This Filipino-American weather woman keeps the viewers warm via NBC4 in Los Angeles. For her fans, every day is a heat wave.

18 of 31 ABC7 LA

Bri Winkler

Before she was waxing poetic about the picturesque Southern California weather, Bri Winkler was dealing with something much more serious ...

19 of 31 ABC7 LA

Bri Winkler: Tough stuff

At 24, the up-and-coming meteorologist had a blood clot in her brain, resulting in a stroke.

Winkler has since made a full recovery. She's now an advocate of the American Heart/American Stroke Association.

20 of 31 Fox News

Maria Timmer

Fox News weather woman Maria Timmer credits Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm, for her fascination with meteorology.

She also recently married Reed Zimmer, a fellow meteorologist who starred on Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers. The two made waves by tying the knot near an active volcano.

21 of 31 CBS2 LA

Jackie Johnson

A self-professed "weather nerd," Jackie Johnson operates out of Los Angeles. TMZ has covered her so many times that owner Harvey Levin has coined a phrase: The Jackie Johnson Effect. What does that mean? We have several guesses.

22 of 31 CBS2 LA

Jackie Johnson: Stacking up the credits

In addition to her weather reporting duties, Johnson has made appearances on Battleship, All About Steve and CBS' own NCIS.

23 of 31 KTLA

Vera Jimenez

This weather reporter is multitalented; she's earned three Emmys, but also three Golden Pylons for traffic reporting. (Yes, that's a thing.)

24 of 31 Fox LA

Maria Quiban

This weather forecaster hails from Hawaii, quite possibly the sexiest state in the Union. If you don't have access to her station, KTTV in Los Angeles, rent Bruce Almighty or check out her guest-starring turns on Cold Case, Everybody Hates Chris or Criminal Minds. She's played a reporter in all of them.

25 of 31 KHOU

Chita Johnson

Chita Johnson (pronounced "Cheetah") has delivered Houston's weather news since 2011. In fact, she's such a big fan of geostrophic wind that she named her miniature schnauzer Doppler.

26 of 31 CW6 San Diego

Sabrina Fein

Sabrina Fein is the chief meteorologist on San Diego's CW6. Like Maria Trimmer, Fein initially became interested in weather broadcasts after she survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

27 of 31 Splash, Univision

Jackie Guerrido

Good lord, can this Univision hottie take a selfie. Also, she knows weather like nobody's business.

28 of 31 CBS2 LA

Evelyn Taft

This journalist and meteorologist likes to sample from L.A.'s gourmet food trucks when she's not bringing the sunshine for CBS 2 viewers.

29 of 31 Telemundo

Mary Gamarra

OK, full disclosure: Gamarra isn't just a meteorologist. She's also a news show host and reporter. She's done celebrity interviews. She covered the Chilean mining disaster. And before her current hosting gig on Telemundo, she did the weather. So she totally counts.

30 of 31 Fox 8 Cleveland

Kristi Capel

Currently a morning co-anchor, this former Miss Missouri loves meteorology so much she counts "studying weather" among her off-duty hobbies. Now that is dedication.

31 of 31 WPLG Miami Local 10

Julie Durda

She's covered some of the biggest storms in recent memory, but she's also allergic to mushrooms. Just a few things to remember when you're chatting her up.